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  1. NCL Spirit 8th May. Bid from inner cabin to balcony £130 x2 rejected exactly 48 hrs before sailing. Not too bothered it was a long shot.
  2. I don’t go on many cruises Sailbreakaway purely because most of the places I want to visit in Europe are easily accessible from the uk . Saying that the odd time I feel like a bit of luxury and book a cruise all I see on these cruise forums are folks wanting more and more exclusivity. Don’t get me wrong .I like a nice cabin but the prices for anything other than a basic room are getting out of hand.
  3. Get a life people. Chill, enjoy the cruise and stop paying more and more for what really should be open areas for everyone. I can see cruise ships going back to the days of first ,second and steerage class.
  4. Why do people worry about things like that. Meet up somewhere else. Sorry if that sounds harsh but come on! Most folk can walk a few more yards.
  5. Always stay in inside cabins and usually tip the steward about £40 quid.
  6. Don’t think I have much chance of an upgrade now. Bid £130 from inside to a balcony on the 8 May Spirit sailing from Rome. Inventory showing no balcony’s available for the last 2 weeks. My offer is still showing pending though. I wish they would just put me out of my misery. I will still have a great time whatever.
  7. You may have the 1 litre of water per passenger per day included in your ultimate all inclusive deal if you booked in the UK before they brought in the free at sea deals. We do.Check your cruise summary in my NCL.
  8. Just toss it if you have seen it unused for at least say 45 mins to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  9. Thanks Jamie Logical. I did try and upgrade by phoning NCL but It would have cost me about another£900 and I would have lost my ultimate all inclusive package that was available when I booked in the UK.Not two bothered if I dont get my bid as we don’t spend much time in the cabin anyway.
  10. Hi, I’ve got 1 bid pending at the moment from inside to balcony on the Spirit departing Rome 8th May. Ive tried doing some mock bookings over the last 2 weeks to check capacity and ship has been showing full for ocean views and balconies. Can I take it then that I won’t get an upgrade even though my bid is still showing pending.
  11. That’s my thoughts mate. If they flew me straight to Santorini that same day and stuck me up somewhere nice on an all inclusive basis until the ship arrived there the next day I would make the best of it. I would not be happy though. I will just have to hope everything goes to plan as it’s to late to make other arrangements and as I said the TA and NCL don’t see any problem.
  12. Thanks cruisencrazy and Sverigecruiser for your replies. Yes no need to clear customs but it only takes a slight delay leaving Glasgow and that 50 mins transfer time I have could get whittled away pretty quickly. As I said NCL are selling this fly cruise with those flights.Both flights are with KLM so my luggage will go straight through. No more KLM fights that day that would get me to Rome before the ship departs at 5pm. If the worst came to the worst even a flight the next day wouldn’t catch up with the ship as it’s a day at sea before Santorini.
  13. Hi. Joining Norwegian Spirit 10 day cruise to Greek islands and Italy on May the 8th sailing from Rome. This fly cruise booked by my TA with NCL requires us to fly Glasgow to Rome via Amsterdam. We arrive in Amsterdam at 0845 in the morning and the Rome flight leaves at 0935. Now NCL are quite happy with these timings and as our TA says if we missed the connection NCL would be obliged to get us to the ship at all cost.Our first port of call is Santorini after a day at sea! Anyone else done this flight or had similar tight connections and missed them.
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