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  1. Yes of course I have, and you are right, most people are lying on sun beds but most people are not drunk or offensive only a few are. And those few are quite capable of causing considerable disruption. In any situation it is always the few who can make or break anything.
  2. Because that is what happened on the ships I was on. The sail away party was the start of the downward spiral
  3. The sail away is I believe the catalyst that’s when the drinking starts and the inhibitions fall away. It’s not surprising that the effects didn’t appear till the small hours of the following morning.
  4. Whilst the incident happened some time after the sail away party. I still maintain that this was the catalyst. The sail away party was when the drinking started and just continued till later that night and into the small hours of the next morning.
  5. Not surprised that there was trouble after a P&O so called “patriotic”afternoon. Although I am British I am not English and on two previous cruises, one P&O and one Princess, from Southampton I have had to put up with almost continual snide so called jokey comments from a fair number of English passengers regarding both my name and the part of the UK I am from. On both cruises it reached a crescendo after the alcohol fuelled Rule Britannia “patriotic” sail away when the comments changed from half jokey to wholly offensive. Had done 4 P&O cruises before but never again with P&O and never would I book any cruise on any line out of Southampton. Suggested to both P&O and Princess that for sail away parties less Rule Britannia and more Summer Holiday might be better but of course got no response.There seems to be an increasing boorish uncouth element on those cruises from Southampton and on P&O in general. Also it seems to reflect the increasing ugly side of some parts of so called British nationalism.
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