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  1. Just got it to work with private browser mode! finally! thanks!
  2. I've tried three devices and three different browsers.
  3. Hello all. I am currently having issues with the RCL website. I can no longer get into my booking to book anything. I am 200+ days from my cruise snd this has been lasting about a week. everyone else from my cruise fb isnt having troubles. What can I do about this?
  4. We put down a non refundable deposit for an Alaskan cruise on Ovation next year and after seeing some reviews from its first trip to Alaska I am second guessing it. All the reviews say its crowded and packed everywhere all the time. I worry about getting adult drinks throughout the day and relaxing and talking, but it seems like that's almost impossible? Their "craft beer" selection is nonsense. And reviews of the MDR food are all horrible. Can anyone who has been confirm all this?
  5. Their "craft" selection is so sad. They really should step up.
  6. I'm sailing next year and I am concerned for all the crowding. How are the bars and such in the evening?
  7. What ships have the pop up piano player?
  8. When I pull up the cruise planner and try to schedule excursions it doesn't have an option to pay later it only has one to link my credit card. Is there an option to pay later? I am used to paying later, on the cruise (Ive only cruised Disney). Also when can I book dining, drink packages and cruise activities?
  9. Is it important to make dining reservations ahead of time for the My Time Dining? Or can we wing it each night? This will be on the quantum class ship.
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