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  1. I actually got a hold of Princess just now between meetings. They said that airlines are cancelling a lot of flights going into and out of Japan (I imagine due to the lack of demand) and I should see a final iternarity in the next week. I guess my "upgraded" seats that I purchased should automatically move to the whatever flight I end up on. Thanks for everyones help.
  2. I have something similar (maybe?) happening? I booked my flights last week for our trip to Japan via Ez-Air. Everything was fine, and I went to the airlines webpages and upgraded my seats (paid) to something better. It was significantly cheaper via the airline than Princess. I went back over the weekend and when I click on change/update flight in the portal I see: The air itinerary you are trying to retrieve has a schedule change that is not reflected in our system. Your flights will be updated shortly so please check back later for updated information. I can still see the flight just fine for the trip out to Japan (on the Delta website) but the flight back on American Airlines I get an error on the carrier website. It says that my flight seats aren't available. I called American and they referred me to PRincess. It's now been 5 days like this in limbo. My seats are showing fine in the American/Delta app. Anyone ran into this? I can call Princess but the hold times are insane right now and my work schedule doesn't permit me to sit on the phone all day. I can wait and be patient if this isn't out of the ordinary, just unsure if I should be worried.
  3. There is a form available for complaints if others attire bothers you.. just circle the appropriate box.. 😳
  4. I called Princess and it was just us. They cancelled our booking and couldn't give me any explanation as to why. Everything was already paid for (air & cruise) and they had a rough time trying to get everything back. I double checked to see if it was due to other cancellations but she said no and had no idea why it was cancelled. They were very apologetic and gave me a bunch of OBC to make up for it.. Thanks for weighing in guys, as always appreciate it.
  5. On CB last year we did the Chef's table. I rushed on board and immediately called dine line. We were the second group on board the ship and were placed on a waiting list. Thankfully some people dropped off and we were able to participate. The food was wonderful. The other people who were in our group (they only did one Chef's table) had all participated before (all of them evidently do it every cruise) which was slightly annoying as it doesn't give new people an opportunity to do it. Regardless, amazing food and a great time. We do not drink, so we purchased it without the wine included.
  6. I tried to login to my cruise personalizer for my cruise on the Diamond for May 10th, and it says that it has been cancelled. I checked my Roll Call and didn't see anyone else mention it (its also early still). My cruise was paid for already, but I haven't seen or heard anything from Princess about future cancellations. The cruise is still listed on their reservation page, but maybe that doesn't mean anything? Has anyone heard that other cruises going into May are cancelled?
  7. If anyone is curious.. Response from US Embassy in Tokyo to those onboard the Diamond Princess:
  8. We've been to Japan several times before and life will go on if the cruise is cancelled. We were using this as an opportunity to explore parts of the country that isn't as easily accessible by train. @Jetstreamer The JapanRail Pass is an amazing deal if you use it enough. You can always use Google Maps ahead of time to tell you how much a trip would be paying out of pocket. If you move enough around the country the cost is well worth it. But.. I imagine that by the time the first group of passengers get back on that ship, it will be the cleanest ship in all of Princess' fleet. 🙂
  9. We are cruising on the Diamond the beginning of May and haven't heard anything yet about cancellations. Did I read that other cruise lines are cancelling their voyages this far out already? We already plan to be in Japan before our trip, so it isn't a huge deal if our cruise is cancelled. We will just end up spending more time exploring the country. We aren't in the age range where the virus is a huge concern for us.
  10. Are these issues immediately or do you have to wait and get them in the mail?
  11. One has to wonder if the crews attitude is due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak that is happening. I imagine some of them have friends on the Diamond and I am sure I would feel a bit beat down and worried. Some would say that they should put on a brave face, smile, and keep the customer happy but they are human. I won’t speak to the rest of your experience though, our cruise to Australia and New Zealand isn’t until next year.. As another 30-something who loves cruising (and Princess) I hope things turn around for you. We are due to be on the Diamond at the beginning of May and hope all of this awfulness has blown over by then.
  12. Can this be used to pay for air fare that is arranged through Princess? I don’t see an option to use the gift card when paying for airfare on their site.
  13. Hello, We are set to go on the Diamond Princess this May (to Japan/Korea) and I noticed that they are having a “medallion” upgrade in March. It appears that this is just an internet upgrade and not the full Medallion upgrade? Does this mean they will still use key cards at the room but offer faster internet? I don’t even see internet service as something I can purchase but maybe it would appear after the upgrade is complete? Also, can’t seem to find a lot of people on here who have been on this ship to Japan. Is this because most passengers are from that region and don’t use CC? If anyone has any sample menus or experiences with the chefs table, I’d love to hear it. We’ve been to Japan several times before but first time on a ship.
  14. Credit card transaction fees are on the rise, I am not surprised to see this popping up on Princess. In the past passing these transaction fees to the customer and being transparent about it was set on a state-by-state basis. I appreciate that Princess is being transparent about the fees and giving me an option to avoid them by using a debit card. If they weren't transparent, it would just get passed onto every person through higher prices. No one wants to see any additional costs but I appreciate being given a heads up about it.
  15. I actually just read a post on reddit that talked about star gazing from a balcony. The poster sounds like they were very well prepared for taking a photo in this environment. The photo they captured was gorgeous and impressive. Check it out to see the setup they used. https://www.reddit.com/r/Cruise/comments/cknktn/my_photo_of_the_milky_way_core_from_the_harmony/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
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