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  1. Credit card transaction fees are on the rise, I am not surprised to see this popping up on Princess. In the past passing these transaction fees to the customer and being transparent about it was set on a state-by-state basis. I appreciate that Princess is being transparent about the fees and giving me an option to avoid them by using a debit card. If they weren't transparent, it would just get passed onto every person through higher prices. No one wants to see any additional costs but I appreciate being given a heads up about it.
  2. I actually just read a post on reddit that talked about star gazing from a balcony. The poster sounds like they were very well prepared for taking a photo in this environment. The photo they captured was gorgeous and impressive. Check it out to see the setup they used. https://www.reddit.com/r/Cruise/comments/cknktn/my_photo_of_the_milky_way_core_from_the_harmony/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  3. I've used this benefit a couple months ago, but the cruise was already paid for when I faxed in the form. I see people are occasionally getting success with cruises for next year, but will they apply if I haven't made my final payment yet? If I need to wait, no big deal but thought I would ask. The stock isn't going anywhere.
  4. I never received a tracking number for my medallion until after it was delivered. I ended up getting a month and half before we sailed. They ship them out in waves (from what I"m told) so don't fret, it will show up.
  5. We did the Chef's table on the CB last month and it was wonderful. We don't drink, so it was $10 less. As soon as I walked on the ship, I immediately called and asked to be put on the list but we were behind 4 other people (on the ship at 11:45am). We received a call a couple days later and they asked if we were still committed to the dinner, I happily accepted. The food was outstanding and we met another couple from California who had participated in the Chef's table a dozen or so times. There was also a single person who also came and had a great time, so if you are thinking you need a spouse/friend/partner please don't hesitate to come. We actually had a couple chef's at the table, a former pastry chef, and a butcher. It made for great conversation. I am wanting to do the Chef's Table again on the Diamond Princess next year while we are in Japan, I assume they do it as well? It would be amazing if it focused on Japanese food instead of the standard stuff. As for the cookbooks, we received two and ended up giving away one to a friend at my spouse's butcher shop. I was a little sad that the cookbook was very outdated and didn't include a lot of the great dishes we had on the cruise.
  6. Thanks for everyones response. I actually received a call from Princess today who apologized on behalf of Delta, refunded my credit card, and compensated us with OBC for our next cruise.. which I am booking tomorrow. I am impressed by how Princess handled all of this.
  7. Hello, As everyone says, I did a search but didn't find an answer on this..apologies if this has been discussed. We went on a wonderful (first) cruise with Princess at the beginning of June, I was impressed with the experience and will definitely be a repeat customer. I booked our cruise through a TA, but ended up buying airfare via Ez-Air since it was so much cheaper. On the flight back home, we ran into a lot of bad weather out of Fort Lauderdale and eventually made it to Atlanta that night. We ended up spending an un-planned night in Atlanta before getting a flight (delayed) out the next morning. All of our flights were moved around and it was a giant mess the whole weekend. We ended up in Des Moines (MSP was the next hop, then down to KC), but all of the flights were delayed or cancelled. Delta said they could not get us home that same day (KC is a couple hours from Des Moines) and they said we would be refunded the cost of the remaining hops in our tickets. I received a confirmation email from Delta with confirmation numbers of the reimbursement for the hotel/$200 Uber from Des Moines to KC...which was surprising. In the email they said they would refund to the TA, so is that Princess (EZ-Air) of my actual TA? Sorry for the long story, just trying to give some context.. Calling Delta is awful and painful, so I am trying to avoid that. I dont want to spend the afternoon on the phone if someone is already familiar with this process. Thanks all!
  8. Was in St.Thomas yesterday, senior frogs is shut down. That whole side of the dock was kind of a mess.
  9. If you live in the EU, you are able to make a GDPR request to see what data they have on you or request it be deleted. Sadly, we have nothing like that in America and it appears our data can be shared with “select business partners” according to the terms and conditions.
  10. If you don’t mind me asking, how much was the ship tour? I’ve seen lots of different prices thrown around and I like to plan ahead. What swag did they give you with the tour? Was it hard to book? We will be getting on the CB one week from today, sorry for all the questions.
  11. As someone who originally developed this hardware (not for Princess), no personal information is stored on the medallion. In fact, I imagine it is just a hash code string that is then matched to your Princess account when it is presented against a reader. When you take your medallion to PSD, due to issues they are just validating the hash code it is presenting matches against your account. This hardware is actually very passive, it is the other side of it (the readers everywhere) that are active and constantly reading the pings that are coming from the device. If you are interested more in this time of beacon technology you can google GoogleBeacon or Apple iBeacon, after taking apart a friends medallion this is pretty much the same thing + NFC.
  12. Thanks, that gives me hope that we should get in. I did pre-schedule dining in two of the on-board restaurants. Hopefully the assigned night doesn't clash with our existing reservations. I guess I will find out June 1st. Thanks again!
  13. What are the odds of a couple being able to book the Chef's table if they don't have priority boarding (first time cruising on Princess)? I planned to call the Dine line as soon as we boarded to try and reserve a spot, but wasn't sure of my odds of success. I am married to a Chef/Butcher and a behind the scenes tour (and great meal) would be awesome for us.
  14. Thanks, thats good to know the singing is optional. We don’t want that type of attention and if that was going to be the case, I was going to remove it from my Princess account.
  15. If that’s the case, then I have no idea what this is on my account..
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