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  1. On the HOTS We had deck 6 and it was nice and quiet. It was easy to walk down to 5 for the Royal Promenade, or. 4 for the shows. Much easier to go down a couple flights of stairs then have to take the elevator each time to get to the lower floors. The GS is close to elevators and you go straight up to deck 17 for CK or 15 to be between the sports and pool deck.
  2. Just off a HOTS cruise yesterday. We did a GTY suite and got our GS suite room number a week prior to sailing. We ended up on the 6th floor and it had good access to elevators and night time activities. We loved the reserved seating at shows and ate at the CK most meals. Our concierges emailed a few days before sailing and we requested our evening meal reservations. We did the Hibachi, galley brunch and Chops. the only specialty of recommend would be the Hibachi meal. The food in the CK is unique, delicious, immediate seating, gorgeous views and quick service. We even tried to eat in the MDR on lobster formal night, but got turned off by the line ans wait, went up to the CK without a reservation and they fit us in.. Even had a wonderful lobster dinner there anyway. The CK staff know you by name amd room number after 2 days.Other perks... No fee for room service unless you order soda or specialty drinks. Can order MDR items to room. We did breakfast one port morning and desserts at night. The outside suite deck lounge area is peaceful with nicely padded chairs, hottub and good bartender.
  3. I had great luck. I reserved a balcony room at a good price, noted a month later it was just a few hundred more to upgrade to guarantee suite, also noting that there were no junior suites available online. I checked the cruise a lot over those few weeks watching prices and room availability. I booked over the phone and the agent confirmed they were sold out but I knew I might end up with a JS. I still wasn't holding my breath to go from a balcony to a Grand suite or higher. Two weeks later our Set Sail passes updated with Deck 6 and "Sky Class" so fingers were crossed it would stay the same. At 30 days we were notified that we were in a Grand Suite. I did awesome getting all the Sky class suite benefits for a few hundred over the balcony rate.
  4. Good to hear. I think we might be on the same cruise. I also got a gty GS last week but bid on a CL. Haven't heard anything yet.
  5. Was thinking about it then read that they start pooping in the water as you fed them, so hard pass.
  6. I had a balcony and upgraded for 300 to a Gty suite. A week later I received partially filled out edocs with deck, Sky Class and muster station. At the same time I put in a bid for a CLS. At 30 days I was awarded a Grand Suite, so my temp edocs had been correct on deck and suite class. The day after I got an email saying my Royal up had been canceled but gave a link to place a new bid. The amounts were the same so I bid again, but got another cancelation notice. Not sure what this means but I sent back an email. It seems like if there weren't any rooms, it wouldn't be an option to bid on them?
  7. Put another royal up bid after it was canceled when my GTY suite cabin was given yesterday, and I just got another email saying my bid was canceled. Anyone know why this is? I'm 29 days out
  8. Just got an email that my bid was canceled 30 days bc I got my gty suite assignment during the night. I was assigned a Grand Suite and I can go back and bid on rooms again, but I see grand suite is an option at 400 a person and crown loft at 800 a person. That is the same as it was the first time I bid.
  9. So me being on Deck 6 is ok IMO? Bc of good elevator access?
  10. Just to add on this post for others looking in the future, my set sail pass also said "sky level" on it, but deck 6, at about 50 days out. We were assigned our exact room number, a sky level grand suite on deck 6 at the 30 day mark so it did match our original edocs.
  11. Back story... Booked cruise in Feb with a balcony room. In April I noticed I could upgrade to a Gty suite for only $300 more total for our family of 4. A week later our set sail passes updated with GTY as our room number but was given 6th floor and under class it said "Sky". I was crossing my fingers I would get a grand suite but after a lot of research here I saw most GTY suites were given Junior "sea" class rooms. While waiting (which I do very poorly) I got wrapped up in the Royal Up program and bid on a 1br loft, also a sky class. It was 1600 more total as the min bid and only L2 rooms were left that I saw. Today I'm 30 days out and got our room assignment last night. We kept our Sky class status and were given a Grand suite on deck 6. Should I cancel our Royal up? Is the loft facing aft worth the 1600? (I know it's a bit bigger with two baths, but class benefits are the same). This is our first family cruise, first cruise onRC and kids are 12 and 14, so I'm a noob at this.
  12. Sea class aka junior suite has no internet, both sky and star have VOOM.
  13. On a side note to the cancelation of services after an upgrade via Royal Up. What happens if you've bought an internet package but win a room that comes with it? I see on the planner so many days are needed to cancel an item before the trip. I also have a gty suite so I could be a junior or grand and different star levels once my room assignment is made. Same circumstances though.
  14. I'm booking on the Harmony. Crown lofts either look out to the water or aft onto the ship deck. You'll need to look at a deck plan to see what your room overlooks. I don't know what room I'll be given, but I am wondering if I get a non desirable room, if I can switch to another open one in the same category.
  15. New to cuising and trying to decide between those rooms, kids are teenagers. I am reading that deck 17 where the lofts are nice and quiet but I'm only seeing two L1 and four L2 left online. Key pass required to get to that deck and near the Coastal Kitchen and concerige bar. Open Owners suites on decks 8, 9, 10. Looks a bit more spacious, but are they noisy? Can anyone share pros and cons of each for a family of 4? Is it harder to get to things on the rest of this ship from deck 17, or are those elevators reserved for the suites?
  16. Once you win a bid are you immediately assigned a cabin (I'm looking at crown loft suites)? I see there are 6 open lofts on the website. I would prefer one not over the ball court. So once you're assigned a cabin can you request to be moved to another if it's open? Has anyone done this?
  17. I also did a suite guarantee (originally has a balcony and upgraded myself for few hundred over the phone) and was assigned a deck and muster number about a week later (65 days out), it says "sky suite" online and “sky class" on app setsail pass. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'm in a GS, but who knows. It feels like waiting for Christmas for that 30 day mark.
  18. I called about it and was told it was only offered on nights 1 and 2 on our 7 Night HOTS cruise. I was able to pick a time slot for night 1 (630pm) but nothing at all for night two. I keep getting notifications that dinner times are limited for my Day 2, but there is really no way to book that dinner until I get on board. Just hope we aren't doomed to eat at 9pm.
  19. Our website set sail pass says "sky" under suite too. The Royal up says 400 min bid per person to get a grand suite, which hopefully, maybe we have already. Who knows and 60 days to wait. I just wondered if those who did the gty suites noticed if they populated your set sail pass a bit at a time or of it changed completely while waiting.
  20. I originally booked our family in a room with a large balcony. I've been keeping an eye on prices and noticed last week that there was GTY Royal suite option on the website for $200 more total. If I picked my own, only grand suites and above were available. I ordered over the phone and the rep said the junior suites were sold out as of then, but I know from reading the boards that usually you get a junior suite. I noticed today on our set sail passes, that it says "Sky Class" and deck 6 (our original room was on deck 8 ) below our names and muster at E02, but room is still GTY. There are some grand suites still available online I see. Is there a chance our set sail passes will change, or is the deck and class "assigned" before the room number? If we do get a Grand Suite that is on deck 6, could we change to 8, if it was available?
  21. That is good to hear. Someone posted recent pics and the big spire was only about 25 % done so my hopes fell about a May completion date.
  22. I doubt it will be open then from the pics I see
  23. Just posted that full day price for the thrill waterpark full day price was $155 for the 4 of us or $38 pp, down from $69 pp earlier this year. This is for the June 23 7 night HOTS cruise. Maybe reduced bc it won't be done.
  24. I'm cruising June 23 on the 4 night HOTS. I booked my cruise back in January and noted that the waterpark at CocoCay was to be completed in May and thought the end of June would give enough time if there was a delay. All day tickets have been about $65/person but I noticed today they are down to $38/person. I canceled my original order and re-bought the lower price tickets, but I'm wondering if the price is reduced bc it probably won't be finished. Anyone on cruises leaving in May or June notice this?
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