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  1. Hawaiidan, that's a reasonable point...but if we take every country that hasn't financed an oppressive regime off the "to see" list, it eliminates virtually the entire globe. Seriously, name some countries that haven't either financed an oppressive regime in another country or been led by its own oppressive regime that's unaccountable to the people. I'm coming up empty. Holding Cuba - and Cuba only - to this standard is absurd particularly when Russia is providing more aid to both Cuba and Venezuela than Cuba could ever dream of doing, and there's no limit on travel to Russia.
  2. That would be awesome news! However it would also make the entire rule change moot because that's 99% of who/what can travel under the previous rules. Unless it means that ships can leave from Miami and go to Cuba but can't carry Americans? But that wouldn't make any sense, either. Oy. Once again, their lack of understanding of what they're doing or how to go about doing it leaves us with so many more questions than answers. I hope it does turn out to be a moot, meaningless thing so the flights/cruises can continue.
  3. HokiePoq, did your agent share with you a reason for that? Reading the information put out so far by the administration, I'm not sure how it could *not* affect the cruise industry. Keeping in mind that it's not just limiting the ability of Americans to disembark there, but prohibiting ships and flights from traveling from the US to Cuba - e.g. departing from Miami. It will have to impact the industry, I think, the only question is when and how. In coming years, I think some fleets may shift back to an adjacent island port instead of leaving from Miami, like the Celestyals used to do from Jamaica, but that doesn't answer what's going to happen to currently-booked cruises. One constant with this administration is that by doing things in a slip-shod kind of way, they don't answer a lot of these questions and it's up to departments and the courts to try to determine how to implement a random statement of new policy. Unfortunately, by that time, a lot of people will have already needed to make final payment and be stuck.
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