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  1. Am travelling on Harmony in June to celebrate my parent's 50th! Am I allowed to decorate the door or the inside of the stateroom? Anyone have tips to make it festive? Jenn
  2. My hubby is flying in the day before the cruise and want to have him pick up a rental car and then have him drive all of us to Port Canaveral and return the car close by. What companies have been convenient for that? I know there are shuttles, but by the time I pay for a shuttle from the airport to our hotel, the next day pay for a shuttle for 4 of us to MCO and then 4 of us to Port Canaveral figure a car rental would be better this time. Any suggestions? Jenn
  3. I was planning to wait until 90 days out but I started looking last night and the show resevations were there. Just sharing in case others want to look : ) I imagine a bunch of shows/dates were added recently. Jenn
  4. Part of our group wants to zipline on this trip. Docking at Coxen Hole and planning to go to West Bay to snorkel. What is conveniently located? Looking for something different than Bodden's, we did that last trip. He was great, just wanted to try something else. Jenn
  5. Do they release a bunch of sailing date ressies at once or more like 1 sailing at a time? Jenn
  6. We sail on Harmony in June and wondering which month I can book the shows? Jenn
  7. We make main time 5pm dining for our 12 and were told they could only do 2 tables of 6 on Harmony. Anyone have luck sitting all together? I assume if we ask the maître d and tip we can sit together? Any guess what tip that would require so we can sit together? I thought they would be used to having larger groups... Jenn
  8. We are travelling with a group of 12 on Harmony of the Seas in June. Our agent said that we can either have 5pm early dining, late was full or anytime dining. We would prefer have a set time and the same server each night so leaning towards 5pm every night but that seems a touch early. Has anyone been able to get anytime dining at 5:30 or 6 for every night and had the same server with a group as larger as ours? Jenn
  9. My parents want to watch Grease the show on Harmony and some reviews claim it is for mature audiences. Can anyone elaborate so we can decide what age/kid it is appropriate for? Is it sexual overtones, bad language, etc? Jenn
  10. Do I have to buy a resort pass for every person or just pay for the 4-5 chairs? We will end up buying drinks, but not wanting a swimming pool, etc. Jenn
  11. We will have a group of 13-15 people and are looking for a resort where we can rent 3-4 umbrellas and 4-5 chairs. Most of us just want to snorkel and leave our luggage with the others. Any recommendations? Jenn
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