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  1. That is cutting it really close but if you land at 2 I would suggest grabbing your luggage, go up to level 4, purchase tickets (about $8 per person) at the kiosk, get on the Canada Line (I believe that is what it's called) and ride it all the way to Waterfront station. Waterfront Station is the end of the line. The ride takes aprox. 26 minutes. From there you will exit Waterfront station, turn right, walk about 2 blocks make another right, and you are at Canada Place where the ship is. I think it's cutting it a bit close, but we've done the Canada Line to Waterfront station a few times and it's quick, cheap, and no worries about traffic problems, but you will have to manage your luggage for a couple of blocks on your own. After taking the Canada Line I wouldn't take a chance on a ground transportation, as you never know what the traffic will be like in Vancouver.
  2. We have rebooked several times when a price drop came about or a better obc offer came around but the last time I looked into rebooking to take advantage of a little more obc we ran into a slight problem. We always book direct with Princess so I handle all the bookings. However the last time a little more obc was offered on a future cruise we are booked on, which was offered while we were on a cruise as a promo, I tried to rebook at the future sales office and get the extra obc, but ran into a slight snag that I hadn't encountered before. We were booked in a mini suite for the upcoming cruise that we were trying to get the extra obc on and would not have had a problem rebooking it and getting the extra obc except the mini suites on that cruise were sold out with a waiting list. So if we had cancelled and tired to rebook, our mini suite would have automatically been assigned to the next person on the waiting list as soon as we started the cancel/rebook process, and we would lost our mini suite and the only option that was left was the lowest cat balcony and we would be put last on the waiting list for a mini suite. The extra obc wasn't worth losing the mini to us so we hit the brakes. In most cases I don't see this happening too often, but be careful if making changes, make sure there are cabins still available in your category. I was so glad the Princess rep caught it before she went ahead and did the rebooking because once started it's a done deal.
  3. We've only done this once and we checked with the pursers desk, as was mentioned above, and there was a princess shuttle bus available for those moving over to another Princess ship. We were told where to meet and went together to pick up our luggage, then proceeded to the shuttle bus, the driver loaded our luggage, and when everyone had arrived on the bus were were transported over to the next terminal where we did a normal check in. So I suggest you check with the pursers desk during your first leg of your cruise and they will be able to inform you.
  4. Computer or DVD player, Hard drive loaded with movies, HDMI cable, a lot of patience fiddling around to find the HDMI port on the back of the TV (a stiff drink and a mirror may help) and you have movies on demand.
  5. My suggestion and what I always do, is book a cabin I will be happy with and tell the Princess CSR to mark it 'Meta' upgrade only. That way I'm not going to lose the cabin I chose and the only upgrade that would be offered to me would be to a completely higher cabin (balcony to mini, mini to suite, etc). If I can't book the cabin I really want I will book something I can live with and then keep a close eye on the cruise online and if the one I really want opens up, I'm on the phone to Princess and switched over. I've never had a problem switching cabins. As many may have noticed nowadays there doesn't seem to be as many upgrades as there used to be, but more so upsells, which in some cases are good as well, as we've taken a few, and let a few go by.
  6. We were also in A726 corner Vista Suite on the Island, and took it as an upsell, on a 21 day full Panama transit, and were a bit worried from all the negative reviews, but after stepping foot in the suite we put those to rest. It is a fantastic suite. It is by far the nicest suite we have had on Princess. Loved the wrap around balcony, although we didn't use the side part much. There was some quite noticeable vibration when docking in port, but other than that the vibration didn't bother us a bit. I would book this suite again in a heartbeat. We also found the Island to be a very well run ship with a very happy staff, keeping in mind this was in April 2017. We didn't have any trouble getting seats at the late shows in the theater. I can't comment on any time dinning as we had traditional. We never felt overcrowded in the public areas, as some people have commented, but perhaps that was just us.
  7. I think they should honor all the old cards with no expiration dates on them as those were sold and bought in good faith that they were good for the number of punches on them regardless of which cruise/date they were purchased on. We haven't heard anything official from Princess as to how they are going to deal with the old cars yet, but hopefully this will be the case. Now my take on what they should consider is selling a tiered coffee card, such as a 5/10/15 punch card that is only good for the cruise that you are on. That way if you are on a short coastal cruise you may opt to buy a 5 punch card and when the cruise is over toss it. If on a longer cruise buy a 10 or 15 punch card and once again when the cruise is over, the card is over. If you're not sure you will consume 15, then purchase a 10 and if you need more then purchase an additional 5 punch card. With this in play it would completely eliminate Ebay sales, if Princess thinks this is a concern. The cards could be color coded much like the soda stickers used to be, with a different color for each cruise, so no cheating there, for free brewed or carry overs. As it is now if Princess doesn't honor carry over on old cards, I will be buying everyone in sight a free coffee on the last night to use up my unused punches, so at the very least someone will benefit.
  8. Perhaps with a universal remote and this little video: you might be able to access the HDMI ports. Then again you might get your fingers slapped by the good tech folks on the ship. Also I have lifted the wall mounted Tv's off the wall to access the HDMI ports. It's quite easy, and the sets are very light, just need someone to plug the cables in while you hold the set, then just pop it back on to the wall brackets. Worked for me.
  9. At some point when all the bugs are ironed out I don't think there will be a choice. The biggest mistake Princess made in the roll out was to advertise cruises implementing the new tech, when it wasn't fully functional, leaving those who were looking forward to it disappointed . It's like any new tech, some people just don't want to have to bother with it. Remember how many threads were started when this forum (Cruise Critic) changed format? People have adjusted and accepted the change and life goes on. And if you're worried about being tracked, that is a reality of today. Do you realize that just being on this forum my tracking blocker (Ghostery) is now blocking 9 trackers from Cruise Critics? It's very hard to get away from these days.
  10. On our last 2 cruises on the Star and on the Island we received two small bottles of water each day without having to ask. Probably has to do with your steward, if he knows about the perk or not. If you don't get them I would simply let your steward know about it, in a nice way of course, as he/she likely isn't aware of the perk.
  11. But they do come off the wall quite easily, and they are super light. Just get your traveling partner to plug the cable in while you hold the tv, then put it back on the wall. I've done this on two wall mounted tvs on Princess.
  12. Yes when you enter the terminal just let the person that greets you know that you are traveling together and you should have no problems going through check in and boarding together. This has been our experience in the past, if it's changed I certainly stand to be corrected. Bbum
  13. Got them on the Island in April and on the Star (October/18) . Seems to me it's a bit of hit or miss, depending on the ship. We never use them so it's not a big deal for us.
  14. Yes you are right you have every right to voice your opinion, but I don't think that the Captains Luncheon/Cocktail party is a benefit. We assume there will be one, as there always is one, but as I mentioned before, it is up to the Captain whether or not one takes place. It is not part of any contract, or not in any documentation. It seems to me that under the circumstances that the Captain deemed it not fitting to have one on that particular day, and perhaps it wasn't feasible to reschedule, so something else was arranged. The OP was just expressing their opinion on what they considered was a more than adequate offering as a replacement, and you have given your opinion as you have every right to, so time to give it a rest.
  15. A Most Traveled cocktail party is only a few hors d'oeuvres and a couple of drinks, it is nothing like the luncheon. The only thing that they got 'screwed' out of was a picture with the captain and perhaps a chance to chat with the captain and some other officers if they were there. The last MTP cocktail party we attended we spent a whole 20 minutes there, had a quick chat with the captain, a quick drink, and passed on the weird hors d'oeuvres. I personally think that with the circumstances the CC department passed along a very good will gesture. Another thing to keep in mind that it is up to the Captain whether there is a luncheon, a cocktail party, or nothing at all. It's all just a good will gesture to honor loyal passengers, not something that is written in stone or in any passenger contract. It's just a good will gesture.
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