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  1. Thank you but like you said this isn't an answer to my question as I mentioned I called and spoke with the lady in Carnival access dept (I left the word dept out). Familiar with the info link already as we have been cruising Carnival for a while :). We do book our itineraries so we don't have a tender port but we would like to visit Belize and it happens to be a tender port and I know some ports have wheelchair accessible tenders so thought I would ask. So thank you for the info on that there are accessible tenders in Belize as that is encouraging 🙂 🙂 🙂 It would of been nice if Carnival Access dept could of told me that. 🙂 Thank you again - I do appreciate your response.
  2. Hello, We are thinking of booking an itinerary that includes Belize. Carnival access said that once on board we can go to the shore excursions desk to see if Belize has a wheelchair accessible (rolling access) tender. The lady couldn't confirm if Belize did or not. My daughter is in a custom manual wheelchair that doesn't fold. I can carry her on to the tender if need be and someone can place her w/c on. I know its dependable on the conditions, captains decision, etc, etc. I just want to know if anyone has had experience with tenders in Belize and if conditions are excellent do we have a chance? If we don't, I won't book that itinerary. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.
  3. There are MANY if you google search it. I have come across many and inquired with them. Good luck. (Not sure if this is too late or if you still have time).
  4. FYI... If you look on googlemaps you will see a couple of car rental agencies within a 10 minute walk of the port. The Divi hotel has hertz rental in it.
  5. Hello... Our plans for our tour got canceled in Bonaire and am thinking of just renting a car for my daughter and I. She is in a wheelchair but I can put her in a seat with seatbelt and take her custom wheelchair apart in two bulky pieces to store in vehicle. We will need an SUV or van because the frame shape doesn't fit in all car trunks. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has rented a car for their port day in Bonaire? Any recommendations on a company near port? Your experience? I am a little nervous as this will be our first time doing something totally on our own (we've done taxi in Cozumel last minute and private tours in other ports). I do plan to return the car 2 hours before we are supposed to be back on ship. Thank you so much for sharing your information. I am also thinking of doing this in Curacao so you have have any recommendations for there, experiences, etc that would be appreciated too? There are two sights I want to see on Curacao that requires driving to. Thank you! 🙂
  6. Hello. We are going to Bonaire in April and our original tour we planned fell through so am looking for a way to see the island either our-self or via tour. My daughter is in a wheelchair and we prefer her to stay in it (be transported in it) but I could take her out of it and have her sit in seat of vehicle. Her wheelchair doesn't fold, but comes apart in two bulky pieces. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.
  7. My daughter and I are going on this with them by ourselves (it's as if I'm traveling alone) and really looking forward to it. It's about a ten minute walk. Dont worry about not knowing Spanish. You will make do with English and lots of ppl around to help. I've only heard great things about this tour and company - I would go if I were u. Enjoy your cruise
  8. I just found out that some tenders in some ports have roll on capabilities so this makes it a lot easier to roll on/off a wheelchair.
  9. Excellent idea. I was thinking the same thing...
  10. Thank you Shelly - not needed though, but that was nice. I look forward to talking to you tomorrow. I have some info for you..
  11. I am glad you find it so funny. That says a lot and now I even understand more! Um when did I ask for that and why do I need to when I am very familiar with RC? Like I said, I ONLY mention what my experience has been, I don't assume and I don't need to mention anything further than that. I know about all the other accessible cabins but I don't worry about them because we don't want them. I only worry about our needs and since a nice person was making a suggestion for us, I responded pertaining to our experience and our needs! You did much more than just provide a link! Enough said.. I'm done with you - you are so creepy!
  12. I am not sure what you are getting at or trying to prove, but if you want to use a statement that my girlfriend made on HER post then so be it. Yes, my girlfriend and I share the same account because she doesn't have a computer, she hates using her phone and so she asked when she was over last weekend if she could post a question on a forum here using my account and I said of course you can. Not that I owe u an explanation but you sure seem to be bossy. Not sure why you are trying to be so controlling. I answer whatever questions I wish to and relate to topic. I have been cruising for 6 years now, most with RC. One or two cruises a year. I have also gone on 4 tours on different RC ships with my friend who is a TA. Now I see why CC has such a bad reputation - they must of dealt with you trying to control everyone...
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