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  1. Omg is this national stupid people respond to me day? I never said don’t go! I said that it isn’t low key and beautiful. That is it! And FYI, New York is a thousand times safer than Nassau. I never said I wouldn’t go. Never said I was afraid to go. I freaking went there on a cruise AFTER I stayed on the island for a week. Never said I didn’t enjoy myself there. The horrific logical fallacies being used here are unbelievable. Despite your straw man argument you have failed to address what I actually said. Try reading it and then come back to me.
  2. Dude!!! Are you kidding? I have spent significant time there both from a ship and a residence. I know what it’s like. I didn’t say I wouldn’t go. I said that claiming it has natural peaceful beauty is ridiculous. I also said I am going to Coco Cay and excited about. What is wrong with you.
  3. Been to New York hundreds of times. The main tourist areas are extremely safe. Not so in Nassau. I watched crime on the street you get off the ship on. But excellent use of survivors bias fallacy. I presume you live in NY. That means you know safe and not so safe areas. Tourists in Nassau won’t. And the warning was overall for violent crime. I have never seen an armed guard in a Pizza Hut. I did in Nassau.
  4. The level two advisories on the other places you noted are for potential terrorist activity. The warning for the Bahamas is for violent crime. Which do you think is more likely. But tell me more about fear mongering.
  5. I also should mention I was COMPLIMENTING Coco Cay because it is safer and more relaxed than the other Bahamian cruise ports.
  6. I have been to Nassau multiple times including a house rental for a week. Nassau crime is VERY high and to pretend it isn’t is putting your head in the sand. Additionally, the individual stated that they didn’t like the party atmosphere. The cruise port at Nassau is the definition of party atmosphere. During my week stay on the island there were two shootings. Multiple fake taxi robberies, I was offered drugs multiple times down town. Yeah, my personal experience on the island is soooo over blown right?
  7. I have been to the Bahamas multiple times. Maybe you should check before making statements you have no clue about. I actually rented a house in Nassau for a week once. During that week there were two shootings at local bars. Several people that live there warned us about fake taxis that rob cruise passengers. I truly hate when people make statements in ignorance.
  8. Natural relaxed beauty of the Bahamas? Is there a different Bahamas somewhere that you go to? Every cruise stop in the Bahamas lacks natural relaxed beauty. Freeport looks like an industrial harbor and unless you take an excursion to the national park it is kind of a dump. Nassau is pretty much a meat market at the port and overshadowed by the man made island Atlantis is on. Not to mention the US state department has issued a warning about the Bahamas for lack of safety and high crime. What you described sounds like a blast. If you wanted to take a nap, you could have stayed on the ship and slept on the pool deck. Nobody would be there. I never understand reviews like this
  9. Ok, from what I am seeing, the smaller ships struggle with it but Harmony seems to get rave reviews which is what we are on. It’s also what I watched the video for which explains a lot. Thanks.
  10. You can book anytime until the day of the cruise but you have to pay when you book. You can cancel and rebook if the price drops but I think they cut the cancel ability off a day or two before sailing
  11. I just joined CC today so haven’t read it. The YouTube videos for it were positive. That’s all I saw.
  12. What ship are you reading about chaotic implementation. I have seen several reviews for oasis class ships and they have all been exceptionally positive.
  13. This confuses me. I have only been on one cruise and didn't use the public restrooms much but....I would think the opposite of you. If I am in a small cramped cabin with a tiny bathroom with a thin door between the two and in there with another person (I am cruising with my cousin/best friend), I would think courtesy would dictate going to the public restroom for the less pleasant olfactory episodes so as not to punish them in the room. The public rooms are typically bigger with better scent control. Just my $0.02
  14. A couple weeks ago I paid $42 a day. It is the lowest I have seen since booking our cruise
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