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  1. Hello!! getting ready to board sensation tomorrow (eeek!! It’s finally here!! First cruise in 8 years!!) I’ve heard from some seasoned travelers in the family that we should take photocopies of our passport, license, and birth certificate and bring those on land and keep originals in the ship safe. Does that seem a little too much? Is it even legal to only carry just photocopies? We’re going to Bahamas and grand Turks. I’ve never done photocopies before on any cruise and was fine. Thanks!
  2. Oh yes. I forgot about those cereal boxes. Will definitely do that. Thanks!
  3. We’re taking our 5 yr old on the sensation this weekend, just wondering if I’d be able to take on the smucker’s uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on in my carry-on? We are priority boarding as well as FTTF but just not sure when we’ll be on board and able to actually sit and relax a bit for lunch. The adults will be happy with drinks in the meantime but he’ll need some food. Its been over 8 years since my last cruise so I feel like I’ve forgotten everything.
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