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  1. Had no problem taking fruit off in St Maarten. But reading it’s a No No.didnt realize that. oops. And the cooler/refrig was very cold. As you can see in my picture by the look of my fruit. And my OJ was ice cold every morning. I’m pretty sure the OJ is concentrate but it’s still good. A lot better than I’ve had at some free breakfast at hotels. Like Best western.
  2. Continental breakfast tip. Get double everything and put it in the cooler/frig for the next day on the first night then you always have it if ya want something. as the drinks can get warm. That is if your getting juice or milks. my morning cabin breakfast was. 2 OJ’s 2 milks and cereals. And 2 fruit plates. also bring ziplocks if you wanna bring some fruit with you on an excursion. side note. I travel solo so that’s why double. If your a couple get 4 lol
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing some of the Airbnb your looking at. I was looking at the Dreams Miramar. And the price is right. And I can book anytime. just waiting for flights In 2 weeks I can book a flight on an app I use. Just waiting to see what’s available.
  4. We had a friend in our group in a wheelchair and they didn’t have any issues getting around the city. Even went into some of the local shops
  5. I really enjoyed it the short time I was there last month. Looking forward to getting to see it again for this trip. Even if for just a short time. I wasn’t sure what to except when there. But it was awesome. all the great colors. The people were very friendly. Felt safe. There’s cameras all over the area. I'm not a shopper. Just enjoy exploring around.
  6. Wow. More great information. Thank you everyone for adding to this thread. silly question?? What is TAD. ?? For myself. I think the Dreams Miramar is perfect. Close enough to everything. And the price is right. I can book now for 120.00 a night. Seems like a great price. Don’t need anything fancy as just spending a night or 2. some in our group will do the $$$$ hotels. But not me Lolol Big thing are flights I use the app Hopper a lot and usually get some great prices. We’ll have to see as time gets closer. Great excursion suggestions. Keep them coming. I’m trying to put a small presentation together for our group so they have options. I like to book those on our own away from the cruise line. Same excursion better prices. And I check ratings on all of them with google (TripAdvisor) Thanks again for all the help.
  7. I’m all about budget. Other in my group will be staying 5start. Me not so much. Lolol. I just need a bed. Lol. Dreams looks perfect for me. With great reviews. And At 135.00. Thanks for the great excursion tips.
  8. That my plan to come in a day before. Just Incase. We have a big group of about 25. im sure most will plan their own hotels. But just coming up with ideas. I like old San Juan. And will be looking around there. Seen some nice Airbnb locations.
  9. We have a ways to go. Just got back 2 weeks ago from HOS and we just booked this one for the same time next year S one have about 352 days. I know. But I like to get a jump on things and have a bunch of info we have a big group of friends going 25+. And I’m getting Info for everyone. so anything we like we would confirm ASAP this way it’s paid for early and not a big chunk $$$ as we get closers to our trip. my idea is to confirm something every few months as we get closer. A little here and there is better than paying everything at once. this way if we can charter as a group we get in before everyone else. we chartered a boat For ourself in Saint Marteen with Capt Bob. And had a blast with the boat all to our self.
  10. Yeah that excursion doesn’t come up on my planner. Has the caves and island Walking tour. But not the 4x4. Also I prefer to book myself not with RC. Save a few buck as most excursions are the same. Just cost more from the ship. And with 5 ports it could add up Lolol. thanks again for all your help and info.
  11. How do you get the offers for a REPO. ??
  12. I emailed special needs about a fan on the HOS. Got an email back within a few days and they had a box fan waiting for me in my room. Was a great added feature as I sleep very hot at night. good luck
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