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  1. Well that makes no sense as it does matter. Cruises will be docked for months. And the cruise lines can’t withstand so BK does matter to everyone with FCC and refunds coming.
  2. As long as the cruise lines can last till they start back up if not they go bk. And you fcc is useless. No way they can last till 2021.
  3. Yeah but when will they Actually get back to operating. That’s the big question. how many months can they handle not in operation.
  4. I’d be more concerned cruise lines. X. Y. Z. Don’t go bankrupt by May June. Before some of us get our 90 day refunds back. Stay tuned.
  5. Yeah I think your talking me into refund even more. Thanks. ( voice of reason )
  6. Ya think. I’m starting to think the same thing. I was gonna book a Caribbean cruise to go B2B to go with my RC cruise outta Puerto Rico for Feb2021. No money outta my pocket. And about 300 OBC. but with another 30 days at the least with theUS being shut down I don’t know how the cruise lines can survive. And that’s if we get a handle on this mess. I have 500 in cruise next that I paid about 190.00 bucs for that I’m ok on loosing but don’t wanna lose all my money. and if NCL survives at least I have the 500.00 for when prices go back down I. The next 3 years lol.
  7. And I just had a cruise to Alaska just canceled. Trying to decide if I want a refund in 90 days or the FCC 125% and another 20% off a cruise. what good is the FCC turned into another cruise if they go BK.
  8. So now what , in the wake of everything in the last week or so. BK or Bust
  9. You don’t seem to know the dynamics. Apparently you don’t read. Her CC is paid off. so either her CC co will just send her a hard check for the amount. Or she will have to call for it. Over and done with.
  10. So I’m getting ready to book on the Epic for next year. And I’d like to try and get the best balcony I can in the BA section or? Im open to suggestions for a good balcony location like a corner location, Aft, forward . any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  11. You asked a question, Why I picked your and I answered you. and I’ll say it again. Stay safe. And be happy.
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