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  1. Lets face the fact that someone had to step up to the plate and make the tough call for everyone's well being. I don't believe in absolute right or wrong, but I do believe there are good and bad people. Most Celebrity cruisers will go home and keep social distance, and I think the captain knew that. If only we could get someone to take a bit more absolutist command of the situation in the Oval Office, what we're told is not as important as what is being done.
  2. We have a pattern, with X's website claiming that the Summit infections were a rumor, despite local counts and news reporting otherwise. They no longer get the benefit of the doubt.
  3. It was obviously the medical staff this isn't anyone else's fault.
  4. Don't we wish people had these petty problems still? All that uproar over nothing. It can't be any more obvious today. I would like to be on Edge or Apex right now. Enjoying Eden and all the other amenities.
  5. Can we stop criticizing X leadership already? We all think we know what we know now but there have been rapid new developments and daily shifts and changes? LLP is under great pressure and needs our support.
  6. Green Trees, Lights, Performances, Dress-UP, kinda like Christmas. Folks are so insistent on bashing that they're missing what's around them.
  7. Good luck with putting Edge down nonstop and expecting it to help lower your S fares. You actually helping us.
  8. How many people on these forums are making Santa's naughty list?
  9. Yet you belittle our experiences and try to send new people to S class ships because you weren't ready for the ship. That's going to lower our fares, not yours.
  10. And there are folks who are enjoying Edge and future Edge ships on Christmas despite the "Bah, Humbugs" at home.
  11. Because it is the hottest new ship of 2019 and folks are allowed to have that opinion. Reinventing the wheel by a woman and not everyone is comfortable with a female leading the way and changing the industry. If it is not a good change for you then move along.
  12. I might just do that. I know an apostate with a chip on their shoulder when I see one.
  13. Exactly. Watch these people are going to complain and try their best to get other folks to feel the same when they can just enjoy another part of the ship. Then if the show ever gets cancelled, they'll say that they finally got it at the 11th hour, and how unfair it was to get pulled.
  14. Maybe I would have liked the old performance and would have been nice to judge for myself to compare. Sometimes these scheduled formats and shortened time loses it's pizzazz. If I hadn't been caught up with the Crazy Caribbean Cruisers group at the time I might have been ready for an earlier sailing this year. I will still give it a try. If not, Virgin is trying new things too, and will probably go through their own shifts and changes.
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