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  1. That's interesting info, thank you! Seems like a great excuse (if ever one was needed) to book another TA! I'd agree that the spa and relaxation area (especially) are fabulous. Unfortunately we only used it about 3 times despite a 7 day pass (I don't recall there being an alternative to full 7 day pass on this crossing but I may be wrong). There just aren't enough hours in the day, even with the added hour most days! I do hope they offer shorter, customer-focussed options again in the future. (I have now adopted 'tubing recliners' as a technical term...can't think of better😄)
  2. Hi, just jumping into Mark's excellent review to let you know that the thermal spa (pool, steam, sauna etc) was indeed open on the 15-22 Dec Westbound...and quite an experience in the heavy swell too😄 I wasn't aware an update is planned but some refurb will definitely enhance the experience 🙂 Happy travels. Lynne
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