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  1. Logic dictates that the restrictions ease slowly. We shouldn’t go from on one day no groups larger then ten to the next day anything goes. There could be months or years between the day it is okay for schools and most buildings can open and the day that it is acceptable to restart cruise lines and hold events like NYE in Times Square. I would expect that there will be a full season in which it is considered safe for sports teams to compete in front of empty stadiums and televised, because of a limit on the number of people in a given area that is greater than 10 but less than 1000.
  2. Once again. Same comment. The danger of contracting the disease from current passengers greatly outweighs the danger of contracting it from prior passengers. The MDR doesn’t need a more significant cleaning between cruises than it does between seatings.
  3. If the virus is still so prevalent that it is necessary to sanitize each room than it is too prevalent to have any cruises. Occupying a room in which the prior guest had covid-19 is not more dangerous than being in an elevator or next to someone in the MDR that has the virus.
  4. Instead of coughing to cover up the sound of a fart, people will fart to hide the sound of a cough. 😀
  5. As long as a negative test means that you aren’t contagious than it is workable. Just test daily, isolate anyone contagious. We do that for a week or so and the disease will be virtually eliminated.
  6. Agreed. Also, as a US citizen I am in no position to hold the leaders of China responsible for their actions. But I can hold my elected officials accountable for their actions or inactions.
  7. Perspective, yesterday more Americans died of Covid-19 than die of Norovirus in a year. Note: not “as of yesterday” but the one day death rate of Covid-19 is greater than Norovirus in a year. Perspective, the death toll of Covid-19 in the US has surpassed the death toll of 9/11.
  8. Did you read the article? China is NOT already sailing. The Chinese cruise industry is talking about plans to resume cruising.
  9. It implies that investing in the cruise industry makes about as much sense as licking subway poles.
  10. I am not optimistic that this will translate into cashiers and stock clerks making a living wage. The business being bailed out will cry now is not the time for a higher minimum wage.
  11. 200,000 dead is the “worse case (95%)” estimate by an optimistic model that assumes everybody is practicing stringent social distancing thru June. The model gets much much worse if we end social distancing early. The true worst case is everyone dies. The model (assuming social distancing) says there is a 5% chance it will be worse than 200,000. This is only one of many models....some with much worse predictions. It is not surprising that the White House picked a relatively optimistic model.
  12. Actually..... 1. A plentiful quick test 2. Effective treatment 3. Vaccine And treatment can even be omitted. With adequate testing things can get back to normal. If we can test every person, we can isolate the sick and allow the healthy to go about their lives.
  13. Two best choices are either BRK or an S&P500 index fund.
  14. Actually lockdowns aren’t containment, they are mitigation. Containment is done by testing individuals and isolating the known sick from the healthy. Lockdowns, like social distancing, are mitigation in which you limit contact between people to stop the spread because you don’t know who is healthy and who is sick. China did use both approaches, but ultimately all mitigation can do is buy you some time. Containment is the only way to truly control the disease, but that requires sufficient tests to test anyone who is suspected of having the disease or who may have come in contact with someone who has the disease.
  15. We had well over month longer to prepare for this virus than China. We had a few weeks longer than S Korea and at least a week longer than Italy. China was caught by surprise. The US government made a decision to ignore the warnings. Yet despite the fact China had no warning, unlike the USA, they did a better job at containment. China made multiple mistakes and did numerous things wrong, but overall their response was better than ours.
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