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  1. A dollar spent on food doesn’t end there either. So why not expand food stamps instead. A dollar spent in rent doesn’t end there either so why no give a tax credit for rent so folks don’t get evicted. A dollar spent installing plexiglass sneeze guards on every school desk doesn’t end there. Plenty of alternative stimulus packages exist. This one benefits those people who can afford vacations and the president himself.
  2. Carnival faced almost no liability for their negligence in Triumph, this will be similar.
  3. Deaths lag cases by about 3 - 4 weeks. So the “stagnant” death toll is from the leveling off of cases from before we prematurely reopened the country. Our current surge in cases will result in next month’s rise in deaths.
  4. A tax credit specifically designed to benefit the owners of golf courses and hotels, which will benefit the well to do but not low income and encourages people to violate the guidelines of the CDC. How is this not political?
  5. Yeah, your sample size of 3 is more relevant than a sample size of thousands.
  6. Your point? There are people so selfish they will try to circumvent basic decency. These people need to be rooted out not encouraged.
  7. If you are are attempting to circumvent the protocols put in place to protect other you are the problem. Actions such as propose should be treated as felonies. Your comment that I shouldn't cruise if I disapprove of fraudulent health checks, is the equivalent as saying drunk driving should be accepted and those who don't want to share the road with drunks shouldn't drive.
  8. The temperature checks are intended to screen out people who inadvertently might spread the disease. They won't work against bioterrorists who are purposefully trying to spread the virus. Most passengers unlike yourself are not actively trying to kill their fellow passengers.
  9. I tend to think that the threats to crease cruising if the buffets go away is as hallow as the post 911 claims by some individuals that they won't fly until the restriction on carry on liquids is lifted.
  10. No ship should sail unless they can have a muster drill while safely preventing disease spread. If that requires reducing capacity to 25% or shutting down the industry until there is a vaccine than so be it. But neither safety issue should be compromised for a recreational activity.
  11. Then they won't survive. However, a cruise line that buys the ship at 10 cents on the dollar at the bankruptcy auction will have a low enough overhead to make it work at lower occupancy at neither a profit nor loss for a couple of years, with the expectation decent profits once either there is a vaccine, herd immunity or effective treatment to the point the old normal can return.
  12. If cruise ships are only sailing half full then supply is half. One reason Disney doesn’t feel the need to lower prices even though they are taking away some attractions/services and tourism demand has dropped is they are also lowering supply.
  13. Obviously this would have negative impact on profits. But sailing at 50% for a year is less likely to lead to insolvency than not sailing at all for a year. Also i am pretty sure suite passengers spend more on board pp than inside cabin passengers so once again you are looking at much less than 50% loss of revenue. Disney ceo said his parks will be able to cover operating expenses at 50% or he wouldn't be opening them. Restaurants which operate at much thinner margins than cruise lines are reopening at 50% rather than stay close.
  14. Not really. If you eliminate the inside cabins but have 100% occupancy on suites an overall occupancy rate of 50% is stil about 85% revenue or more. Sailings won't be as profitable but they will be more profitable than not sailing or they won't sail
  15. Cruises are likely going to be required to sail at 40 or 50% capacity. That will greatly shorten queues.
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