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  1. Why is it they always have enough staff at places that cost extra (such as the seafood shack) but not at the places where the food is included in the fare? Could it be they want people who already paid for meals to pay extra to avoid standing in line?
  2. I take pretty much the exact opposite tactic. Price not withstanding I don't want my kids drinking a gallon of soda. I would rather give them a daily limit on their card that they can use for soda, candy, arcade etc and let them budget for themselves. A few reasons. 1. I don't want my kids drinking too much soda. When they run out of money they run out of sugar and need to switch to water. 2. Teaches them to budget and make choices. Do I want soda or do I want candy or do I want the arcade or do I want something from the gift shop?
  3. But the difference between Florida law and New York law is in Florida if Carnival sells the cheers package they only need to pay taxes on a pro rata portion (1day) if the sell it in NY they need to pay for the entire cruise.
  4. Carnival is stretching the truth. They can sell the Cheers package in Texas and NY, but they would be required to pay taxes. And the state law doesn’t expire at 6 am it happens when they get far enough out to sea, waiting until 6 am is purely a corporate decision not state law.
  5. It isn’t the $6 per say, but rather the feeling you are being abused when the cruise line advertise meals are included but then understaff to the point the line is 45 mins long and a “friendly cruise staff” tells you can avoid the line by spending extra.
  6. The state laws regarding alcohol do not apply at sea, underage drinking is a violation of cruise policy (like pool chair hogging) not state or federal law. Plus the sole purpose of raising the drink age was to reduce drunk driving, not exactly a problem with cruisers.
  7. For the purpose of your question, ignore cb’s answer it is utterly wrong. While some laws are based on the registration of the ship immigration control doesn’t. The day in port counts as being in USA. Days in foreign ports definitely don’t nor would sea days between foreign ports. Not 100% certain if you had a sea day before arriving at first port if that would count or not.
  8. I would go with a daily spending limit that rolls over. Lets say you go with $20 per day. First day they get $20 on their account, once it is spent they can't spend more. But lets say one spends $15 dollars than day two that kid now has $25 to spend. That way if they want to save up for something in the gift shop that costs $45 they can. And what ever amount you choose be it $5 a day or $50 per day, don't stress or put limits on what specifically they spend it on. (well maybe limit the amount that can be used towards candy) should matter to you if they are spending money on arcade vs gift shop, but it will give them the chance to budget and make decisions on their own.
  9. General observation not specific to cruising..... You will have more success at finding bonding actives if rather than asking the question, "how do I get them to do what I enjoy?" instead you ask, "what do they enjoy that I can do with them" And rather than guess you might ask them. I would not be surprised if you have considerable more success going to the arcade with them and playing video game verses them (you will probably lose but that is okay, the goal is to spend time with them, not beat them) than you would if you try to force them to play a game of bridge.
  10. There is a huge difference between not wanting to your fries cooked in animal fat and insisting the chef has never handled meat.
  11. Vegetarians don't eat animals - beef, chicken, fish etc. Vegans don't eat animal products - all of the above plus eggs, dairy/milk, honey, also they won't wear leather or fur.
  12. Actual conversation I overheard at McDs the other day. Customer: I would like two grilled cheese sandwiches with extra pickles. Cashier: We don't sell grilled cheese sandwiches. Customer: I would like two cheeseburgers with extra pickles hold the beef patty. Cashier: [calling to manager] can we sell a cheeseburger without the burger? Manager: Yup, hit the cheeseburger button than the hold button than beef patty button.
  13. I imagine along with variance in staff attitude, tipping and how you treat the staff might affect your ability to break the rules as well. Person A. Polite to bartender, tips the bar tender. Bartender might have better things to do than report to his boss that the rum and coke he served you is front of gf while her diet coke is now in front of you. Person B. Rude to bartender. Bartender might be more inclined to notice and report to boss that drinks got swapped. My personal experience back when I was underage is rules were less enforced when we were generous tippers. Didn't work 100% of the time, but definitely was a factor.
  14. For me the drink package question is not about math but rather behavior and cruise enjoyment. If I buy the package, I will be determined to get my money's worth. That will involve drinking way more than I would normally as I attempt to maximize the value and get my money's worth. This will lead to massive hangovers and an overall poor cruise experience. OTOH, if I don't buy the package, each time I buy a drink I will notice and feel slightly guilty about spending so much on the drink. I will still have some drinks but I actually wind up drinking less than I would at home in the backyard next to pool when paying grocery store prices for a case of beer or bottle of wine. The price consciousness does slightly diminish my overall vacation experience. Overall, I have determined the latter is the better option for me, it is not without faults, but is the better option.
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