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  1. Doubtful that the nickel and diming will get people to switch to upscale lines. It will motivate people to switch to other types of vacations.
  2. Janet Reno did that. She felt that paying a little extra for the car was better than the potential for a conflict of interest if she got a better than typical deal.
  3. Assuming your tale of woe has any truth to it, quite frankly it is not my concern. I am going to put the health of my children’s lungs ahead of your son’s issues. But I doubt your tale is honest. For example your claim that the majority of autistic people don’t lie is a lie. Also there is no medical reason smoking would work but chewable would not, other than a possible placebo effect.
  4. It is the equivalent of open container of alcohol. You can get arrested for that.
  5. If your son is truly that unhealthy, he shouldn’t cruise, cruise ship medical centers are not ERs. Furthermore I would suggest you CREASE violating the law by allowing him to use pot in a car. It is a crime for which he could get arrested. While in jail he might not get treatment. This would be worse for him than briefly going without.
  6. Only to the extent that it could have been caused by cigar instead of a cigarette or a pipe, or a match used to light a cigarette as opposed to the cigarette itself. But what is absolutely known is it was not an electrical fire and began on the balcony and was not arson. The most likely cause was a cigarette,
  7. Yes, you did claim it was defensive stock. Do you know what a defensive stock is? Probably not. A defensive stock is a stock that is less sensitive to an economic downturn than then the market as a whole, examples would include utilities. Cruise line stocks are cyclical stocks, meaning they are more sensitive.
  8. Cruises are less expensive than Disney World. But Disney is super expensive. Anyone who thinks that a cruise line stock is a defensive stock knows absolutely nothing about stocks.
  9. I do think the 100 shares for the OBC is a good idea. I disagree with the idea with buying more than 100 based solely on its dividend and being a can’t lose stock.
  10. In an economic downturn, travel, tourism and entertainment are affected more severely than other areas of the economy. If you get laid off from work you are still going to buy groceries, but you are likely to cut out travel.
  11. Hardly. There are plenty of less expensive options. Day trips, camping, visiting family and friends. Cruises once you add in flights, drinks, shore excursion, etc is pretty pricey. My low cost option is a standing invitation from DW brother and his wife to visit their lake house. They won't take money from us, so our only cost is a half a tank of gas and groceries and beer.
  12. Carnival like all tourism business are hypersensitive to a recession. In a bad economy people are still buying what general mills sells...not necessarily what carnival sells.
  13. The upper tiers have less of a need for a deck chair. If you have a balcony a deck chair is less important than if you don’t.
  14. I don’t think technology is the issue. Potential backlash from customers who see this as the final straw of nickel and diming is the only thing preventing this.
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