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  1. Absolutely. However, it is a lot easier to research my local jeweler by checking BBB, friends, family etc.
  2. pleasantly surprised by the under 10 group. Not at all surprised that old folks who offen have other health issues are affected worse, but under 9 are usually much worse off than 10-59.
  3. A few problems with that theory. 1. As I just learned today, Chinese citizens aren’t allowed to be dual citizens. 2. If someone did have two passports one of which was from a country that was banned and one that was not, they would present the non-banned one. 3. If you have two passports you must present the same one on exit that you used to enter.
  4. Actually for a country like the USA it would be trivially easy. Whenever they leave or enter the USA there passport gets stamped. Entry stamp and no exit stamp (or exit stamp dated today when the passport control on the way to the ship 25 feet away) means they didn’t leave the country. Thus they didn’t go back to China.
  5. No first hand knowledge but my understanding is many but not all of the lines either offer a discount and/or OBC with OBC being more common. I would ask at this subforum what lines are best. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/534-military-cruisers/
  6. As I stated earlier. While not technically racism it falls in the umbrella of Xenophobia. And nationality is a protected class. It would be legal for a hotel to only rent rooms to US citizens but not non-citizens, but it would not be legal for a US hotel to rent rooms to people from Iceland but not visitors from UK.
  7. So, if someone has more than one passport and one of them is Chinese, that person could easily show the non-China one. So that is a really dumb argument. True, not all countries stamp passports. Someone with a Japanese passport would show no record of traveling to China. Yes, people do lie. But if you are Chinese we won’t take your word even with documented evidence that you didn’t travel there. With everyone else we believe them. So basically the policy is Chinese citizens are untrustworthy, everyone else is trustworthy. Textbook racism/Xenophobia.
  8. Unclear. I think there is a size-able number of people who want to get rid of self service buffets but keep staffed buffets. That group is not captured in this poorly worded question.
  9. It is duty free up to a limit. Not unlimited duty free.
  10. The ship (and other holding ares) are the only environments where people who feel fine take their temperature twice a day and get tested for a slightly elevated fever and recently started testing people without a fever. Elsewhere you need to be seriously sick. This suggest for every person confirmed to have the virus world wide there is a bunch more that never realize they had it, maybe with absolutely no symptoms or maybe thinking they had a bad cold. Bad news for containment. Good news for survival rates.
  11. Obviously the crew needed to do many functions. But in terms of labor required by crew, potential for disease spread and relative ease of shifting the burden land based....a huge improvement could have been made by rather than having ingredients delivered to the ship and meals prepared on board have meals prepared on land, sealed in plastic and delivered to the ship to be delivered by the crew to individual rooms. This would have reduced burden on the crew and reduced the chances of crew to passenger transmission. Maybe even reduced passenger to crew transmission.
  12. I would be interested in seeing if anyone did a study to determine if there is a correlation between self service buffet use on ships and norovirus outbreaks.
  13. Quit preparing meals onboard!!!! Having meals prepared by people who are potentially infected is the absolute worst way to handle a disease. Also switching to this would greatly free up crew time allowing them time to rest instead of work 18 hours+ per day.
  14. I can understand if there is a language barrier how self service is easier than asking. However, your mention of salad ingredients reminded me of one of one of the major problems of self-serve. I remember one time being behind a woman who picked out every tomato from a large bowl of mixed salad. She selfishly got her bowl of tomatoes, but it held up the line and nobody else got tomatoes. Another time I saw a girl reach to the back to get the pudding cup with the most whipped cream and in the process touched about a dozen other cups. No doubt the “pickers” are the ones who most like self-serve. But they ruin the buffet for all that come behind.
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