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  1. Dean

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    Are passengers responsible to obtain visas for their port visits or does Azamura handle this?
  2. Phil, Thank you for your comment. Gaz1 The beer offered by Azamara for $15.95/day does not include any American craft beer. The only American beers are from Sam Adams Coors light and Miller light. Theses are not considered a craft beer by serious beer drinkers . Fifteen years ago, Premium beers were considered European brewed. Today that has changed. Cruise ships and Airlines have not adapted to this new reality.. Hopefully, Azamara (and others) will realize that they are behind the curve and update their selections to include some American and other countries newer additions to the market place. It looks as if I will be limiting my drinking to Newcastle draft. Dean
  3. Dean

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    Do we obtain visa for all of the countries we will be visiting. In my case, it includes Singapore, Sri Lanka, India , Oman and Dubai
  4. Phil is probably referring to me as I am the one who owns a brewery. Please re-read my comments. I will be thankful for what is offered as it is included in the price of the cruise. I was only attempting to add a little humor to the post.
  5. Apparently I am not the only one who is disappointed about the beer available. Sircook is right. Budweiser is not a craft beer. Neither are Becks or Newcastle. From what I have read from other passengers, the wines are basically table wines. And for the liquor drinkers - no single malt. I am the founder of a small brewery in Los Angeles, so am used to drinking excellent brews. I can bring my own flask of single malt scotch, but it would be difficult to bring a case of my own beer. Seriously, I am thankful for the free stuff. At least the Newcastle is on draft. My wife and I are on the 11/12/19 cruise from Singapore to Dubai
  6. Dean

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    From what I read from past passengers, I will taking my showers in the steam room since the showers are so small in the cabins.
  7. Dean

    Azamara Cabins Thread

    I really appreciate the replies from Marinaro, Tom and Mackdogmolly. They were very helpful. I will stay where we are. This Board is really great. The opinions of past passengers helps upcoming passengers to make decisions. Thank you again.
  8. Dean

    Azamara Cabins Thread

    My wife and I booked 8090. From the comments it appears as if the motion and soot makes this stateroom one to avoid. should we consider changing to a standard with a smaller balcony hopefully midships aft if available? Our cruise is next November from Singapore to Dubai.
  9. Dean

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    I love steam rooms. Are they complimentary or do I need to "spa pass". We have a veranda room.
  10. MIke, Thank you for your prompt response. I recently sent a letter to the home office asking for a little more detail on the food served. We will be spending over $20,000 on two trips next year, so want to be sure there is no disappointment. Soups and side dishes are important as well. I will post their response (if they do). Dean
  11. I am allergic to sea food and the WEB seems to concentrate on shrimp, lobster, etc. How can I get sample menus for the meals?
  12. Dean

    Coral Princess Cabin HELP !!!

    I see there are seats on the aft deck. Our cabin (C201) is next to the forward deck. I understand there are no seats there. Any reason why? Dean
  13. Dean

    Coral Princess Cabin HELP !!!

    How much time should we anticipate to check in our luggage when we arrive in Whittier? We are arriving by train at 12:05 on September 10th and leaving again at 12:45 to continue our train ride to Spenser and Grandview before returning to Whittier at 06:05. Will we have time to check in our luggage between 12:05 and 12:45? We can complete the embarkation procedures when we arrive at 06:05. The personnel at Princess was unable to answer this question. Dean and Diane
  14. Dean

    Coral Princess Specialty Dining Question

    We are scheduled for a train ride on the day of embarkation(September 10th) which leaves Anchorage at 09:45 and arrives in Whittier at 6:05 pm. Your comment concerns me. Should we reconsider the long ride. We could get off in Whiter at 12:05 as opposed to extending our trip to see Spenser before returning to Whittier.
  15. Dean

    Excusion timing

    How long should one expect to be able to leave our ship after it arrives in port. For example we arrive in Ketchikan at 09:30 am. Can we make an appointment for an excursion (not offered by Princess) at 10:00? We have never sailed with Princess before, but the other cruise lines normally allow the passengers that signed up with them to depart first before they allow their other passengers to leave. If this is true with Princess, this makes it difficult to plan our excursions.