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  1. Sailings in September would be a miracle, and that's assuming things got better than projected. So far that's not the case. I think the year could be a wash.
  2. And would CruiseNext credits meet the same standard?
  3. There's no chance that cruise is happening. You won't see a single cruise ship leaving a US port until the nationwide trend in new COVID19 infections has been trending down for weeks, and we're not even close to the peak yet.
  4. Curious how you have any idea to what degree I am or am not "helping?" Someone asked about the situation in Florida, I pointed out the plain fact that horribly irresponsible and non-factual information from the very top that was contradictory to advice from public health officials contributed to many members of the public acting very foolishly. If accepting facts makes me miserable, then that's a label I'm proud to wear. That said, thank you for your post in a discussion you said you will not get into. Please have a blessed day.
  5. "Pretty much everything" - What a remarkably broad generalization to draw from posts entirely limited to the subject of isolated topics related to a single cruise line.
  6. Politics and the cruise industry we're all here because of our interest in are indelibly linked, my friend. It's nearly impossible to separate them when discussing this ongoing national crisis. I'd be critical of any president that ignored scientists and other public health professionals, regardless of party affiliation. So should any other American that cares about the safety and well being of our fellow citizens, and getting back to cruising as soon as is safely possible.
  7. I thought it was appalling. Those beaches should have been shut down 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately the public got a lot of misinformation from the very top levels of our government about how COVID19 is just a "hoax" and how it's really no worse than the flu.
  8. Because I'm an informed citizen that doesn't like seeing needless human suffering and economic destruction because of incompetent leadership? As to the bailout happening because the head of the executive branch said it would, I'm glad you trust something will happen because a pathological liar says it will happen. He said he'd release his tax returns, too.
  9. The national crisis, which so directly impacts the cruise industry we're all obviously interested in, is directly linked to people who sit in their positions of responsibility as a result of politics. As to my preferred cable news channel, I'm actually more of newspaper guy.
  10. A bailout of the cruise lines is not an indicator of the Executive Branch's competence. Things like availability of tests and critically needed medical supplies are - and this administration is failing miserably for that. The president says lots of things WILL happen that of course never do, like how the US only had 15 cases of COVID19 that would "soon be down to zero" and how this would just "disappear like a miracle" and how anyone who needs a test can get a test, and they're beautiful and perfect just like the transcript (yes he actually said that).
  11. Forgive me if facts and reality conflict with your desire to be joyful.
  12. Are you serious? Only an absolute fool would book a cruise right now. This crisis is going to worsen for months, and NCL is likely going bankrupt without a federal bailout. Your cruise is in September? A world where that cruise happens means the absolute best case scenarios for how this pandemic will unfold play out, or maybe things go better than best case scenarios. Given the Executive Branch's mind bogglingly incompetent, bungled, ego and politics focused response, I'd not bank on best case anything. Do not book a cruise right now, under any circumstances.
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