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  1. Thanks everyone. DD and I have enjoyed reading your ideas. We have looked at the Freedom Trail map and have a better understanding of the distances involved. Combined with your insights, we are better prepared. I have been to Boston for a weekend thirty + years ago but DD has never been there, so we have a long list of places to see and things to do in our 3 1/2 days before boarding the ship. We will use your recommendations with the maps to plan to bunch clusters of things to maximize efficiency. As several of you mentioned Uber and Lyft are also options, since the HoHo trolleys can be problematic on a holiday weekend.
  2. Anyone have a recommendation for sightseeing bus/trolley in Boston? My daughter and I are cruising on the Zuiderdam leaving Sep 3, so we are arriving for the Labor Day weekend. We are accustomed to walking 3 to 5 KM (2-3 miles) with minimal rest stops. But we would like to get an overview before walking to the more interesting sites. Also we are wondering if the Go Boston pass for multiple attractions in Boston is worth the cost.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes. We just returned from a Carnival cruise where 7 of us each brought a 12-pack of canned soft drinks, and the ones who drove to the port took home the remaining cans. If I decide not to buy the drinks package, even the soft drink package, on Holland-America -- the cruise from Boston to Quebec City -- can I bring on a 12-pack of my preferred soft drink? Unfortunately the FAQs don't address this. Thanks for the help.
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