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  1. in canada they are taken off as a debit tranaction. My bank verified with RCCL that i was not a hold and gave them the tranaction number. It was withdrawn from my account as a debit transaction
  2. We just got off the adventure of the Seas yesterday! Paid our cash account in full on Friday with our visa debit. Today they charged me again on my via debit for everything I had already paid for on the ship. It was not a hold but a debit transaction from my acccount. I did a three way conference call with my bank and rccl., the girl at rccl argued with my bank when they said it was already deducted from my account and it was not a hold. They said it will take up to 55 days to investigate before we have a chance of geting our money back. Canadian debit cards are differnt from American. It does not put a hold but rather takes it out immediately. the bank tod them the only way to fix it is to have rccl refund it. They refuse to do that. JUst a warning for other canadians!!
  3. where on the app do you find the text/chat option please. TIA
  4. Does anyone know the US cost of a drink package on board?. I am in Canada and it is 251 for the refreshment package.
  5. Does anyone know the cost on board to upgrade to a beverage package? My husband thinks he may want to. We already have the beverage package
  6. This is not a post to share a drink package. My husband wants a drink package but i do not drink. I know I can call and get the refreshment package for me but I wont get the value from it. I want to get the evian water package . coffe, If he bought his drink package himself on board would they still force me to get one since we are in the same room? Or would just he be able to get one without noticing I dont have one. I don't drink pop or coffee either
  7. I guess I should have been specific with my words LOL! Is there good snorkelling without having to do the excursion
  8. Is ther free snorkelling on the island or do you have to pay for an excursion
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