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  1. Schooners is located on Deck 5 above the Music Hall. I offer that as when there is entertainment in the music hall (we had a Bee Gees Tribute band) you can hear them. That being said, on our cruise, the Piano player's name was Albert. He was pretty good. Every night he performed, the bar was full. Service was positively comparable to other cruises. Hope this helps.
  2. Attached is one of our photos of the Glacier - This was taken as we were going out. In the distance you can see a small tour boat and a glacier. We made it to an area between that glacier and the tour boat. The Captain spun the ship 1,040 degrees. The 2nd photo is of a seal on the ice. We saw many seals and their pups doing this. A good pair of binoculars really helps.
  3. Uber: The walk is a long way from the ship. Uber drivers dropped us 6 times. We were only going into the city ($33.00) and we suspect they wanted the airport fare (2x that). Finally, after almost everyone had left, did we find an Uber driver looking for a fare. $12 into the city. Won't use Uber again at a port.
  4. Concur - Pixels is the only show that will take reservations. Even with a reservation, you need to get there early to get a good seat. We arrived 30 minutes early and the really good seats were already taken. Get there early, get a snack from the 270 cafe.
  5. Day 6 at 7:00 PM in 270. Free drinks, they had the Jazz Band Pulse. Actually quite good. The Cruise Director showed off the tech in 270. BUT... he had done the exact same show earlier in the day for everyone on the ship.
  6. Nights 2 and 6 - but almost no one was dressed formally. Saw a few coats and ties and nice dresses but other than that not much to speak of.
  7. For NorthStar there are reserved and non-reserved times. For a reservation, as soon as you get onboard (go early if you can) go to an iPad Kiosk. We used the ones on Deck 5. Endicott Arms and Dawes glacier is the best day, weather permitting. Try and get an early reservation - between 07:30 and 08:30. While at sea, the NorthStar is up and down only (great for a few minutes of whale watching). In port it does move left and right. If the wind speed is over 45 knots they will close it. Non-reserve times are posted in the Compass. Just show up and wait in the line.
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