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  1. Curious, as I have a cruise booked that leaves in 10 day... especially after tonights announcement of suspended travel to Europe... What would happen to the thousands of people who are on a ship if/when Trump suspends all cruise travel? Would all those people be denied re-entry?
  2. That is exactly what we did. Filled out the forms, printed them, brought birth certificates, copies, both mine and my ex's drivers licenses with copies, and checks. Took pictures on site. They didn't even question anything, just got it all put together and we were on our way. I definitely over thought it.
  3. I am on the birth certificate. But to get a minor a passport, BOTH parents have to prove they are the parents. My ex wifes legal last name is my last name, from when we were married. All her legal identification has that last name. That is NOT the same name that is listed on the kids birth certificates. They show her Maiden name. The issue I am having is, how does my ex wife prove that she is the same person who is listed on the BC, since the last name is different than what is on her drivers license. Make sense? I am not cruising till March 2020, so I have time to figure it out, just want to be on top of it so I am not rushing and paying fees to expedite at the last minute.
  4. Was hoping to get this done soon, so we are going to try this... My ex has her old teaching certificate from before we got married, which has her maiden name. It also has her SSN # on it. She has a newly issued SSN Card with new last name from after we got married. IMO, that establishes a connection, just a matter of if the government will accept that as proof. I also have the divorce papers, which includes her new last name, and also the names of the kids, yet another link showing she is their mom. So we will see if that is acceptable. If not, I guess we will have to go back after I order a copy of marriage cert online. This is way more complicated than I expected it to be.... Anyone out there who has had to go through this process of getting passports for minors and having to prove parantage when BC shows maiden name of the mother?
  5. Question about getting passports for my 2 kids... I am divorced. My ex still has my last name. My kids birth certificates list their Moms maiden name, not my last name. Is that going to be a problem? We are able to go in together to get the passports and all, but as for the part about proving we are the parents, is it going to be a problem that all her identification lists a different last name than what is listed on the kids birth certificates? We have been divorced for a while, old marriage certificate is long gone... I just dont want to show up at the post office to get all this done, only to be turned away cause we dont have right documentation. This is for my 2 kids, age 15 and 11. We plan to travel more often, so I want to get passports, please don't reply telling me I can show up with just birth certificates, I want to get actual passports for my kids.
  6. I cruised once, on Princess about 15 years ago. Havn't been since. Just booked spring break cruise for me and my 2 teenage kids on the Vista. Couple questions.. 1. Going to buy drink packages, is there any benefit to buying now or waiting? Do they offer sales periodically? same question for internet package. 2. FTTF says sold out. Any chance if I keep checking that it will become available? Or does it really sell out that early? 3. It says online checkin available on Dec 22 already, am I more likely to get time slot I want if I get online immediately that day? Ideally, I want to get to the port early and be on the boat as early as possible so I can get settled in. I dislike lines.... any advice anyone has on best way to streamline boarding the ship would be appreciated. 4. Is the social wifi package usable? My kids want to be able to post picture on instagram and facebook and what not. 5. It says that drink package (adult version) wont start until day 2 when sailing from galveston, can I still buy drinks outside of the package on day 1?
  7. thanks for all the replies. I am sailing on Carnival in March out of Galveston, visiting Cozumel, ocho rios, grand cayman. I am getting a passport for my kids regardless, just seems easier than carrying around birth certificates, especially since we want to start traveling more beyond just this cruise. The passport part is not what I am concerned about. As for being single parent, I will get my ex to sign something, and also bring copies of divorce settlement, just in case. I suppose I will also just call Carnival and ask them, as I am guessing they have had guests encounter such issues in the past.
  8. I am a single dad, who will be cruising with my kids (11, 15) in March 2020, our first cruise. I know I need passports for them, but have heard that single parents traveling with kids may need additional paperwork? My kids live with me full time, and I am the Custodial parent, if that helps. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks for all the updates. Sounds like they just do put families together anyway, so I will trust the system. I know myself and my kids, im guessing we end up in the MDR maybe a couple times for breakfast, and a couple for dinner, but thats probably it. We are much more likely to choose quicker options and eat on the go. But you never know, we will see. It's our first cruise, so will be a learning experience.
  10. Just curious, as I am in the process of working on booking first cruise... As I am traveling with my teenage kids, is there any sort of option to request to be seated at a table with other families with kids, ideally in the same age range? Or is it completely random and you get what you get? Do people with kids find that the early or late slot works better? or the any time dining option?
  11. About to book a spring break cruise for myself and my kids, was planning to book on the Vista. With the issues it's been having, should I be worried about March 2020? They should have it all worked out by then? Anyone see a reason to be concerned?
  12. I went on one cruise, 18 years ago, when I was married. Happily divorced now, and looking to take myself and my 2 kids (11 year old boy, 16 year old girl) on a cruise for Spring Break 2020. I have been researching cruise lines, ships, and to be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed as to the options. I am not looking for the cheapest cruise, but not looking to break the bank. Of what I am looking at, a 7 night on royals oasis ships, price wise, is doable, if that helps people understand my budget. So, the question is... what line, what ship, do people suggest. Waterslides are a must, my kids love the water, and basically all the activities on all the larger ships look great, there is nothing they would be afraid of or not do. For those to travel with teens/tweens frequently, what ships have you had a good time on. I want my kids to have a blast, and as single dad, I want to have a good time to. A large amount of time will be spent with my kids, but not opposed to hearing what ships are better for mingling, meeting people to have drinks with, etc. Also, a big thing to note, myself and my kids are big on "go go go". Odds are we might eat in the dining room ones or twice, but we likely will opt for faster options to get in more fun time. Looking for opinions on which ships have better quick counter service options, ideal poolside options if available. I'd rather grab a slice or a burger pool side than spend 2 hours in a dining room with a fancy menu. We love good food, but not at the expense of fun time. Ive been looking at the Oasis class RC ships, also some of the other ones that have been recently updated, as well as some of the larger Norwegian ships, also not opposed to a Carnival cruise. I was looking at Vista reviews, but I hear that ships been having problems. Also, we'd be sailing out of one of the gulf of mexico area ports, so, Galveston, NO, or somewhere in florida. Thanks in advance for any advice. *edit*: also forgot to ask, is the alcohol drink package worth the price if I would expect to consume 5ish drink per day? What is the price per beer or mixed drink typically without said package?
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