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  1. Good to know, thank you. We're going in October this year, so for my purposes, it will be Canyon Ranch. For future reference - what does Explorer have in their spa facilities? Or maybe I should wait and see after they get a new spa vendor. I love a good day hanging out in a great spa. Was hoping for a great experience on our day at sea this coming trip, but maybe I'll adjust my expectations for a relaxing morning instead. 😉
  2. Great, thanks. I booked myself a massage, but I wanted to make sure my husband can use the spa as well while I am having my service done.
  3. So I saw on one recent thread that the spa services themselves may or may not be worth the price. However, I'm wondering if there's anything extra in their facilities that might be nice to experience: do they have a sauna, steam room, salt cave, etc. as some other spas do? If so, does one need to book a spa service in order to use them? We'll be on the Voyager, so I am looking for insight about that ship specifically, but feel free to talk about your experience on other Regent ships as well. Thanks!
  4. So, this is all very useful information for future reference when my husband and I choose to book another cruise with a TA of our choosing (I'll be sure to do a bit of research then). But for my purposes with our current booking -- is there anything that I should be cognizant of that maybe the TA isn't letting us know? We're in a Voyager Suite and we've made our dinner reservations, I've booked excursions at each port (mostly the included ones, two Regent Choice excursions), we have our 1st night hotel (no land package or tour set up -- this is something maybe I should address), I filled out our butler request form, and we're awaiting our flight assignments (in a little less than 2 weeks now). Anything I am missing or is there anything else a TA would put into place for us? I personally don't mind doing a bit of the leg work in making a great vacation (I actually really enjoy vacation planning), but I just want to make sure I'm getting full use out of our gift. Sorry if these seem like tedious questions, first timer on a luxury cruise and I was much younger the last time I did any other kind of cruise.
  5. Our situation might be different -- my grandmother booked us a cruise and used her usual TA who she has used throughout the years. It's my understanding that this would have been my grandmother's first time on Regent as well (she used to do more Tauch Tours and Silversea, so it's possible Regent is a new company for her TA). I'm frankly happy to be going at all!
  6. Oh! That makes sense, thank you. We are on Voyager. 🤦‍♀️ I didn’t notice whether the website made that distinction. I’m sure he’ll find something to do!
  7. Does anyone know how signing up for the culinary classes works? I asked my TA because my husband would be interested in doing this on our day at sea (short cruise, only one day at sea). She seemed to suggest that the only thing on our cruise that would be available is "napkin folding." Not sure if she was being flippant or if that really is the only class offered. 🙃 Is this something we sign up for on board or will we be able to see & register classes offered beforehand? Thanks!
  8. Very interesting! I am glad my error led to new information for myself and others!
  9. Thank you! Yes, I meant non-stop. I have been trying to avoid inundating the TA with questions since it's my grandmother's contact, but I guess it's to be expected since my husband and I are the ones traveling. I will reach out to her to see what she says. Considering the overall cost, the $175pp seems negligible if it means a better travel experience.
  10. Hi Everyone, My grandmother kindly gifted my husband and I a cruise on Regent this coming October and this will be our first Regent cruise. Our 90 day mark is coming up and I am excitedly anticipating finding out our flight details. I am a nervous flyer (not afraid of flying, but anxious about missed connections and other details like that). We'll be flying out of NY to Rome. I'm now learning about deviations and I think ensuring a nonstop is out of my hands at this point. I'm also really excited to learn what airline we'll be on, but I think I have that narrowed down based on the available flights on our flight departure day. What are the chances this will be a direct flight? Or is it really a gamble based on the contracts and deals they work out behind the scenes? If there is a stop or two in the US, will those flights be in business or economy? What about connections in Europe? Thank you!
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