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  1. I'd go to Paradise Beach. It's not exactly spectacular snorkeling but at least you can walk in from the beach. We saw a barracuda, starfish, and tons of fish especially under the pier.
  2. We were going to Star Drug but ended up next door at Lolo Kai for wraps. Really good!
  3. I’m on the ship now, stealing the WiFi from my husband while he naps. I’m not a super experienced cruiser but have been on a few. I think if you are open minded then it will be fine. I agree that the dining room food is just ok. I know it was mentioned but I was surprised to see that much of the food is literally the same as in the buffet, albeit with better presentation and better bread. It’s fine. It’s free dinner. But yes, the backup near the elevator is real. And for those that have read about Buttergate at the buffet, it’s real too. Even my 13 year old son was grossed out by the crock of butter at the buffet and skipped it. We aren’t really group activity people so have spent most of the time finding a quiet spot to read or have a drink while my son roams the ship with his new friends. The $5 chat feature on the HUB app is so worth it. We can check in with him and he can find his buddies too. The only place I’ve not had signal is on the Serenity Deck. Blue Iguana pork tacos are the best. I wish the casino did a better job keeping smokers off the non-smoking machines. And keeping them more separated. That’s just me. Steward and assistant are super friendly. So far it’s been about what we expected. Not amazing, not terrible. Our son is having a great time and that’s most important to us.
  4. I definitely agree with setting expectations. Glad mine are already low so that I won’t be disappointed and hopefully I’ll be happily surprised. Hope tonight’s dinner exceeds your expectations!
  5. but I'm just looking for an average restaurant for lunch before we get on the ship. 😁 We have a 1-1:30 boarding time but will (hopefully) arrive in Galveston early as we've allowed plenty of time for traffic. We are parking at Falstaff Parking and would like to stop somewhere before we get to the garage. I haven't been in a while, but I seem to remember a bunch of fast food places which I would like to avoid. Just hoping to grab a sandwich or tacos or something quick and easy that's open on a Monday. Driving from Austin if that makes a difference but I don't think it does. Suggestions?
  6. I'm going on this ship on Monday, and like you, it's been about 5 years since we cruised so this is all super helpful. Thanks for posting!
  7. I'm sure this info is available somewhere but I can't find it. If I schedule a massage, do I have access to the thermal suite/pool on the Dream?
  8. They look like so much fun! I love it!
  9. Well for anyone that wants a legitimate workaround, Vionic calls their flip flops Toe Post Sandals. Super comfy by the way.
  10. I happened to come across the dress code while looking for something else, or I never would have seen it and would have been on the ship with only flip flops and sneakers as I have done my previous 2 cruises, packing only flip flops for Mexico or the Bahamas. Hence my question, because it never occurred to me that flip flops were unacceptable as it's all I have ever worn on a ship. Now I understand that I should wear my running shoes with my dress and I will be in line with dining room rules. Adding Just saying at the end of a comment doesn't make it any more helpful. Just saying.
  11. I never expected this to garner so much attention. Carnival's rules aside, I'm trying to figure out if this is geographical or generational or something else. I am in my 40's and belong to a country club with a fairly strict dress code, and I'm guessing that at least half the women wear dressier flip flops for regular evenings out.
  12. It's a little crazy. By the way the rules are written, I could wear water shoes or my son's athletic slides. I feel like maybe everyone doesn't define flip flops the same way. Thanks for the replies. I promise we won't be in baseball hats or ripped jeans (or athletic slides) but I might be wearing my Clark's leather flip flops that are much more comfortable than the sandals posted!
  13. Shoot, I didn't mean to be controversial in my first post!
  14. Is this actually enforced? I live in my flip flops and would really love to not have to pack separate shoes just to wear to dinner.
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