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  1. I promised myself I wouldn't come back into this chat as, so far, I have failed to find the remaining 7+ cruises effected by this incident but I really don't understand how unsupportive so many people are. I can only assume they don't travel at all. Our group number is not what we hoped for but we are not alone at least. This is meant to be a community to help and guide each other as "cruisers" not take company stances, laugh at others problems and losses and wag fingers at each other about the law and hidden micro terms in tiny wordings of avoidance by multi million dollar businesses keen to take every penny we earn. Many people on cruises are first timers and in many cases blowing their life savings as old folk to enjoy one last hurrah before being incapable to travel or death. How would you oldest family members cope with this ? Is my experience what you wish to happen to first and last timers ? We all book holidays massively in advance and spend a year plus filled with excitement and complete trust in the company we have handed vast amounts of money to for them to look after us and return the promised dream holiday we thought we were buying. Most people do what they are told and have no idea how to react or have the will to fight back if things go wrong so companies just sweep this under the carpet and prey for no bad media. God forgive they cant take money from the naïve and old ladies widows pensions anymore, when it is so easy for them to do so without consequence or duty of care! Yes you are correct the guy in the high viz jacket wearing the NCL logo shirt has a dozen Celebrity, RC, Carnival and etc others but this is not the illusion that the man/women in the street is buying into. Even the most cynical "educated" traveller with a business or law degree buys into the dream (until it happens to them) so where do we draw the line? In my case I am arguing with NCL that they keep telling me I will be paid for my loss (and was even told that it would happen before I left the ship 12 weeks ago !!) but nothing has happened and now they want me to go to THEIR sub contractor so they can walk away and close their file. This wont work as the subcontractor has no written contact with me and they do not have to speak to me. They are welcome to travel to mine and we can all model our shrunken, stinking clothes for them ! I have no interest in bringing companies down or seek unwarranted profit from a loss. I actually have never made and insurance claim in my life as I see most situations as simply not worthy and not the way to handle myself! No disrespect but I am not American so don't go running to lawyers every time someone spills a coffee on my lap etc, which is of course the worlds view of American culture. Rightly or falsely. Ultimately our luggage was dropped in sewage port water and heavily damaged/destroyed at the very start of the biggest family holiday we have ever saved for and so far NCL have offered me a discount on another holiday which of course we cant just snap up within the 12 month deadline ?. Not everyone is a high roller. Vouchers for a 10-15% discount off with a company you don't trust is not compensation, Its just a way to take more money with a "better luck next time sucker" attitude You can argue liability, law and rules of travel until your mouths run dry but there are so few documented stories of this type the point is that the cruise company probably wont give a toss if it happens to you and actually view this as a way to take more money from you. All insurance will likely fail unless you never throw away a receipt again. Is this what the moral is ? Don't book a vacation until you have gone through the terms and conditions with an expensive lawyer, asked everyone you know for guidance and then should you commit never leave your possessions unattended as nobody is liable apart from the customer for being fooled into trusting paid professionals ? Utmost good faith ? No it is not possible to take cases on "unless pre arranged". I checked. Love to see them handle us all doing this on mass next time through pure lack of trust. If I book into a hotel andthe wine in their restaurant makes us ill does the hotel walk away and make me go after the chef, the wine waiter, the sommelier, the vineyard, the farmers, the guy that provided the fertiliser, the guy that owns the farm next door ? No, Its all part of the group experience and the Hotel, being the biggest partner, takes responsibility for the experience as it was under their care and custody. They may then sack or sue the chef, supplier or vineyard but what business of mine is that as I have no direct relationship with them ? If they do nothing their reputation fails, sales drop, the company get poor reviews and customers try elsewhere. How many people were rushing to book onto the NCL Pearl after the dry dock closure this summer. Passengers had arrived and were not even given enough to get home in many circumstance plus in some cases just 50% refund on the cruise, according to our press. On a very different level, did you book with Costa just after the tragic loss of the Concordia or did you doubt the companies overall policy and controls ? Reputation is everything. No doubt the usual unsupportive loners will jump on this text again but I hope at least some good comes of this chain of discussion to warn holidaymakers what may lie ahead. If just half a dozen people have not booked with NCL now then this is where their decision on customer service has let them and their shareholders down. Not the customer asking for answers.
  2. Thank you. Like you we have had more than a little dramatic 12 months. This is the icing on the cake.
  3. When I say electronics I am not talking about demining equipment or toys but hair straighteners, Electric razors, multiple chargers, travel plugs camera chargers and spare batteries etc. Am I supposed to get a travelling rucksack to walk around with when boarding ? lol As I said the clothes weren't just cleaned they were clearly boiled and tumble dried, which is why we think this was a full disinfecting process. Even swimming shorts were destroyed. Yes they are capable of being in the sea, No they do not like tumble drying After 3 or 4 home washes at home no fabric softener can remove the strange chemical smell form the clothes. It smells like a combination of stale water and a sort of burning odour. We are certainly not in the position we should be which is simply to take our clothes home in the same condition they were given.
  4. Liability, if any, for loss or damage to baggage occurring elsewhere than on board the vessel in connection with air, car, motor coach, ground transfers, porters, stevedores and/or hotels shall rest solely with the person or entity providing such services and the Guest agrees that the Carrier does not guarantee the performance of such services and shall not be liable in any respect or capacity for any such loss or damage" Yes I read this but the fact remains I do not have a contract with the stevedores, NCL do so they have the responsibility to follow this up on their customers behalf
  5. Many thanks for your input smplybcuase I am aware of this and ironically this has just added to the negative PR they deserve and that I warned them about if I went public with this case and that of Insurers hidden terms and conditions. The general public pay thousands to cruise and airlines who sub contract handling of luggage to incompetent sources and walk away from customers in the even of a loss. NCL actually tried to hide what had happened from us which makes this worse. Travel Insurers boast that you have accidental damage for many thousands of limit The small print demands that you never throw away receipts so keep those receipts for your lucky socks close to hand. Compensation. Have a pathetic discount off your next exciting holiday with a bunch of incompetent clowns that dont care about your well being. You are not allowed to bring main luggage aboard yourself as it blocks passageways so you are at the mercy of their chosen handlers. I would challenge the above wording "property lawfully brought on board by the Guest" as I did not bring this aboard Time will tell and I will get myself a smart new haircut for so the media get my best look. ha ha
  6. A warning on travel insurance as well Unless you have receipts for every single thing you own this is often limited to approx. USD 200 per head for miscellaneous damaged items. What sort of person has receipts for the 400+ items in 4 suitcases on the off chance they fall into the sea and are then recovered. Everybody has recent receipts but not for everything they own
  7. However my contract is with NCL and theirs is onwardly with the stevedores I have no legal contract or insurance with the stevedores so this is for NCL to address. Furthermore NCL have shown complete lack of care custody and control of a customers possessions or customer well being.
  8. Hi there, I'm reaching out to find the other passengers effected by the negligence of NCL and the stevedores in Rome on 28 July 2019. The Pearl was leaving Rome for an 11 day cruise to end in Barcelona when a call went out that "somehow" certain passengers luggage fell into the sea. There were 14 cases involved and I was the lucky guy who lost his entire families luggage to the sea (4 cases), 1 of which sunk under the ship. I have tracked down 1 other passenger who lost a case but there could well be another 9 passengers out there who were effected. I have had nothing but excuses and delay from NCL and onward Insurers and would like to exchange notes before I decide whether to take this to the ever hungry world press or seek legal recourse. Suitcases look so nice after they have swum under the ship !
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