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  1. Have a great time, take a couple of books to entertain yourself with during alone time. I am in the same position - I have far more leave than my SO, and I have found cruising is definitely a very easy (and safe) solo travel options
  2. Im late 30s and solo travel (including cruises regularly). For cruises most solo's I have met have been 30s-40s but that is no doubt due to the cruiselines I choose, ship areas I gravitate to and shore activities I do.
  3. When I saw my GP in November to check my vaccinations were up to date for December travel, she said the current recommendation was to check measles antibody levels (and get boosters if needed) for almost all international travel due to expected measles outbreaks over the next few months
  4. Alternatively, Id argue the real issue is that given they are home ported in Australia, shouldnt they be subject to Australian industrial relations laws and actually pay a decent minimum wage to staff.
  5. Unlikely, I have had this issue a few times on the P&O site.
  6. Great thank you, especially relieved about the shower.
  7. Oh great thank you, first time with RCCL so wasnt sure if they were comparable. Definitely looks cozy, but at only $100 for the 'single supplement' on a 9 day cruise I think I will give it a go but keep my expectations low
  8. Hi I have just booked a studio interior on Quantum of the Seas and wondering if anyone has any feedback or pictures of the studio interiors for this ship? I have done quite a few internet searchers but I am not finding anything for quantum specifically. Thanks in advance 🙂
  9. Just booked my first solo cruise, which will be interesting, hopefully in a good way 😐 (Pacific Islands with Carnival, from Sydney in October) . Any pointers?
  10. https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/complaints-problems/write-a-complaint-letter/complaint-letter-tool Also, thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. Sounds like a no-show is a good option (as well as princess if I decide to spend the extra money).
  11. Hi everyone, I cant seem to get a clear answer on this matter for the three cruiselines in my price range (i.e., P&O, RCCL and carnival) so I thought the community here might have tips. Are you better off booking based on 2 people in the cabin and changing the booking to a 1 person cabin if the person cannot make it closer to the time; or booking based on 1 person in the cabin and adding a person closer to the time when they confirm they can definitely make it? The context of this is that I had incorrectly assumed that since booking for 1 person is the same price as 2 people, that it would just be a standard processing fee (like $50 name change) if the second person could no longer attend but the cabin had been paid in full with a recent P&O cruise. I was informed by the first 7 people at P&O I talked to that their policy was that they would cancel the 2 person booking and I would pay the pp price difference between the 1 and 2 person cabin, and that there would be no refund on the previous booking for the canceled person as it was outside the refund time (essentially meaning I would have paid the full price for 2 people, and then half that price again). The fee ended up being waived once I sent an email using an ACCC complaint template, but I figure there must be a better process than this as surely when someone in the cabin gets sick, misses their flight, has a work emergency etc, the people who are at the terminal before the ship leaves arnt stuck with additional costs for a fully paid cabin if the booking is made in their name. Does anyone have any experience and advice on this? Thanks
  12. If I am having a lengthy conversation with someone from another country I always am interested in their take on current political topics in their country as someone on the ground as opposed to an outsider looking in. Same goes for religion, if I meet someone from another culture who practices a religion I dont know a lot about I will ask them about it (the discussions are never about whether it is the 'one true religion' or not, its about understanding the belief systems and practices of that religion. My guess is its a generational thing. While my parents always discuss politics and religion, I know this is a no go topic for a lot of their friends, and colleagues I have in that age group. I am mid 30s and most people my age seem to readily discuss politics, and religion if they themselves are not religious.
  13. We are pretty informal, just treat everyone with respect and politeness regardless of their job, appearance, gender or ethnicity, use please and thank you, and a simple hi/hello/hey at the start of any conversation is more than acceptable. Probably be aware that if any conversations turn political - Australians in general seem to have pretty opposing views to Americans on guns, Trump etc, so you might be in for a friendly debate depending on where you sit. It is correct we don't tip, our minimum wage is a lot higher than many countries and it is not part of our culture. That being said, if the service is good, I always round up when paying cash in a taxi (e.g. $17 fare and I give a $20) and if there is a tip jar in a cafe, bar or restaurant I will put my coin based change for the order in (or if I am part of a group I feel has been unnecessarily taxing/ difficult I will put a bit more in). I have only been on one cruise, but tipped our room steward and will in the future assuming the service is great. Have a great time !
  14. I second that you should be able to get a taxi/ uber far cheaper than that. Alternatively, if it was me, I would catch the train from circular quay station (right near where you are staying) to central station and book one of the cruise company's coach transfers, these were $15pp on with P&O in June and drop you right at the door (although if there is a few of you taxi/uber would be similar price).
  15. Hi, For anyone who has cruised with Holland America with departures in Australia, what was the general age distribution on the cruises you were on? (I can only find information for the overall line, and I can see from the ships onboard activities and shore tours in AU compared with USA for example that the AU cruises are likely aiming at an older clientele in comparison). Thanks 🙂
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