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  1. You understood me perfectly! We will see how it goes with MSC fingers crossed!
  2. By the way these prices are for two adults and two kids..the royal suite is about 10k
  3. ? It's some of my conversation is coming up funny is because I'm talking to the car
  4. Norwegian Haven is much more expensive and that is why I am trying and I see they did not have what I wanted I ended up with the room I want it but not the service I wanted because it doesn't come with it but on our region two-bedroom Taven room like what I'm having over here at annecy without the service it's close to 15,000
  5. And by the way and this I can talk about because I've experienced it many times are Norwegian Haven it's the top-of-the-line Suites at top of the line service top-of-the-line everything no comparison
  6. I never said aurea was equivalent to YC nut ths room we got which is more expensive than a regular sweet is equivalent to a royal suite and that is the point I wanted to make regardless you are not correct because in any of the suite rooms or whatever you get you can upgrade your mini beverage package and have mini bar I never said Haven was equivalent to all area or Yacht Club for that matter for when you have a two-bedroom Suite like the one I have separated which is not your normal area then it should come with Yacht Club
  7. All I had to do was upgrade our beveraage package and we now have full mini bar service.
  8. I find Petty because I'm in a duplex which is a two bedroom suite! I am a Norwegian Haven frequent Traveler so I find it a little strange how MSC sorts out its cabins...
  9. I read the following message on this thread Also, with the beverage package that comes with the Aurea experience, we could order as many sodas and bottled waters as we wanted throughout the ship, but if I grabbed the same exact times from the fridge in the room, we’d get charged. I found this to be petty. So I started carrying a backpack with me around the ship which I would fill with soda cans and bottles of water from various bars, and then I’d bring them back to our room. * it concerned me but I believe once you upgrade to Premium they service the bar!
  10. Perfect that sounds easy enough.. I will definitely upgrade to Premium now for sure!
  11. Hi .. I was also looking for info on this cabin. How was it? We are on it Sept 2020! Thanks!
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I do think it is petty that they do not include the same things that they do outside the cabin inside.. Strange.. WE are Norwegian Haven spoiled so Im a little scared of making the change however the diff in price was over 4k.. thats almost a vacation in MX.. I would do what your wife did without hesitating bc Im that kind of gal LOL. But can I do the same with Pizza and bring it back to our room? I enjoy the walking around and view it as extra exercise. I much rather have a butler set our table but like I said the diff was a lot for a room that is not that much different so I thought of taking advantage of that this time around.. A haven 2 bedroom is close to 13K for a week and that is just insane. We like to live nicely but not throw away money either. I also think that the kids would not enjoy such things as a cabana in the pool area or very quiet places.. Ahhh decisions decisions.. Just the fact that it is the only other cabin avail makes me think it has our name on it. THe perk at Ocean Cay are very nice for YC also.. I wonder what they are like for Aurea..I know you havent been bc it just opened so I guess we will soon find out. Thanking you ♥
  13. Hello WE are having the same issue.. Im so confused though. WE booked the duplex bc of the space and price (the YC cabin was almost the same price) however there is a Royal SUite on the March sailing for a little under 10K not only is it a hefty price but I do not think we will take full advantage of the perks bc we have 2 kids.. (ages 10 and 11) however they are always with us! The one thing I am perplexed with is the room service. ONe of our kids is special needs and I might have to eat in sometimes.. I have seen the room service menu and there is no hot food in Aurea.. ANything you can advice me?
  14. We also homeschool so take off to Europe every Sept !
  15. Thank youf or the reply. One of our kids is high functioning Autistic however they are our younger children and are very mature. We do not use the kids club for that reason. We are also spending 2 weeks in Greece so not really care too much about the tours when on the ship.
  16. Can you recommend one that does cruises in just Greece?
  17. Hello We are booked on Stateroom 9009 for Sept 2020.. Its suppose to be an Aurea Suite. Has anyone had this particular room? Im hoping we have xtra space as we travel with a child with autism and he will need a place to decompress from time to time. Also how is the room service? Sometimes he cannot venture out after a long day to have dinner.. Thanking you in advance Martha
  18. What are the best cruises in Greece? We are looking for 7 to 10 days to get around the islands with 2 kids ages 10 and 11. I was looking at Norwegian and MSC but they are so limited... Thank you
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