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  1. I think it was the same as MDR hours for breakfast but I can't recall specifically.
  2. I was on Brilliance and it was pretty rough heading back to Tampa. The barf bags were out and my H felt pretty bad. The upper deck was closed the whole sea day.
  3. I chronicled our cruise with our 2 and 4 year old boys if you are interested in reading about it.
  4. We brought a puddle jumper but our 4 year old mostly preferred the shallow kids pool so we could have left it at home. But if you think you need it for port activites I would bring it. ETA: we were on Brilliance
  5. It was a nice aquarium and they will store your bags. It was fairly crowded and somewhat expensive. The exhibits were great. They had a wetlands exhibit with birds and gators and turtles as well as the big tank with sharks and tons of cool fish. They had a touch tank for jellyfish anemones and stingrays. If you have more time you can leave your bags there for a bit and take the trolley around the area as well. It is really convenient and enjoyable to kill time waiting for a later flight.
  6. Final thoughts: For our group, a family reunion cruise worked out really well. We were able to spend some time with our families but also have time to ourselves both as a family and as a couple. Having the nursery was really nice and made a difference in our enjoyment. When the weather was nice there was plenty for young kids to do but it got thin when the weather was bad. We also felt a 5 day cruise was a good length for our group. any questions I will try to answer but don't ask me for cruse compasses because I don't have them. Cheers and happy cruising.
  7. Debarkation and Florida Aquarium: Out flight home was at 4 so we had time to kill. We got up just in time to head to Chops before they closed breakfast at 8. After eating the kids ran around Colony Club. It was a good place for that. Lots of space to run around and a good view of the forklift and the pool tables. Since the aquarium doesn't open til 9:30 we stayed there til they said "everybody off" We headed off the ship, grabbed a porter who took us all the way to the front of the aquarium. At that point it was 10 minutes til they open. The kids liked the fish and really enjoyed the playground in back. We ate there and the chicken fingers were surprisingly good. From there we grabbed an Uber XL and headed to the airport to get home.
  8. Chef's table was great. There were 10 people there and we enjoyed talking to them. The food was fantastic and the wine was enjoyable (though nothing out of this world) and it paired well together. I enjoyed every course and finished everything but the dessert. We had: Scallops carpaccio Tomato soup Lobster salad Roasted branzino Filet mignon "The world" dessert (chocolate shell with ice cream inside and a caramel sauce poured on top) We met up with my sister in Schooner bar for a bit before picking up the kids and heading to bed.
  9. Day 5: Sea day We woke up th the boat rocking and rolling pretty good. It had been storming since we left Cozumel. Both kids slept in. DH wanted to go to the fitness center so I ordered room service breakfast. It is a really useful suite perk if you have young kids. DH came back 20 minutes later looking really green. So he was pretty sick most of the day. Deck 12 which includes mini golf and the kids pool was closed due to weather. With those favorite being closed we spent a good amount of time inside on their tablets. It was nice having a bigger room. I took the 4 year old the the egg drop and he was mildly interested. By the evening the weather had calmed significantly and Dh was feeling better so we went to Chef's Table which I had prebooked. It started at 6:30 and AO didn't open until 7 so he went to eat with my dad in the WJ. They had the chocolate buffet with the chocolate fountain which he loved.
  10. Day 4 Cozumel: My inlaws stayed on the ship and watched the kids and my parents, siblings, my DH and I went on a scuba trip. We did a private trip with Scuba with Alison. It was really great. We did discovery scuba since only my mom and i are certified. a few chose to snorkel. It was a 2 tank dive and some of then stayed on shore while dh and I went back to relieve my inlaws. We met them at WJ to eat and them did mini golf for a bit. It was starting to get stormy at this point. So we went to the room and the kids took a bath. Then we went to check out the Concierge lounge. The kids liked the snacks and we had a glass of wine and picked up some bottled water. We were glad we had some $1 bills. The kids were having a hard time sitting so we grabbed another glass of wine to go. We went back to WJ for dinner. It was Mexican night and the food was just ok. I live in Texas so we have good Mexican food around. We took the kids to AO and nursery after that. The little one was happy to go but the big one fussed for a bit. Apparently he was ok after about 5 minutes. They give you a ship phone for the nursery but I didn't realize til the end of the night it was dead and needed charging. DH and I hung with the adults for a few hours and picked then up a little after 10. Both were still awake but exhausted. Side Note: there were at least 7 ships in port and it looked like the Norwegian Escape had to tender.
  11. I have 2 kids who are 2 and 4 and I would not want all of us in that size room. My youngest needs a nap and having a separate area is key for us. As for car seats I would get 2 ride safe travel vests or whizrider vests.
  12. I think it was day 2 morning that I took the boys to the sports court early in the morning. There was a half court basketball and 2 small soccer goals. They had fun running around throwing balls and there were no big kids there yet. I highly recommend.
  13. Day 3: Sea day. Once again it was wonderful weather. It was warm enough to swim comfortably. We had breakfast in Chops and played mini golf. Both kids enjoyed that. I did the rock wall which was fun. I was able to climb the most difficult section so If you are an avid rock climber it will be too easy. Then big kid and I went to the water slide/kids pool. At WJ at lunch I had a delicious vegetarian curry. It was one of the best things I ate all cruise. Since we were celebrating the little kid's birthday we all ate in the MDR together but the birthday boy crashed out before dessert. I had the beef carpaccio and the seafood linguine. I found both disappointing. The duck was much better. My sister is vegetarian and had the spaghetti bolognese off the vegan menu and I tried it and it was pretty good. DH took the little one to sleep and the rest of us including the 4 year old went to the Colony club for karaoke. The song selection was ok but missing several songs I wanted to sing. I had a tasty margarita and the bartender gave me a mocktail for the 4 year old.
  14. Day 2: Key West. This was the little one's actual birthday though we planned to celebrate on the sea day. The weather was gorgeous. We booked the hop on hop off trolley. Dh wanted to see the Hemmingway house so we planned to stop there and then go the the butterfly museum. The kids loved the cats as well as the roosters running around town but the 4 year old had a meltdown so we grabbed a quick lunch and then went back to the ship. We got back and my dad watched them while DH and I got a couples massage. It was wonderful. It was annoying when they pressure you to buy the oils and stuff afterwards but didn't take too much time. We took the kids for a quick dinner in the WJ then my Mom watched them while we went to dinner in the MDR. I had the pork chilli tacos (delicious) and the lamb (good) and cherries jubilee (I enjoyed it). We finished eating at 9:20 and I realized I missed the beginning of the production show so we went to relieve my mom. She had actually dropped off the big one at Adventure ocean and he seemed to be having fun playing catch when we got there.
  15. I forgot that after muster while the little was napping I took the 4 year old to the water slide. He loved it. It was quite cool for water activities (upper 60s) but the water was pretty warm. Under 46" tall kids have to ride with an adult so I had to slide with him. It was fun but I was a bit cold. The kids pool is there as well and is 2 feet deep in the center. The slide was open 3:30 to 6:30 on day 1 and port days, noon to 4 on sea days.
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