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  1. This is helpful. My youngest will have his 2nd birthday on the ship in January and we are traveling with extended family so I want to have a little birthday party. Glad to hear that I can get some help from the concierge for that.
  2. I agree that it is probably not a money maker but definitely attracts parents to the line. The drop off nursery is the major reason we booked a royal cruise instead of NCL for January.
  3. Hmm, that is interesting to know. We are on Brilliance in January and there are 8 ships in Cozumel. Is there a way to know where we will dock?
  4. Definitely price it out because I think 2 cabins is usually cheaper that a suite. I would say that the pros of a suite are a nicer room with suite perks and the pros of 2 rooms is more privacy. For our family we decided on the suite vs 2 connecting cabins but our kids are 2 and 4 so we don't get privacy anyway and they sail free in a suite.
  5. My plan is to get these https://www.whizrider.com/ for my older kid (4) and use an immigo for my 2 year old. Your kids are old enough to use these for both. They aren't scheduled to ship til October since they are in preproduction.
  6. To be fair, my thoughts are based on a land vacation we took with my kids the same age this spring. The younger one slept poorly, we had a few disastrous meals, and by the end I was just exhausted and done. We did have some fun times but my vacation experience would have been vastly improved by a few nice dinners where we could actually relax. After that trip I vowed that I will not take any vacations without so type of childcare in the near future. It wasn't a cruise so not exactly comparable and maybe it makes me a bad parent but that is how I feel.
  7. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3231 This article has the list of ships with a nursery and unfortunately Adventure does not. And you are right they don't offer babysitting so there is no child care for kids under 3. Honestly we booked the cruise we did specifically because not having a nursery was a dealbreaker for me. And they don't make it easy to find info about the nurseries.
  8. So in your situation personally I would choose among the Florida departures (less travel time to get there) and pick the itinerary you (and the other adults) are most excited about. They all have some nice beach ports and your kid is young enough to enjoy most any activities she can participate in.
  9. Personally I would look for these amenities. That as well as ease of getting to port (shorter flight, less plane changes, port closer to airport) are more important than the itinerary to me with a toddler. Others had good points re: the car seat. We also use a cosco scenera for travel. ETA: the NCL Escape has a nursery so if the last cruise is on that ship you would have childcare.
  10. I would definitely say 2 bedrooms for teenagers would be better. Kids have a more private place to sleep and you can actually use the living room.
  11. This is off topic but one of my favorite places to eat in all the world is St James Cheese Company in NOLA. Oh, and my 18 month old loves Gouda so I feel you.
  12. This thread is helpful as I have been trying to hunt down this info. We are on brilliance this winter with my (will be) 2 and 4 year old. We booked ai independent scuba excursion and I'm hoping to leave the kids on AO and royal tots and I have been trying to find out if it will be open.
  13. We have a cosco scenera we use as our travel seat. It is also light and cheap (the safety 1st seat mentioned above is also a good option). There are several products to help with carrying a seat through the airport, a strap to strap it to a roller bag, a car seat bag/backpack with or without wheels, a luggage or car seat cart. It is a huge pain to lug it but if both parents are traveling with 1 kid it isn't too bad. Depending on which departure port there are some shuttle services with car seats available as well if you don't think you will need it for any of the stops on the trip.
  14. Speaking as someone who just went on a vacation with a 3 year old and 1 year old, book a ship with a nursery! This way mom and dad can have a relaxed meal which is basically impossible to do with kids that age. A baby splash pad would be nice as well. For the bigger kids I would think the sporty things on the bigger ships would be good or a port intensive itinerary.
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