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  1. Awakening a dormant thread to add this: when I taught adult learners with their first DSLRs, I would ask them their interest level in learning software. IMHO photo editing software is as steep a climb as navigating aperture/shutter/iso for beginners. Anyone who was interested in post-processing, I suggested shooting both and using the jpg as the reference while learning the tools to process the raw file. It’s easier to learn to adjust sliders by comparing similarities than to judge good/bad (different parts of the brain at work). Good/bad can wait until you understand how the tools work. Raw+jpg is about a 10% penalty on storage, so once you decide whether you enjoy spending enormous amounts of time in the digital darkroom, you”ll know which file type is best for you. But I warn my students, raw files look super crappy on download. For math reasons, it is much easier to add saturation, contrast and brightness than to tone it down. So raw files look dull and flat at first download, despairingly so at first. I have a preset in Lightroom that applies a contrast/saturation boost on download automatically because I now know My preferred general starting point for my camera. The only other reason to shoot raw is to not have to think about white balance, but that’s a different class segment, lol. tl;dr make the raw and jpg match before worrying about making them “good.”
  2. So hoping to make a winter 2021 voyage, thanks for the photos-they really give a great perspective on the experience. I read a bunch of different subs on this forum but you all are the ones I want to meet.
  3. SeaDream is on my list. We are extremely limited to when we can travel, Scotland would have to be one of their earliest cruises, not so sure about either, but the experience looks awesome.
  4. Thanks for posting this. First time to hear of Hebridean Princess and I am intrigued by their routes, especially the foodie cruise. Off to see what else has been posted about them on CC
  5. I had one like this but wore it out. Convenient for lots of earrings and cuff type bracelets, necklaces not so much. Etsy jewelry pouch I should get another.
  6. Since this thread is totally hijacked on Utah foodie stuff, I would be most remiss if I did not give a shout out to Hell’s Backbone Grill in Boulder, UT. True farm-to-table in the last US community to get mail by mule. Amazing food, multiple nominee for James Beard awards. Well worth the drive from Bryce Canyon or Capitol Reef NPs or if you are in within a day’s drive. There’s a major NY pub review to be found if one consults the Google machine.
  7. Slidergiirl, I don’t yet have enough CC cred to message you, but feel free to hit me up for more details on our story.
  8. so happy to see there are fun places to eat these days in southern Utah. We missed Rockiing V on our last trip through Kanab but cannot exclaim enough about Sego just around the corner. For you folks in civilization, running a top notch restaurant hundreds of miles from major cities (Las Vegas or SLC in this case) is a heroic effort.. We visited the bakery on our last trip too, delish. The “Grand Circle” of AZ/UT national parks is sublime, even better with great local food options cropping up in tiny little towns like Kanab and Springdale. It’s not a cruise, but definitely should be a bucket list item. Google “Mighty Five” to see what is waiting for you. Call it a land cruise and come see us!
  9. I bought this book in 1995, didn’t cruise with it until 2019 and it was still useful and entertaining. DH liked the section on id’ing different fishing boats. Coastal Companion Binoculars if he doesn’t have any. packing cubes if he’s likely to use them.
  10. What’s your pre-cruise style schedule? Mine includes: a haircut about a week before departure, and a pedi as close to departure as possible. if DH has dry cleaning, we need to plan far ahead, as our dry cleaner is 200 miles away (I live in a very rural area and we use one in the “big” city because the one 50 miles away is actually less convenient). If we need to order any clothes or style products on-line, I want it here in time to exchange or a late delivery - our two day delivery often is 3-4 days. luckily I enjoy the anticipation 😁
  11. Uruguay has been on the wish list for some time. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it. Pictures, please!
  12. There are plenty of threads here on the general contours of luxury-positioned and -marketed lines. I started this to discuss the finer, more personal (maybe even quirky) additions that make an experience even more luxurious. the tag line of this sub is “Luxury Cruising - Is it a state of mind?” So I think the question is fair game, but I will happily defer to the mods.
  13. exactly! Feature of this thread, not a bug.
  14. As noted regularly in this forum, everyone’s idea idea of luxury differs. I’m thinking of small details that would amplify my vacation experience, no matter that someone else might find them trivial. Who knows, maybe some cruise companies will be inspired by a thread of desirable touches that aren’t going to make it into the brochures. for DH, a seriously well stocked library reference selection of nature field guides would be an outsized gesture. for me, I love to buy bouquets in local markets - having a cabin crew member produce a vase would be a lovely extra. Cabin light dimmer switches are always a plus, especially bedside. Emery boards in the toiletry supplies, always nice when needed. But that’s just me. what little touches would signal luxury to you even if no one else cared? Have you experienced anything along these lines, beyond the usual lux hygiene products or top shelf liquor that seems to take up so much bandwidth here.
  15. Do folks bring their own snorkel gear? If so, is there a storage area other than one's stateroom for wet gear?
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