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  1. As of this morning, we have been refunded everything back! We cancelled on the 15th of March. So 3 weeks for us to get everything back. Our sail date was the 2nd of May. We received our cruise credit vouchers last Monday, 30th of March. But the figures didn’t total to what we were expecting back as told by the rep when we cancelled on the 15th of March. I gave them a call on Wednesday gone. Rep told me that the voucher amount was correct and it was the cruise fare minus the port taxes which would be refunded to our card. I then explained that the figure we were told when we originally cancelled was the fare minus the port taxes and this voucher amount is taken something else off and leaving us short. It went back and forward about this difference for a while. She put me on hold for a few minutes, came back and still said the voucher amount was correct and everything else would be refunded to the cards including the difference between what we expected versus what we received. This wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I wanted to know what the difference was but she said we would get everything back to the cards. This morning on the cards (5th April), we received the refunds of the port taxes, excursions and extras booked on the planner, the hotels and this difference. It was only when I was looking back at my records this morning to make sure we got everything back, I realised the difference could be our original deposit paid as it’s the same amount. That’s what I’m putting it down as but the rep couldn’t tell me this on the phone. All in all we have all our monies back and have a new booking towards the end of the year but are waiting a while to allocate our credit and pay the balance to see what happens in the next few months.
  2. We cancelled the 15th of March and received our FCC today (although the wrong amount! 🙄) No sign of the refunds to the credit cards yet.
  3. It will get refunded back to your card which you used.
  4. We cancelled the 15th of March and received our FCC today (although the wrong amount! 🙄) No sign of the refunds to the credit cards yet.
  5. We are booked on The Equinox in October, Southern Caribbean. We rebooked onto this one having originally booked the same in May. Hopefully things settle down but who knows.
  6. Good luck!!! It could be that the policy has changed and that particular person didn’t know? If we went for the 50/50 perhaps we would have found that out once the cancellation fully goes through. But that’s just assumptions.
  7. Wow! 20 hours! That’s insane. I called them at 10:30 UK/Irish time this morning.
  8. To appreciate their passengers, I would like to think they will decide the next cancellations before this period is over and people are not on their way to the port getting texts or emails to say their cruise has been cancelled. We have cancelled our May cruise until later in the year, hoping things will be settle.
  9. I cancelled this morning and our options were 100% FCC OR 50% FCC and 50% Cash refund. We were 45 days to departure. That was also with Celebrity UK. We took the 100% FCC as we have rebooked for later in the year. We were told it will be up to 14 days until we get our voucher and then we need to email in the voucher number to have it offset against our new booking. Found the customer service team very helpful on the phone this morning! Was on hold for around 20 minutes or so but I didn’t mind that.
  10. Very sorry for all of you who had their cruises cancelled. Ours is out of the 30 day window but who knows if that 30 days get extended but now we are getting anxious about it and may cancel and rebook for another time.
  11. Wow I love this! More please! Love hearing your planning. Also a first time cruiser, going on the Equinox but I’ll be on the sailing before yours.
  12. As of today, still cruising. We are booked on a cruise on the 2nd of May around the Caribbean and flying to Florida from Ireland. It’s our first cruise and really don’t want to cancel. We are 29 and 30 and in good health. Time will tell!
  13. Thank you for the very detailed reviewed. I will be doing this cruise, same ship, same itinerary in May 2020. Very first cruise also. Looking forward to it!
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