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  1. South rim of Grand Canyon was wonderful last week. rooms available at el tovar for same day walk in. other lodges half full. not crowded along rim. good mask compliance indoors, even good percentage of those hiking bright angel trail wore masks.
  2. no need to specify new penalties. it would fall under failure to obey crew instructions, the penalty of which can include being put off at next port.
  3. I certainly agree with the advance pcr, coupled with quick test at boarding would be best.
  4. I think that they did not want their name with their competition. there was no reason for them to do so since the panel is really not offering anything new, and it was clear that the report was going to be used by CLIA.
  5. my read is Alizar Secretary of HHS is trying to restrict the line agencies and he is using HHS legal to try and force the agencies to do things that they oppose.
  6. a couple of difference MSC does more testing of crew before boarding ship and I believe the crew does their quarantine period on shore before joining ship. also MSC does the testing at time of boarding, in these recommendations the testing including cost is the responsibility of the passenger, done in advance.
  7. I certainly agree with her and have posted similar comments about the cruise lines lack of cooperation with CDC, the efforts they have taken to avoid testing and reporting results, including their removal of ships from us waters.
  8. that and the timing of the expiration of the no sail order. with the stunts that HHS has pulled and the recent power grab that all new regulations must be signed by Secretary of HHS taking away that authority from FDA and CDC not even sure if CDC can issue an extension without HHS signing.
  9. rapid tests are less accurate than pcr. will be interesting to see what the cruise lines will accept.
  10. in addition tests for screening for travel may not be covered by insurance (not medically necessary) so the issue of additional expense comes up.
  11. another issue is since the test is for screening for travel, it might not be considered to be medically necessary by insurance. depending on where the test is taken and the lab analyzing it, it can get rather expensive not sure how many have put that cost into their travel plans.
  12. ordered by your doctor, urgent care facility or lab. problem is since it is not a medical necessity, your insurance company may not pay for it and the tests can get rather pricey since for medically required tests the insurance company is mandated to pay full price.
  13. one item. they mention that in case someone tests positive, they will be removed from the ship as soon as it can be done safely. Does not mention how the person will get home, who will be responsible for their expenses, etc.
  14. no but what is unique to Covid is trying to use testing to keep people off ship. what is also somewhat unique to covid is the issues getting a detectable sample even with serious cases. According to a John Hopkins study the chance of a false negative is at best 20% at 7 days, and much worse earlier or later(as high as 80%, mostly around 40%) while other illnesses also will have false negative rates with PCR, Covid is one of the worst. Combine that with asymptomatic spread and the fact that the faster tests tend to be even less accurate than pcr you have a problem waiting to happen if you depend too much on testing. The test is better to see the amount of cases in the boarding population. based upon studies if you detect no or 1 case the odds are in your favor that the cruise is covid free, if you detect 10 let's say, the odds are pretty high that you will have cases slip through.
  15. the problem with covid is the limitations in testing due to the nature of the virus. a test cannot detect the virus if it is not present in the sample. even pcr has a 20% false negative rate.
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