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  1. considering how fast news and rumors propagate on a cruise ship during a voyage I am pretty sure that if someone had an issue it would become fairly common knowledge fairly quickly. I doubt that someone would run into a bedbug infestation and not mention it to customer service desk, medical check in desk where other passengers can hear, as well as not mention it to other passengers. Even the slightest hint of bedbugs on a cruise ship would propagate almost as fast as someone yelling fire in a theater.
  2. currently on Emerald bearing end of panama canal cruise, no sign of nor any discussion or even rumors about bed bugs.
  3. have been on cruises out of Fort Lauderdale where over 1000 were staying on for next cruise. Large numbers are not uncommon with the two cruises also being sold as one longer one.
  4. We have done 9 Alaska Cruises. Have seen glacier Bay in fog, as well as perfectly clear. While I would certainly recommend Glacier Bay for those that can see it. The glacier in Endicott arm is also well worthwhile.
  5. nope the fact that there was a mechanical issue is why you even got the 100. if it had been weather and delayed in port overnight it would have been zero. not missing a thing, just telling you industry practice. Not just HAL but all of the main stream lines. Celebrity, HAL, Princess, RCCL, NCL. Have sailed all of them. Had missed ports on all them. Have had mechanical issues impacting schedule on three (not HAL). pretty much all are similar I use NPCL for no particular cruise line. to me they are interchangable.
  6. in cruising and with most other travel the best one can hope for is to be made whole for out of pocket expenses. in this case you were able to board the ship as scheduled so no additional expense out of pocket. For the inconvenience you also got 100, even though the cruise line owed nothing. The deal is as good as it gets from any of the mainstream lines for a similar situation. it is industry norm. If it was weather related you would not even have gotten the 100.
  7. to you maybe. To the cruise line, the travel industry, even the toughest of the compensation regulators (the EU). Not so much. The 100 is fairly consistent across the industry for this kind of impact where a port was exchange for an overnight in the departure port, and the ship was provided with all services allowed in port.
  8. the point is that the number of attempts does not matter. you could have pressed it once walked away and it would have flushed at the exact same time if you had stood there and just kept repeatedly pushing it. Did any of the crew explain this aspect when you repeatedly complained about it, or did they accept the complaint and treat it like a malfunction. Or did they try and explain and you take it as poor customer service. Like your comment about the person fixing it. Yes it is a minor issue, but one featured in your initial post. To be honest your post reads like one from somewhat upset about compensation so they assemble a laundry list about everything they can think of that was wrong, thinking that it strengthens their case. Which it really doesn't. Though the toilet complaint might draw a few chuckles behind the scenes.
  9. as has been pointed out. A delay from the time the button is pushed, until it flushes does not necessarily represent an incorrectly operating vacuum toilet system, since the vacuum is impacted by the operation of other toilets along the line. it is not like a land bases system where pressing means immediate flush. A couple of minute delay is not unusual.
  10. A couple of comments: In most cases missing a port does not result in any compensation. So the $100 while being on board is not bad, and due to the delay being a mechanical issue. As far as the toilet. Pushing the button more then once really does no good. Does not matter if you push it once or a hundred. The vacuum toilets on board ship require sufficient vacuum to operate Once the button is pushed it triggers a switch and as soon as there is sufficient vacuum in the line it will flush. Depending on what else other toilets are doing it might be immediately, it might be a couple of minutes.
  11. Your best bet is to contact the insurance company. Many policies require notification promptly when one finds out about a potential covered condition.
  12. nope nothing to do with my enjoyment. it does not make sense to the business. I suspect that if management had calculated the current impact when the existing benefits were put in place some of them would be more limited, such as laundry. you have no idea of my motivations yet, as your norm, you try to attack them.
  13. do you actually believe it would be a dozen at most. Maybe at 1000 days it would be limited for a while. At 500 days I have been on cruises with a couple of hundred over that number with almost half the ship at elite and laundry turn around being 5 days. The cruise lines have to consider the future impact of any decision as well as the current. Nope, just telling it from a business perspective. No reason for the cruise line to do it, and a lot of reason why they should not. I have noticed a trend in your posts where you have a tendency to attack the motivations of whoever disagrees with you, instead of debating the actual merits.
  14. Very simple. Laundry is already somewhat overwhelmed. So to meet a one day requirements they would need to add capacity. Either labor and or machines or both. Plus the time for the Stewards to go down and retrieve the laundry. You also give up the revenue for the premium if someone decides that they absolutely need same day. Bridge tour. Someone has to conduct the tour. That means pulling someone off some other activity. Ships crews already work long hours and have little idle time on shift. Or to put it another way labor on a cruise ship is limited (due to limited amount of crew space) therefore decisions are often made on how labor is used and if more is required in one area, it must be reduced in another. While priority tender service going to shore is relatively hidden, a priority return service would be very in you face visible to the rest of passengers especially if there is a line. The cost there is good will. Watch band - cost of good. As a business there is no reason for the cruise line to add extra benefits. If anything it would be in the cruise lines interest to reduce the percentage of elites on each cruise. Considering that those elites tend to to less buying on ship, and tend to do independent excursions. The other that you mentioned you indicated that you put in as a joke.
  15. While actual cost is limited, giving out OBC has an impact in opportunity cost. Unless you assume that the person getting the OBC would not spend on board, the cruise lines revenue is impacted since what the passenger might have purchased with cash is now only purchased with OBC, thus costing the cruise line not only the wholesale cost of what was purchased, but also the revenue that they no longer have the opportunity to receive since the purchase that might have been made with cash is now made with the OBC.
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