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  1. Ours is just a half sheet of paper that is actually raggedly torn along one edge. And instead of the CDC logo in the upper right hand corner it simply says "Walgreens." I can just see myself walking up to the counter at a cruise terminal and not being allowed to board. It looks so unofficial.
  2. I'm sure we could get it done, just not terribly motivated at this point. Funny thing. Some years ago they had to run a new line from the box t o the house. Left the old one connected, or at least it looks like it is. The new one is hidden under our deck. So thieves would probably cut the wrong one.
  3. Some day we need to figure out how to convert our alarm system to use a cellular phone. That is the only reason we keep our land line.
  4. A little off subject, but I bought quite a few postcards on Curacao at the Curacao factory. I wanted to mail them home. The sweet clerk said if I gave her the money she would buy the postage and mail them for me. Guess what? Nobody ever saw a single postcard.
  5. Some of the roughest seas we've ever encountered was between New York City and Ft. Lauderdale. Twice. And of course, the North Sea. We missed Greenland twice and arrived at Iceland so late all tours were cancelled. Around the horn was extremely smooth. And so was the area around the Falklands.
  6. Ohio is supposedly going to a centralized scheduling system around the middle of this month. I'm not sure I understood the process. One place said you could schedule right there on that web site but another hinted that it is only going to refer you to places that had available appointments. I am a retired software engineer and I cringe to think of the problems that could arise with thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people all trying to go to the same site at the same time. But of course, Amazon handles it, don't they? LOL Edited: I also just read where Ohio
  7. Sadly, no cruises since forever, but when we were cruising frequently I'd get Norovirus. Had it at least six times. But we stopped going to the buffets, and no more Norovirus.
  8. We live in Reynoldsburg about a half mile from Licking County. But when I try that number I get a message I've never heard before: "We're sorry, your call did not go through. Try again." But thanks for the hint.
  9. Our favorites were the "Most Travelled Passenger" luncheons on Princess. The food was always wonderful but even more so I enjoyed being recognized as a valued customer. We also were invited to a couple of them with NCL but they no where came close to the special occasion that Princess offered. I must say, though, that when Princess had cocktail parties instead of luncheons it was no where near as nice.
  10. Thank you so much. We do live in Ohio and all I get is "No appointments available" for every provider I check. We are in the 70 year old group that got combined with the teachers. I have no problem with the teachers getting theirs sooner but it sure has made it nearly impossible for me and my husband.
  11. My husband had to have a covid test five days before a medical procedure. He couldn't understand why he had to stay home between the test being administered and the procedure. He could have had the test and became infected that same afternoon.
  12. I've told this story before on Cruise Critic. It was actually before the cruise. Hope it counts. We arrived at the New Orleans port to board. No ship. We were told it was delayed. Later found out it was diverted to Key West to offload a sick passenger. No one was allowed inside the building. At first there were lines, but that quickly disintegrated as busloads from the airport arrived and people just pushed in toward the doors. Parking was a nightmare since the cars were still there from the passengers already on board from the last cruise. Once the o
  13. People can be allergic to anything. Aspirin? Dog hair? Your husband? I'm more concerned that now that the vaccinations are available that people will become complacent and stop taking care to avoid the virus.
  14. We always go in a couple days early, too. But dragging suitcases around and just walking around the mega ships both wear us out.
  15. Not sure we ever will. If at all, not until 2022 is my best guess. We aren't getting any younger (73 and 76) and the last cruise even two years ago was getting to be a bit much. I'm thinking maybe a cruise inside the USA. Great Lakes, Mississippi River, something like that.
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