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  1. Thanks everyone. I agree that I should bring extra snacks. I planned on protein bars for myself and will have to figure out what we can get for DH that will be able to keep. I planned getting some breakfast at the airport anyway (he is happy with any garbage breakfast sandwich he can get at a fast food place). @WatchHill I have only had one experience at BOS in the past. Our flight JFK from LAX was diverted there in the middle of the night and rather than wait god knows how long to get back to JFK we opted to rent a car and drive the 4 hours home. If I recall, the terminal was undergoing a massive renovation at the time (this was a few years ago). I assume it's better now. I looked at the restaurant options at both terminals and the HA terminal. We will be arriving at around 6:30 am so Legal Seafood may not be an option lol.
  2. We are cruising on NCL Pride of America out of Honolulu in October. To get out there we will be taking Hawaiian Air non-stop from Boston to Honolulu. I know this is a newer flight and since it is 11 hours I sprang for Extra Comfort seats on the window side. It looks like In Flight Entertainment is comped for this flight but do they really only serve a breakfast and a couple of small snacks for such a long flight? I would be ok with that but my husband may not be so I am wondering if we should bring something extra for him (I usually pack protein bars for myself and some low cal snacks as I am trying to lose weight). I know there are things on the plane for purchase and we will have a 2 hour layover in Boston as we will be connecting from Syracuse so he could possibly get a more substantial meal there. I have checked the HA site and it looks like only a small breakfast and two very small snacks will be served but I am wondering if anyone has had experience with this particular flight and can confirm or deny. Conversely, we will be taking Hawaiian back and stopping in LAX for the trip home. That will be about half way for us so is not as big of a deal. This is a red eye so we will probably sleep for a good portion of that flight. Does anyone know when HA typically sends out Bid Up emails in advance of a flight? I am wondering if we will even get one since we are technically booked through JetBlue.
  3. Hi! First time cruiser here - we book a Sail Away Balcony for POA in October. We are on deck 7, last room before the aft cabins. I feel like this is a decent location and we also saved quite a bit of money over the other options. Our room was assigned as soon as we booked (probably because we booked in late July). I have read (maybe on other posts here) that POA Sail Away Balconies seem to be consistently good. Does anyone see any potential issue with this cabin? We have not received any Bid Up emails as of yet.
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