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  1. We fly back on 2nd of November and they told me we will probably find out our flight times when we are on board. not much use when we need to book park at the airport.
  2. Has anyone heard about the flight changes for Azura when we return on 2nd November.
  3. At least you have had an email. It’s more than I’ve had.
  4. I don’t know why it’s taking so long to sort out seeing as a lot of the flights were with British Airways or tui .
  5. If we go on the cruise knowing there is no flights to get us home atol will say it’s our own fault. then where will we be?
  6. We sail a week tomorrow and after talking to my bookings agent they told me we might not get flight details until we are on board.
  7. I’ve just rang p and o 10 minutes ago no news as yet just the usual scripted answer .We are working our way through it.
  8. Yes they use that airline regularly. just Sod’s law we got Thomas Cook this time.
  9. Yes still showing as Thomas Cook were you booked with tui when you booked
  10. As we are the first passengers sailing across on Azura this season and our flights are to return on 2nd November I decided to ring p and o today as to what stage they are up to in regards to finding a replacement airline. i may as well have not bothered as the woman who answered my call was completely in the dark. i just got a pre scripted answer. We will contact you when we know. I would not be surprised that we will be dropped of at the airport to find our own way back and have to claim on our insurance.
  11. We fly home from Barbados on 2nd if November but not heard anything yet .
  12. People have short memories regarding customer services and faulty products etc. p and o have some terrible reviews as all other big companies do. i say every time I go on one of their cruises it will be my last but I get home and book yet again. at least I know what to expect and with cruises getting more affordable cut backs are inevitable. whack the prices up and keep out the riffraff lol.
  13. Lol when I saw the title I had visions of you washing your smalls in the sink. i think it’s outrageous that people don’t wash their hands. ive seen it so many times where people pick food up put it back don’t use tongues etc etc. also seen plenty not wash their hands after using the bathrooms. im paranoid about noro virus as I’ve had it after getting home from a cruise but I suspect I picked it up on the coach or at the services. i won’t even touch a door handle or a handrail
  14. If you think you could come out on top against carnival cruises go for it. i wouldn’t be putting any money on you though. obviously you have a lot of free time on your hands perhaps you could wait at every port to see if you can be of any assistance to anybody. just in case.
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