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  1. Thanks all for your support. I have written to RCLL today and hope they will resolve this quickly. It's a horrible situation all round and a full cash refund will he very welcome!
  2. Sadly not. FCC and nothing additional. Furthermore it's per person which is no use to our party at all as we live on opposite sides of the globe (not to mention that I paid for everyone myself so giving them each their own cruise credit isn't really useful to me!).
  3. It is completely disgraceful. I could've said nothing and gone ahead , which many others may now do. Really disgusted at this decision.
  4. Shocked a RCL's customer service. We live in Asia and received an email to say we couldn't board the cruise if we had been in contact with anyone who had been to China, Macau or Hong Kong in the last 15 days. I had hung out with a friend at the weekend who had transited through HK earlier than week so I decided to do the honest thing (I didn't have to!!) and tell them. This wasn't me choosing not to cruise, it was subject to THEIR rules and I did the responsible thing by admitting I had. Shocked to find out they'll only give me future cruise credit. This is no use to me at all. My mother is here visiting from overseas. I can't cruise with her again as we live on opposite sides of the world and she has no use for the cruise credit. Surely RCL should be offering me a full refund onto my credit card? This wasn't my choice - this was them telling me that I couldn't cruise? I am getting no where with their customer service team.
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