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  1. The wind is back big time. Gusting to 30mph. You can feel it hitting the ship from the side. Howling like crazy! I can’t remember a time on a cruise with this much wind other than the Bosporus on the way to Istanbul once which is known for the wind. The ships program for weather is saying it’s 60. No way......it is more like high 40’s to 50.
  2. I am sailing now. This is the case and has been for a long time.
  3. Thanks Carolyn. It is still cold but pretty clear and a little less wind. The best night and sunset yet! Love that feeling seeing all the luggage out but not mine. 🙏🙏
  4. Princess sorts the trash and recycles everything that can be recycled. Not sure why that person would tell you that. Glass Paper Plastic Batteries. Food waste is macerated and discharged in approved areas.
  5. Yeah it is the same link as finding it and clicking on it. Just makes it more convenient easier to find when you save it.
  6. Or they need to stop printing stuff that does not apply.
  7. That’s great but they say it does not exist. Unless they are referring to the process I outlined above. They know nothing of “safety only”.
  8. As I have noted in this thread. Sevice dropping/disconnection multiple times during the day on a couple of occasions. Today it has been slow and lagging. OM staff say the amount of people online has nothing to do with speed/ connection etc.
  9. Thanks..... We are heading back to Barcelona. The Sky has been having issues for the entire cruise. I know the Crown had major issues on the TA last month. It was not much better for us on the Crown for our Caribbean cruise after arrival in the US.
  10. Incredible sunset at the moment with Spain 🇪🇸 in the background.
  11. Yes like soda/water etc I would not see why not.
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