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  1. $200 plus per bag . They were using DHL
  2. We use Uber quite often to/from San Pedro and LAX. We have never had an issue with availability Depending on demand for us it is around $28-$40. Cab is around $65.
  3. We use a good TA. I know exactly what I am getting and there is no hanky panky. I would never use a PVP although sometimes I will book direct with Princess and transfer to my TA.
  4. Yes there is a Walgreens across the street. We stay at the Renaissance often and when the ship is at pier #2 we just walk to the ship from the hotel.
  5. Boo Hoo.......not a good perk anymore. 🙁
  6. Not possible. Only allowed once onboard. I sure hope it stays that way.
  7. Hopefully someone will report back if they add them for Southampton sailings on the Crown.
  8. No kettles on the Crown. Sapphire yes. Not sure if they will provide them on the Crown.
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