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  1. I don’t recall anyone here saying that the peanut butter cookies should be removed. 🤔 But I did read someone say a peanut allergy was crap. They were out everyday on my Sky cruise.
  2. Thanks for the follow up. Glad you had a great cruise. I don’t think I have read any comments about the Sky that would have made me even think about canceling.
  3. Thanks, Like I said, interesting. I realize that the ships system has our passport info entered however I hope they are not using Medallion info versus an actual passport.
  4. This is handled differently by each ship. Sometimes you pay the difference sometimes you pay full price for the drink. It is not consistent. I don’t think I have ever ordered a drink over the $12 limit.
  5. Not the passport photo? Interesting. I went through from the Sky last month and my passport photo showed up not my Medallion photo.
  6. What do you mean they scanned you? Facial?
  7. Condemning someone? Wth are you talking about?
  8. What? A peanut can kill someone. My 2 year old Grandson has a severe peanut allergy. We carry 3 Epi Pens. Ignorance is bliss.
  9. Use caution some have ones that fold up and protrude from the wall about 12 inches. Are there 4 of you in the cabin?
  10. We had ours for about 6 years. That was around 2010. I see the same complaints year after year. Probably the worst card we ever had. That’s why we S canned it.
  11. Not if it didn’t go over well. 🤔
  12. That’s what I thought but on the Sky TA not so much.
  13. I have not seen smaller bottles of Prosecco either. I was not impressed with the Prosecco on the last 2 cruises. I used to get the Asti all the time but they discontinued that too. 🙄
  14. Did you join the roll call for your cruise?
  15. It shouldn’t. Based on sensor placement throughout the ship it should be the same on all MedallionNet installations. I was told on the Sky there are just shy of 500 of those sensors onboard. They do extensive mapping of signal strength. Believe me I used it all over the Sky.
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