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  1. IMO everyone sees things differently. I like to look at the positive things that may come out of this. The 7 people here on CC that hate Princess are all that I am seeing I am waiting for some facts. Too much speculation.
  2. That would be incorrect at this time. Maybe when they resume cruises.
  3. Keep watching the cruise fare and promos. I agree book now and........ There is bound to be some better deals by the time you cruise next year that you can take advantage of.
  4. Circle Savings. My Account>Home>Profile>Circle Savings
  5. I received a similar one last week. Offensive? Seriously? Please........
  6. D714 is not an aft facing cabin. We have stayed in minis in the 700’s on both Dolphin and Emerald decks on the Star. Although there may be some thruster noise/vibration occasionally entering or leaving ports it was never an issue and never had any other noises etc. No wake noise at all. It is a side of ship cabin.
  7. It does not exist on any forms you have to ask Princess/TA for it.
  8. I feel the same way. Can't wait for the 4 cruises we currently have booked.
  9. For sure. 👍 Always stirring that pot. 🙄
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