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  1. We had it on our 21 day which was (3) 7 day cruises. We paid $199 for the 21 days. They seem to change when it's offered for no apparent reason. IMO nothing is standard. 🙄
  2. Haha, there is more joint metal on those ships than hull steel. 😉
  3. No I had mine done 3 years ago. Just tell them you have a hip/joint replacement at security before the metal detector and they will use the wand.
  4. Since I did not get a response........ I am asking this question again. TIA 🙂
  5. Haha....sounds like Colorado. 25 and heavy snow one day and 70 the next! 😀
  6. Why would you do that? See post #32.........
  7. Booking in the UK it is a totally different ball game versus the US.
  8. CC member Composer sailed in an Aloha deck aft corner suite right above these. It was not pretty. Maybe she will elaborate.
  9. Cannot book pre cruise. It is offered based on cruise length and interest. 7 day cruise usually once. 16 day twice maybe 3? I have seen it offered several times on longer cruises and other cruises not at all. It is up to the MD and Executive Chef. Once onboard inquire asap with one of the following......... MD/Asst MD/Head Waiter. Sometimes it will be listed in the Patter but don't wait for that. 12 person max per dinner. If they don't get enough they won't do it.
  10. No.......I have never seen one. It was the straight CT charge which is slightly different (more $) between the Chefs Table Luminaire on the Regal/Royal/Majestic versus the regular CT on all the other Princess ships. It is a dinner not a drink.
  11. The PP ranks right in front of the Grand as our least favorite Princess ships.
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