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  1. I'm in the same boat (literally, heh bad pun!). My partner and I are also on Anthem leaving Sat 21 with you guys. Very anxious/nervous/concerned myself. We'll see! Nothing official from RCI yet of course but I've read horror stories from others about not knowing the itinerary changes until they're boarding the boat (and Canada vs. Bermuda would impact my packing a lot!). Anyways, hang in there - we'll see what happens 🙂
  2. Appreciate the updates, PelicanBill! The resources linked here have been really helpful to check out. Very new to cruising and hurricane watching myself! If I could get your [or anyone readings!] $.02 I'd be interested... We're hopefully leaving Saturday 9/21 on a 5 night cruise with our only stop being Bermuda. Seems like Humberto shouldn't be disruptive for us since it will have already blown through. Regarding Invest 97L (now tropical depression 10 if I'm understanding correctly?) - if we're scheduled to be in Bermuda Monday 9/23 how optimistic/pessimistic should we realistically be about our chances at this point? Still too soon to tell? I'm trying to follow along on my own at nhc.noaa.gov but seeing the current path, I'm not sure how quickly they usually travel after they turn but if I had to guess it doesn't look good for us! *insert nervous laughter* 😅😬
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