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  1. Thanks so much for all the replies. I agree that Sun has much better itineraries, but I want to start from Seattle because I have already been to Vancouver. I loved the city, but I have never been to Seattle before. Finally there would be an opportunity. Except for that, although I know that a small ship would be even better for Alaska, NCL Sun is rather old. It’s the oldest one in the fleet, isn’t it?
  2. I need an advice. I am thinking about booking an Alaska cruise for next summer. It would be my first time in that region. I want a one-week cruise from Seattle and I take into account NCL Bliss and Encore. The ship doesn’t matter to me because they are identical. The itinerary is very similar too, there is only one different port and a different glacier. Was anyone on both? Is the itinerary with Skagway or with Icy Strait better?
  3. Oh yes, I agree completely. And this is unfortunately the case in many cruise lines, not only in Costa. I think Concordia Class is the best in Costa's history. These ships are big enough, but not as crowded as Venezia or Smeralda. They have a beautiful atrium with panoramic elevators, which I miss on newer ships. Atlantica is very nice too. It's very sad, because I like to go on new ships, They are usually nicely furnished, fresh and clean, but the layout and amenities are often much worse than on the older ones. The same can be seen in Msc Cruises, where Fantasia Class is much better than the newer, huge Meraviglia.
  4. So far, Msc has canceled cruises until May 29, but other cruise lines are already extending the suspension period. How long do you think it will last? I also heard somewhere that the US closed entire cruise traffic, does anyone know until when? I have a booking for a cruise in the Caribbean in the first half of June, should I forget about it already?
  5. Do not get me wrong. I mean the project is generally worth rethinking in the near future, not that they should do it right now. I mentioned in the first post that I mean the time after the pandemic. Actually, I am writing about it now only because I am sitting at home all the time and finally I have time to read more about cruises. I absolutely agree with you that now is not the best time to invest. Nevertheless, I believe that Carnival, as the largest cruise line in the world and owner of several other significant lines, will manage to survive the crisis. I believe that in a few months the situation will stabilize. Many believe that after the crisis, the cruise lines will struggle with booking cancellations and less occupancy. However, I think it will not be so bad, because people, tired of sitting at home, will definitely be willing to go on vacation. In fact, the growing interests for cruises for 2021 are already visible in the statistics. Then the cruise lines will start thinking about investments again. Anyway, order books in shipyards are filled by 2023-24, so nothing can be done earlier.
  6. A few years ago on a cruise I heard from one of the crew members that there was an idea to build a similar replica of Costa Concordia. I personally do not believe that there was such an idea, probably that were just stupid rumors, but I began to wonder how people would react to such a replica of the unlucky ship. I was on Concordia 2 years before the disaster and I have very good memories from that cruise. I was also considering Msc Fantasia then, since she had almost the same itinerary, but I am very glad that I chose Concordia. Now I wouldn’t be able to see her anymore. She was very colorful and kitschy, yet it was a nice and comfortable ship. I would love to go on Concordia again, but how about you? Would you go on a cruise with Costa Concordia 2?
  7. Hello everybody, Recently, I accidentally came across information about a Carnival’s project known as “Pinnacle Project” from 2004. It was a project for building a huge ship (about 200,000 tons) with many unusual attractions. The construction was canceled due to too high costs (about one billion dollars). It was indeed a bold and futuristic project for 2004, but I think the idea was amazing. Now, after 16 years, Carnival is building the Mardi Gras that is not much smaller than the Pinnacle project, however, it does not have most of the innovative solutions and facilities from that project. The possibilities in construction have changed, and huge Oasis Class ships are already successfully operating on the market. Soon there will be another one, the huge Msc World Class. I think Carnival is ready now and they should come back to that extraordinary idea (of course when this whole mess with the virus will be over). In my opinion Pinnacle, despite the fact that so many years have passed, would be the only such ship on the market and I am sure that it would be a great success for Carnival. Have you heard anything about this idea, and do you share my enthusiasm about it? Do you also think that Carnival should pull the Pinnacle project out of the archives and think about it again?
  8. That is true that Costa belongs to Carnival, but for example Cunard Line also does and that fact doesn't automatically make Cunard the "Carnival of Great Britain". That is why large corporations like Carnival or Norwegian have several subdivisions so that they can offer different standards. It is a pity that Carnival Corporation recently forgets about the point and builds the same huge ships for all its subordinate lines. (Except for Cunard so far, but we'll see what will happen in the future)
  9. And will Leonardo Class have the Haven at all? On the renderings there aren't any larger cabins, as well as no typical Haven Courtyard pool area.
  10. Maybe you're right. Norwegian is far from beeing a premium line. But I still think that the "packed with revenue generating optional experiences" Leonardo Class is anyway much better and friendlier for passengers than the even more "packed" and huge ships of the Msc's World Class for 7000 people.
  11. Thank you for all the answers. I have one more question. Which nationalities dominate on Viking ships among passengers and among the crew?
  12. Hello everyone Does anyone know when NCL will finally publish some information about Leonardo Class ships? I am extremely curious about the itineraries and deck plans. I really like the fact that, unlike other cruise lines, Norwegian returns to slightly smaller ships. It seems that NCL is heading more towards being a premium line, while MSC and Costa apparently want to become "the Carnival of Europe", or in other words "the Ryanair among cruise lines" 😞. I think Leonardo may be the best new ship to be built in the new decade.
  13. Hello, I am an experienced cruiser, but for the first time I want to book a Viking Ocean cruise, this one to Alaska to be exact. Until now, I’ve only sailed on large ships, but mainly in the MSC Yacht Club or NCL’s the Haven. I assume that these areas resemble the atmosphere of a smaller ship. Does anyone already have a comparison between Viking and YC or Haven? I would like to know if the service is at a similar level? What are the main differences? Having experienced both, is Viking worth the money?
  14. For example, the latest Costa Smeralda (2019) was delayed by about 6 weeks. It was delivered in December instead of November. I'm not sure what exactly happened there, but probably the shipyard in Finland just didn't plan the construction time for such a huge ship properly. Anyway, another one from this class, Carnival Mardi Gras, is expected to be delivered by the end of this year, but it has already been announced that I will not be ready on time either. So slight delays are unfortunately standard. And what can go wrong? Sometimes during sea trials they discover that something is not working perfectly. For example, in the case of QM2 in 2003, bow thruster flaps did not work well and unfortunately such a small thing can cause a few weeks of delay.
  15. I think it was not announced yet.
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