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  1. I totally agree with you Thrak, but I have a very elderly mother and I need to be able to keep in touch. I could pay forthe absolute minimum and get my carrier data while on shore. Still waiting for ExPat to report in as he is on board the Golden as we speak (er type). Maybe he can't get any wifi signal....
  2. Thanks @Expat Cruise. Very helpful.
  3. Might be a bit of a gamble. The Princess rep said daily packages weren't available but he had to ask so ...? The OBC is in US$ not AUD so that might be a clue. Still have 90 days to decide. There is a discount on the minutes if I purchase pre sail. But its not too big a discount 600 minutes gets an extra 80 minutes, so your suggestion sounds feasible. Hopefully others can confirm its a regular practice.
  4. My maths was a bit out I apologise. If I used 2 hours a day (not 20 minutes) it would cost $1233. I have called Princess about this and suggested an upgrade to Best Deal for just me - no supplement, but alas they are not offering that. He thought I could buy a per day package as the Pacific Princess was -but when he checked he found out it was minutes only on this particular voyage. I’ll just budget my internet time to 30 mins a day for $308 - it will probably do me good! I can write emails ahead of going online...harking back to the days of dial up LOL. It is what it is - not going to let it ruin my trip.
  5. That would be great but the Golden doesn't have MedallionNet. I just think the difference in price is huge.
  6. No Pacific Princess did not have MedallionNet.
  7. 22 days transpacific. Thats $900pp but I'm travelling solo so thats the extra supplement cost. I woulddnt mind paying a daily rate - but this is charged by the minute. If I bought say 20 minutes a day that would cost $1233. Looking at the difference in price of the offers I would have thought the drinks package would be the major difference.
  8. I was recently (Nov 2019) on the Pacific Princess and the Wifi packages were about $200 for 22 days - that was all day every day. Now I am booked on the Golden Princess and the Wifi offers are around $100 for 1120 minutes going up to $345 for 680 minutes. Massive price difference! The current special offered is "Oceans of Offers" in which you can choose best price - no extras, or best value which includes a drinks package and Wifi. The difference in the 2 fares is about $1800. I don't drink (alcohol) so to me it wasn't worth it, but with the current cost of Wifi maybe it is ..? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  9. Great advice Princeton! I can see my carrier offers short term roaming packs and I will avail myself of that. I can also use the onboard wifi judiciously combined with data usage while in some of the ports and get better value.
  10. Thanks - I'll get in touch with my carrier about that, the roaming is very expensive and for travelling I have purchsed a sim card but this will be only one day. I have been caught out before with this in Paris. It may be safer to take the Princess transfer.
  11. My cruise ends in LA and I am trying to decide whether to take the Princess transfer to LAX or an Uber. My worry is not being able to get on my Uber app due to no available wifi. I dont have a USA phone being a New Zealander if that makes sense. my Flight doesn't leave until 10pm so have booked a day stay at the Marriot at LAX if that has any relevance. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  12. I love the Pacific Princess and have sailed on her twice. Certainly not old and tired. Even though its a smaller ship there are lots of activities like trivia and karaoke - we had watercolour sessions x2 and learn the mandolin to name a couple. I love the small ship experience and found it easy to make friends on board.
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