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  1. I am sure there were plenty that had flights the day before but were caught out by winds & Crowdstrike. It was enough of a mess that many with cancelled Saturday flights were unable to get replacement flights on Sunday morning.
  2. The other option is not to try too hard. Good if you are able to switch your body clock to the time zone of the destination, but otherwise just try to relax and go with the flow.
  3. The Captain does very little in the locks. The mules keep the ship on an even keel.
  4. Getting beaten by less than a goal is becoming a bit too much of a habit.
  5. She has only just dropped her Sydney pilot, so is running fashionably late. Perhaps they were able to accommodate some of the delays into Sydney today. I haven't heard about if Brisbane is OK or not, but that would require borderforce and terminal staff for luggage and check-in at short notice.
  6. It looks like the last traditional transit for our WC ship, at least for now. I would gladly see Coral return to Australia any time they want. New locks for us next year on Crown. Well done Stu.
  7. Parts of the public areas are really looking forward to a bit of dry dock love.
  8. From cruise control, you can identify any food allergies to alert the restaurant staff as to your needs. Not all ingredients are listed, but all can be accommodated - usually better at sea than places on land. My wife can have a severe reaction to mushrooms (not on P&O's list), but we either advise the ship or confirm the ingredients of any dish we are unsure about. After boarding, touch base with the maitre D or head waiter that has been assigned to look after specific allergies and dietary needs. It is also best to try and arrange to dine at the same table each night so that your waiters are fully aware of your meals. In most cases, you will pre-order the following nights meal and they will be prepared at a dedicated area of the galley. Yes, some of P&O's customer support is falling over somewhat, especially the online stuff. They are no longer responding to questions on social media, as the brand is being wound down. Ring their switchboard for any specific concerns.
  9. Transferring from HAL to a T/A, yes easy to do, shop around and dish it to your preferred T/A. Swapping from T/A to T/A, not so easy. You will need to cancel with one, which will usually lose your onboard booking bonuses in the process of rebooking with another.
  10. My ability to sleep on a plane is reliant on all the other restless souls around me.
  11. The spirits make it home, and sometimes the beers. The softies and water are refreshing on our 3hr jaunt home.
  12. Not that it will matter for much longer, booking via P&O's website lacks flexibility. I want to know our cabin options before we book, not to even have to pick from a list afterwards as P&O offers. If booking direct with P&O, I would recommend doing it over the phone. Personally, we email our T/A and will give him a block of cabin numbers to pick from. The difference in price between Go and Value is mostly absorbed with OBC, so "value" is usually worthwhile. I am glad you got it sorted. I don't think it is a case of false advertising, but an inability to deliver on a promise. Not deceptive, just incompetent.
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