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  1. Cheers I will try that one but a lot of these sites are regionally blocked.
  2. If the staff and line do not deliver quality, they will definitely not be in business for long.
  3. I like how the penguins are standing sentry.
  4. No, I am a forward or striker, I rely on good service from my halves.
  5. Yeah, lucky the credit card had some wriggle room for that sea board account.
  6. All true English footballers despite where they were born or what national team they played for.😋
  7. Their publicity may actually provide your son's company with more bookings.
  8. I have attended my religious duties this morning, scored two goals as well.
  9. That is cheap, I had a bill of $895 USD for a consult and a drip for an hour. CC insurance paid it out when I claimed on my return. No access back then.
  10. I would be in on that. thank you muchly.
  11. No. don't they realise that we are desperates waiting to live through their experiences.
  12. Stay hydrated as well.
  13. I have so many cruises to pick from, some where special due to the itinerary, some were special because of the friends and family with us, some were special because of the experiences we had on it. I can vary so easily for different reasons.
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