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  1. We have been to Bergen several times and have got both types of weather, I know which one I preferred. The photos come out much better with good light.
  2. No compulsory at all. Some cruise lines don't even offer them at all.
  3. Doesn't look like all his tentacles have dropped, not the full squid.
  4. And everyone else who wasn't the 2000th post, gets 2 bowls.😋
  5. I have done a few over the years.There was a time when I was doing 8 to 10 HWS changeovers a day.
  6. You had great weather at least, as with a lot of Norway, they get lots of rain.
  7. Yep, change of career, no issues now.
  8. Well for me, it may vary to a few things but then someone may think that too much of any of those things would be detrimental as well.
  9. You said they are not bad, but are they nice?
  10. When we were there, there was an enormous cat, about 450mm tall hanging around. Looked the size of a Lynx or bigger.
  11. wouldn't want a tentacle getting under the clothes either.
  12. I know that kid may be seeing stars when the mother finds out.
  13. Not good at all, no wonder the whale watching was not on the agenda.
  14. Everyone your age may pee their pants but if it doesn't show it is Depends.
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