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  1. MicCanberra

    Ovation boarding

    LOl, with the latest heatwave everyone is HOT.
  2. MicCanberra

    WBCT accommodations

    I thought sound advice was what you got when visiting the NZ fiordlands.
  3. MicCanberra

    Noro Virus

    There is that too. The forms are useless except for the cruise line saying 'you lied on your form'. They are better off having the check-in staff and ship's staff watching and listening to the passengers as they are waiting as well as the special cameras scanning them as they go past and picking out the ill passengers to stop them boarding.
  4. MicCanberra

    Newcastle Travel Expo Sunday 20/1

    Maybe try some of the other lines that visit and have alternate itineraries
  5. MicCanberra

    Noro Virus

    I do use the sanitisers whenever possible but nothing beats good hand washing along with the other good hygiene practices.
  6. MicCanberra

    Diamond Princess in dry dock Singapore

    Yep, usually they do all of that.
  7. Years ago there was someone saying they did this and was wondering what size a particular balcony was so they could do it again. They wanted to know if the mattress would fit out there.
  8. No, you can keep the humidity and the high temps, my A/C is on the fritz after last Wednesday so doing it tougher than usual.
  9. MicCanberra

    Balcony vs Inside?

  10. Definitely a good option.
  11. The bridge climb is priced like the journey, over the top.
  12. MicCanberra

    Noro Virus

    They must be living in a fairytale.
  13. MicCanberra

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    5 days to go.
  14. MicCanberra

    Balcony vs Inside?

    A Pearl Clutcher is a new one for me, I must say it brings all sorts of images to my mind but most are not appropriate for a younger audience.
  15. I hope they help and you can recover and get some sleep.