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  1. A wet dour day for the Giants, Pies game and at half time it is the pies up by 3 points 3.2 (20) - 2.5 (17)
  2. Some countries that are really hard to cruise to are Andorra, San Marino, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Chad, Niger, Mali, Serbia, Belarus, Azerbajan, and many more. Then there are many places within nearly every country that you cannot cruise to.
  3. Seemed that way, Certainly a game of two halves.
  4. I hope they have a good couple of days in Tahiti.
  5. Bring a easy going attitude and everything will go better, even when it doesn't.
  6. Retirement is a wonderful time to travel as you have the time, but I do not want to wait that long, as health can often stymy any of those future plans. I travel when I can for as long as I can.
  7. While I have been on a B2B for 30 nights (US to Australia) and didn't want to hope off
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