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  1. Check it tomorrow, if is still 272, something is wrong.
  2. With those ears, it could be either King Charlie, or Mr Rabbit (Tony Abbott).
  3. Like I said, it is just a brand, Aussie made and mainly sold in Darwin or online, Archie's are similar, but I don't think they are as good. Most thongs are cheap and flat, no arch support or grip.
  4. Next time I am down that way, I will try and find one of the Victorian type. Out of interest, a few questions. Do they come in different colours and sizes? do the cost much ? do they last a long time? and will my wife like them as well?
  5. Don't worry Royal pax can also be royal pita's as well
  6. Slappers are a type of thong that have arch support and fit snuggle as to be able to run backwards in them. Very comfortable.
  7. Yes, with long seasons, you need to manage the players in the whole squad without adversely affecting the result, the momentum and the moral. As well as crowd expectations.
  8. No worries, you go anyway, you got the city.
  9. Wow, Max 4 pairs for me. Slappers, Walking shoes ( Hoka or Merrells), Boat shoes and possibly sandals if it is a warm weather location
  10. Yes, with the cost of everything the price of a cruise compared to a land stay, can still be value for money.
  11. I don't think it was called that but it may have been, it was the opening ceremony of the World Master's Games in 2017. It was in Eden Park Auckland.
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