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  1. They have just done that infomercial on Sun Princess out of Barcelona fully paid by Princess, so a down piece will be coming soon.
  2. As said, get Qantas to change your flight and stay the extra night no stress.
  3. Sleeping like a baby isn't as comfortable as it sounds.
  4. Yes, most are just fan clubs and will not stand for anything negative, that can also happen on some of the cruise critic threads for the actual cruise lines or ships.
  5. Not sure I will watch it but I am not surprised about AC airing a story on cruising.
  6. I am over qualified for being a child and under qualified for being 75. I will stick with another 10 year renewal or 2.
  7. Welcome to Cruise Critic, shame that your itinerary has changed but you wouldn't want to be there during rioting.
  8. Just buy the 5 year one, they are more expensive per annum though.
  9. I couldn't find any discussions on any other CC thread about bed bugs, note that doesn't mean they don't exist.. So I presume it is other social media.
  10. Firstly welcome to Cruise Critic. Secondly, I am not sure people are slating you, and while I have been lucky enough to have never encountered them, they do exist. People have been relating their experiences and I suppose speculating on if they were bed bugs or lice. Thirdly, I am sorry for your ordeal and subsequent humiliation.
  11. Nice to try new pies and expand your horizons
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