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  1. Or maybe passengers need to be more responsible when they feel unwell ie stay in their cabins, don't cough all over other people (as happened to DH on a recent cruise), don't cough into hands (also seen repeatedly on a recent cruise) then move around the ship touching things, report illnesses to the Medical Centre, wash hands often and use sanitiser, don't touch face unless with clean hands, don't embark if you feel unwell, etc, etc, etc.
  2. I stayed in the Darling Harbour one many years ago. It was quite decent.
  3. Our house is well below street level and the windows are not visible from the road or footpath. I'd put something in the carport but inevitably some lowlife would steal it, unfortunately. Mind you that does make it easy to get rid of stuff we don't want, although it took six months for my old pair of skis to disappear.🤣
  4. We went out for a walk this morning. Spotted seven bears (three in one house), a crocodile and a panda. For those that don't know what that means there is a Bear Hunt initiative going where people put teddy bears in their windows for kids (and the young at heart) to spot when they are out for a walk. Very cute! Apparently it's happening in several countries - I first heard of it from a friend in NZ. I make all my own stock. It's far nicer than most of the bought stuff and I can control what's in it. The real key is having a very large stockpot and an electric hotplate - you can't get the right slow simmer with gas. It needs a really, really slow simmer - a rate of one or two bubbles every 30 seconds. I let it simmer overnight, strain it and refrigerate it, next day I skim off any fat and pack it in one and two cup serves for the freezer. Once it's frozen solid I vac-pack it - it takes up less room in the freezer that way. I usually make chicken stock and beef stock, but made duck stock the other week after roasting a duck. After Christmas I made turkey stock from the carcass, then made turkey noodle soup. It was so yummy that when I ran out I went and bought a couple of packs of turkey wings and used those to make stock and more soup. We'll be doing the seniors supermarket run tomorrow morning. I've fairly well stocked for veges but will review that on Friday and go to the greengrocer and butcher then if we need everything.
  5. Happy anniversary. Could you not arrange a mini-cake as a surprise for your wife's birthday? Some cake suppliers make them in all sorts of sizes, from tiny to huge.
  6. Very sad for them. We've used them a couple of times when they have had been good deals. Our January Cunard cruise is booked through them.
  7. No smaller than a cruise ship cabin, and the bathrooms are a bit bigger. But I wouldn't want to be in isolation there.
  8. From what I saw of the Diamond Princess situation they did get some choice of main courses but definitely not full daily menus. That person sounds like she was living in a little bubble of unreality. 🤣
  9. The four cruise lines I've cruised with in the Australia/NZ region have all changed time zones to match the next port of call. Usually the change is overnight and you will get a reminder in your cabin that evening. The Australia circumnavigation has some half hour changes as well as one hour ones.
  10. The only advantage that I can think of would be someone else providing meals but other than that I'd rather be in lockdown at home. And now I have my freezer chock-a-block with precooked meals so that isn't an issue any more, plus DH helps with the meal preps.
  11. Media sensationalism strikes again. It's happened again in Sydney. A bunch of medical professionals arrived back from South America the other day. Some travelled on from Sydney to their home towns including interstate. The media blew it up as a big deal, breaking quarantine, yada yada. Now it appears that there was another communication breakdown between various NSW authorities so, yes, some of those passengers were allowed to fly back home and are now wondering why they are being castigated since they were only doing what they were instructed to do. The media is, of course, back pedalling like mad but the damage has already been done. I don't believe in censorship of the media but in cases like this ...🙄
  12. I suspect many cruise lines are just spreading the load of cancellations so they don't have to refund too much all at one time. We're still waiting for the official cancellation of our May Europe cruise with Crystal. It's frustrating from our perspective, especially as they are saying up to 90 days for the refund to be processed.
  13. I think Princess will, at least, refund any monies paid before the cruise was cancelled. I'm fairly certain they will respect the fact that cruisers were loyal enough to continue booking with them despite the virus issues and will want to retain that loyalty.
  14. I agree, that's standard timing for Princess apart from the arrival time - and that may have been weather-related, high winds possibly. I can't remember what date she docked though.
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