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  1. I just looked up the Cruise Passenger website anf found the article. It didn't mention the big ships, just smaller ones like Ponant.
  2. Was it a nice place to stay? We had a really bad experience at a Peppers some years ago. Crappy furniture, cockroaches in the room, a full stinky dirty ashtray on the balcony, getting a table at breakfast was a struggle, appalling bar service, and their wine list was so basic they didn't actually have wines that matched their dinner menu. All at over $500 per night. Consequently we're a bit leery of booking at a Peppers again. We did complain in writing but just got a stock response. No care, no responsibility.
  3. Yes, we can make it work but trips like that become stressful instead of a relaxing break. I've been trying to find an affordable Queensland all-inclusive resort where we could chill out for a couple of weeks but even the cheapest are 2-3 times dearer than a cruise.
  4. Home Affairs haven't got a clue about what is happening in the real world here. If restaurants and hotels can't get enough staff where on earth are the cruise lines going to get them from? Especially staff to work the long hours that cruise ship crew do.
  5. As much as I'd love to I'm not planning on going anywhere overseas that involves flying until 2024 at least. We do have a Hawaii/Tahiti cruise booked in 2023 but that's out of Sydney so no air travel involved. As we get older we're finding long distance air travel harder to cope with so may not ever get to do some of the cruises and trips on our bucket list.
  6. It's nothing like The Love Boat.🤣 Although the theme music used to be used in the safely briefings which always made people smile. And the horns on the newer ships also play the theme song. The decor on Princess is more traditional than Celebrity, think warm colours and woods rather than Celebrity's cool, silvery look. The newer ships - Royal, Majestic etc - have stunning atriums but we like some of the older ships better. The cabins have great storage but the bathrooms are tiny. No sofas in the standard cabins but they do feel more spacious than Celebrity as they don't have that i
  7. I think that's sensible, Lyle. Long distance international travel is too unpredictable at the moment and there is no real solid indication of when the world will start settling down. Better to stay relatively close to home for the near future. Hopefully we can welcome you down under at some later date. I haven't been on either of those ships but have been on a number of similar Princess ships. They are comparable to Celebrity - the cabins aren't quite as nice but I prefer the public areas on that class of Princess ship, somehow they seem cosier than Celebrity. I also think the food
  8. Nope! Although we did enjoy our month of travel from Sydney to South Australia and Victoria, it was not a relaxing holiday like a cruise is. Lots of driving, changing accommodation every few days, trying to find nice places to eat and so on. Added to that was the stress of not knowing until a few days before we left whether the SA border would be open to Sydneyites. We also had to plan alternatives for our trip back to Sydney in case of outbreaks while we were travelling. I really, really want to get back on a cruise ship, preferably for a nice, long, relaxing trip like the Round A
  9. I always make my own stock. I have a 12 litre stockpot so make quite a lot at one time. I freeze then vacpac it. We got hooked on turkey noodle soup after using up the remains of a Christmas turkey once. Now I don't wait for Christmas. Woolworths have lovely turkey drumsticks and wings. I roast them off first to get some caramelisation, reserve any fat from that then deglaze the roasting pan with water which gets added to the stockpot.
  10. Correct. Sorry for the delay, I was watching MasterChef.
  11. My recipe makes 16 serves. Plenty to freeze. Of course if you want less serves just use one pack of turkey and about 2-3 litres of water for the stock, plus onion, carrot, celery, all roughly chopped, parsley and peppercorns. For the soup I use finely diced onion, carrot, celery and swede sweated down in the reserved fat skimmed from the stock. Add the stock and simmer for a while, then add spaghettini broken into 1cm pieces. Simmer until pasta is cooked then stir through the shredded turkey meat and bring up to heat again and season to taste. I don't add extra herbs or spices to t
  12. Mmmmm! Sounds yummy! I'm just finishing off making a large batch of turkey noodle soup. I started the stock for it on Tuesday, using two packs of turkey drumsticks. Simmered that overnight then strained the stock and shredded the meat off the bones yesterdsy. Today I turned it all into soup. It's currently our favourite pick-me-up soup for days when we're feeling a bit blah.
  13. In 2018 1.35 million Australians went on a cruise. That's a fair few voters. In that same year 200,000 overseas visitors took cruises here.
  14. Ground cumin, coriander and ginger go well with pumpkin too, especially in soup.
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