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  1. I cheated! Most of the stuff we bought with us from Sydney. Although the local Coles seems very good but I prefer veges and deli items from my local greengrocer. I forgot to bring some after dinner chocolate though so we might have to stop in at Coles again tomorrow. 🤣 The apartment is very well equiped so putting together the various plates was very easy. It's the best equipped apartment we've ever stayed in.
  2. I remember Blue Nun. Liebfraumilch. I tjink I got rather inebriated on it once. Some friends had a beach house where a group of us went for a weekend. My boyfriend of the time knew I didn't like beer much so bought me a bottle of Blue Nun. Oops!
  3. It's hard to tell what those wines were based on but I do recall Italian moscato and prosecco was popular among those who thought champagne was too "sour". Now prosecco is uber-trendy. 🤣
  4. Yes, the pies weren't cheap but they were nice. Better than the other fast food options and the coffee was very nice indeed.
  5. The Pate Pods are great. Tonight we're haing the cracked pepper one, it's in the middle of the vege plate. Just the right size!
  6. We're overlooking the Myall River. I do like the sound of rain, except when I have to go out in it. Also the apartment pool has a bubbler that that is making lovely water sounds, very relaxing. We're being lazy tonight, just having grazing food - charcuterie, cheeses, some veges, and baguette, with a rosé.
  7. Yes, we know Jimmy's Beach. Many, many years ago, when we were younger and more agile, we camped there a couple of times. We'll probably go around there one day if the weather permits but at the moment it's looking like being wet every second day. Never mind, with a view like this who cares. Our Kindles are loaded, the fridge is stuffed full of food, wine, beer etc so we'll survive whatever the weather throws at us.
  8. One of our local bakeries does a variation on that called a caramelized mille feuille. Three layers of pastry that have been sprinkled with sugar and blowtorched until the sugar caramelizes. The pastry layers are then sandwiched together with vanilla custard as the lower filling and cream as the upper filling. Very decadent and very tricky to eat. I can usually only manage half of one at a time.
  9. The forecast isn't looking good, Leigh, but hopefully we'll be able to sit outside in all weathers with the lovely balcony. Our only complaint so far is that the place reeks of air freshener. We've got every window and door open to try to clear it but it's taking a long time to disappate.
  10. We've made it to Tea Gardens, with a stop at Heatherbrae for a pie and coffee for lunch. Very decent pies - nice pastry that held together while eating without being cardboardy, generous filling with tender chunks of beef, just the right amount of delicious gravy. I'd stop there again. The coffee was very nice too. I hadn't seen that brand before. The apartment is good with a fantastic sheltered balcony. We're just about to suss out the local Coles.
  11. The wine, gin, and negroni mix are all packed. The cheeses will go in the esky shortly, along with the pate, proscuitto, and other goodies. We'll buy more basic stuff up there. We discovered some new pate at Coles the other day - Pate Pods. Four 50g pods to a pack, all different flavours. Good for trips like this as you don't have to open them all at once.
  12. We're heading off today on our first trip since the pandemic started. We're going to Tea Gardens, about 2.5 hours north of Sydney, for a week. That is if we can get there. The Pacific Highway was flooded right at the turn-off yesterday. Hopefully that has subsided by now. It will be nice to have a change of scene and to get a bit of fresh sea air. We chose Tea Gardens as it's a bit quieter than Nelson Bay but might take the ferry over there one day - a one hour cruise!
  13. It's not only smaller towns that have gone that way. The main Lane Cove shopping centre used to have two butchers, a greengrocer or two, four delis and a couple of fish shops, plus three supermarkets. Now there is one butcher and three supermarkets. All the rest are long gone. Luckily Lane Cove West has a great greengrocer, and an excellent butcher so we do most of our fresh food shopping there. The fish and chip shop does sell a limited selection of fresh fish.
  14. Fantastic news again from Melbourne. I hope you all have wonderful visits with family and friends that you haven't seen since lockdown. 😘
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