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  1. You might want to check your itinerary again. Unless Oceania has developed some revolutionary cruise ship technology, it is impossible to go between Australia and NZ in one day.
  2. Also remember that first thing in the morning the smoke is usually at it's worst as there is usually not much breeze then. In fact you can see how it's settled low down over the water and land in your snapshots. It's looking a bit better now.
  3. Yes, it is smoky today, unfortunately. It was beautiful all last week despite the fires up north but the wind direction has changed and blown the smoke our way. Yes, the fire risks will continue all summer but that doesn't necessarily mean Sydney will be affected by fires or smoke all summer. It's impossible to predict. We've had fire seasons that started in September but fizzled out by Christmas, and others that started right on Christmas or even later.
  4. Most NZ cruises typically stop at a port every day, except when going south from Tauranga or north to Tauranga where there is usually a sea day as it's a fair distance around East Cape. Most cruises usually stop at 5-6 NZ ports plus have a day scenic cruising in Fiordland (which is one of the highlights of a NZ cruise). However Australia and NZ are two full days cruising apart, across the Tasman Sea, so if you choose a cruise that embarks and disembarks in Australia you'll always get those four sea days. Quite a few cruise lines offer one way cruises from Australia to NZ which cuts down on the number of sea days on each cruise and also allows you do do some land based travel in each country before and after the cruise. That's probably your best option if you don't want many sea days.
  5. Majestic is the only ship in port that day so if Sarah was the only party wanting to disembark there then I can't see Customs providing someone at the terminal for them alone.
  6. Yes, you do have to be vigilant in checking your onboard account. Most of the waiters are very good but it only takes one whose mind isn't on his/her job for mistakes to happen. I was actually a bit surprised that we made it through 35 nights on Sea Princess on our last cruise without a single mistake.
  7. That's a shame, Sarah. Yes, it probably is a Customs issue. You'll probably have to the face-to-face passport check in Hobart, unless they do it onboard but the customs side of thing is usually only when disembarking. Hope you manage to find some decent flights that aren't too expensive.
  8. Thanks for those articles. As you said, they are only good to a point but would provide some protect for people who are affected by pollution when they have to go outside ie to shop for groceries and necessities.
  9. The pool was great! We had a swim, some lunch by the pool, then went to our room for a rest and showers.
  10. Yes, 10 hours is a bit too long in a transit lounge. I've been lucky in being able to mostly avoid long transit times so far when travelling long haul. We did have a seven hour transit in Singapore once where we used the transit hotel. I suspect I'll be a tad grumpy by the time we board the second flight in Taipei.
  11. I thought I'd read something around the time that Qantas did the New York nonstop flight about them only intending to offer two classes on the long flights but I could be wrong.
  12. That's fairly standard timing for a Australia to Europe flight regardless of which route you take. Most airlines offer options for combined travel time of 23-24 hours. For our next trip we're going on China Airlines which stops at Taipei. Around 10 hours on each sector. It would have been perfect with short transits each way but unfortunately they've cancelled the original Sydney to Taipei flight we booked on andhave put us on an overnight flight leaving a day earlier. So we have about 18 hours in Taipei to fill in. Oh well, I've never been to Taipei so I guess we'll be going sightseeing, including go to the original Din Tai Fung dumpling restaurant.
  13. If you connect to Princess@Sea you can see how many "punches" you have and even every transaction. It's under Accounts/Packages.
  14. My feeling is that if I can survive 14 hours on a plane then another six isn't going to make much difference. However from what I read a while back Qantas will only be offering premium economy and business class on those flights. Personally I don't think premium economy is good value for money and Qantas business class is way outside my price range so I doubt I'll ever go on one of those flights.
  15. I was hoping the cooler air would make it up your way. We noticed some big black clouds when we went out for our walk this morning. They were heading north and didn't drop any rain anywhere near us so I hope they held it all in for you.
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