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  1. Exactly. Anyway whatever it was it went very well with the Bluff oysters.
  2. Hmmmm, I had a look at that and none of them dinged my memory. It wasn't a lager or an IPA but I don't think it was Monteith's dark either. I have a vague recollection it may have been something we chose from a special promotion card on the table.
  3. Wrong part of the country for Tui, and I don't know the other two.
  4. We also had very nice beer the Bully Hayes restaurant in Akaroa with the Bluff oysters. I can't remember the brand though but I don't think it was one of the usual ones.
  5. I hop e it stays that way - the status not the smoke that is.
  6. Steinlager? Yuck! Only tourists drink that. Monteith's dark is a decent drop though. There are so many boutique breweries in NZ now. We went to a great one in Dunedin last year - Emerson's Brewery. Very nice beers indeed and a great restaurant.
  7. BTW we have clear air again in Sydney today. 😊
  8. Fume Blanc seems to have gone out of fashion these days. Princess have a rather nice Vouvray on their wine list at present which is, of course, 100% Chenin Blanc. It's a much nicer wine than the Chenin Blancs I remember drinking in NZ many years ago, they were always a bit too fruity.
  9. Yep, that's them. Really good for rolling down the aisles in movie theatres back in the days when they weren't carpeted.🤣
  10. A lot of Chinese come here on tours and while they are here they stock up on vitamins etc. You can't move in that aisle at the big Discount Chemist in Chatswood at times. However they are screening any flights from the affected area when they arrive in Australia.
  11. It was bad on the lower north shore as well but we had lots of good days earlier in the week.
  12. It's cooler today and there has been some rain in Sydney but not in the fire-affected areas unfortunately. Yesterday was a real stinker! As well as the tragic air tanker crash, another five fire fighters were badly injured when a water tanker truck rolled on the South Coast.
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