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  1. Most of them don't use MSG directly but it may be in sauces they use - next time you're in the supermarket check how many varieties of Asian sauces list 621 in the ingredients list, especially oyster sauce. Ayam is the only safe brand. Oddly enough I've never had a problem with tomatoes, beer, wine, sauerkraut, or freshly prepared Japanese food. I did have a problem with instant miso soup though, and also a Japanese bottled salad dressing I used to love until I started reacting to it. I did read somewhere that there is some difference between naturally occurring MSG and artificially produced MSG. Anyway I rarely get the migraines these days as I'm careful, just the odd one when I've been to a new restaurant or something. Actually the last restaurant triggered one was from a Middle Eastern restaurant - very strange.
  2. She was lucky with the prawns, Les. Some of the ones that come from Asia are coated in MSG. A couple of times I couldn't work out what had triggered a migraine. Both those times were prawns and at a place I'd eaten at heaps of times before. Shortly after that I spotted some frozen prawns in a store, checked the label and, sure enough, there was MSG listed. I had to stop going to that place. Oddly enough I've never had a problem in Singapore.
  3. Not necessarily a hangover, any sort of tummy upset. I occasionally get a mild form of migraine. I wake up with it and although the headache isn't too severe I usually get a queasy tummy as well and can only eat vegemite on toast then. Although I try to avoid the triggers - aspartame, msg, some artificial colourings, and lights flashing in my eyes - I don't always succeed. Eating Asian food out can be a problem but I soon get to know which outlets to avoid.
  4. You don't drink wine with Chilli Crab, only Tiger Beer! Singapore actually has two famous crab dishes, the other is Black Pepper Crab. Just as delicious but not as gooey.
  5. I find Vegemite is really good for settling queasy tummies. Vegemite on toast is the only thing I can eat when I'm feeling off-colour.
  6. Yes, some of them are, especially in the evenings. Most of the trips I did to Singapore were tag-along trips when my DH went there on business. We often got together with his colleagues for dinner. There were some memorable crab feasts.
  7. Veal probably became too expensive.
  8. Yes, even with Tiger Beer. It was in a very popular local restaurant, not one tourists usually go to. A local friend took us there. It was one of the local hotspots. You had to start queuing around 11:15am to get a table when it open at midday. Great food.
  9. I think it's just called an engine cover. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lamborghinipalmbeach.com/blog/what-is-an-engine-bonnet/
  10. If it's the space for luggage, and often the spare wheel, it's the boot. It doesn't matter whether it's front or back. I'm not sure what engine compartment cover is called if the engine isn't at the front.
  11. It's not so much the other people trying to get what they want quicky and efficiently. - It's the ones that meet up with someone they knoe and stop to have a very long chat, blocking the aisles or (even worse) the areas t hat run across the ends of the aisles, often right in front of the milk fridges. - it's the ones who park their trolley, usually blocking popular items, then dart all over that aisle to get what they want without looking where other people are. - it's the ones who suddenly stop mid-aisle to text on their phones or make a call. - it's the ones who barge into the store, heading directly for whatever they want even if it means cutting across directly in front of you, so close they almost bump into you. - it's the one who decide to take their whole family on an outing to the supermarket and then let their kids run around out of control. Ugh!
  12. If the OP is looking for February 2022 I've just heard the 2021/22 season itineraries aren't going to be released until mid -August now.
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