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  1. I think the only exceptions would be if the two cabins were either side of a fire door and you can tell that by the way the first digit of the cabin number changes.
  2. That wouldn't bother me although I would be disappointed to miss the stop at Broome.
  3. Most cruise lines have some issues. Princess bathrooms are small on all classes of their ships unfortunately and most of their cabins don't have sofas, but because of that they feel more spacious than Celebrity Solstice and have much better storage and closet space. So win some, lose some. We prefer the entertainment on Princess, especially after our last Solstice cruise where they blasted the music everywhere so you couldn't even have a conversation sitting right next to each other. Plus we're a bit older than you folk so our tastes may differ. Princess has a show band rather than using canned music for its production shows and the show band also doubles as a jazz band some nights which we love. Princess has much better drinks service in the bars but no sommeliers in the MDRs, although there were signs of changes - bar waiters delivering drinks to table waiters - on one of the last cruises we did. My ideal cruise ship would be a cross between Princess and Celebrity. Celebrity cabins but with the Princess-style walk-in closet next to the bathroom. Princess lounges and bars as per the Grand Class ships. But I think we might have to look at some of the more upmarket lines now. The newer Princess and Celebrity ships are getting too big and don't suit us as well as the older ships did.
  4. It's a shame you've decided to give up on the Princess cruise, Lyle, but Viking should be fantastic. Don't give up on Princess completely. They'll get their technical issues sorted out eventually. I suspect they rushed the implementation of some of the features thinking reduced passenger cruises would be a good time to bed them in but obviously they hadn't got all the bugs out. The Lift and Sip idea is a bit stupid for the bars but a good idea for places like the theatre, trivia, bingo, etc. So far it's only been tried on Sky, I think, and they may have taken it further than was originally intended.
  5. They did change some of the itineraries, ones with South Pacific ports, but left the NZ ones as original so they would have to change. I don't think they restricted sales on the Coral cruises to Aussies only but I hope they will be Aussie-only cruises initially. We're booked on the Round Australia cruise in March. It will be interesting to see what happens with that one as I'm not sure WA will come to the party over cruising.
  6. They cancelled the full season for Royal and Sapphire but Coral is scheduled to do the big cruises during winter, assuming those are viable, so that's probably why they didn't cancel the whole Cor all season. However Princess have been very good about cancelling before final payments are due which is why I expect to hear something soon, and if we don't then that may mean a restart will happen. 🤞
  7. Princess has some cruises on Coral Princess still scheduled to operate from mid-January. If those are going to be cancelled it will probably happen this week as final payment for the first of those cruises must be due soon.
  8. And lots of numbers. For the trip we did earlier in the year I had Plan A with sub plans A1 (which also spilt into A1.1 and A1.2) and A2, Plan B and Plan C, both of which I hadn't really started on the subplans but was considering options. Luckily it all came together so we could do Plan A using the A1.2 variant. 🤣
  9. One Sydney bakery used to make a strawberry and rhubarb pie. Family size not individual. They were very yummy but I haven't seen them anywhere for ages. Strawberry on it's own can be overly sweet but with rhubarb added it balances out the sweetness.
  10. Similar pricing to the Princess world cruise with Plus package.
  11. It's certainly a very long cruise but it does cover each region in some depth. I wouldn't like to do it in an inside cabin though. On a cruise of that length there would probably be days where you just want to stay in your cabin, perhaps not feeling well or just need a break fron the shipboard routine. We did the 35 night Hawaii/Tahiti cruise in an inside cabin and after that I wouldn't do a long cruise in an inside cabin again. We both had days where we stayed in the cabin - I had a migraine one day, and Rolf caught a cold and spent a couple of days in the cabin. Not having access to fresh air was an issue. We loved the 35 night cruise and would love to do a world cruise but not one that long.
  12. I think Pushka, who pops in here occasionally, did one of those a few years back. She said it was great. What I want though is to be able to stay at each place for a few days then move on to the next which is why I said I'd need to charter a yacht!🤣
  13. A full world cruise. We'd love to do it on Cunard but that would mean flying to and from the UK, so extra cost on top of the fares which are expensive enough as it is. However we might be able to do the Princess one in a few years. Here's hoping!🤞 I'd also like to spend a couple of months cruising the Greek Islands and the Dalmation Coast but for that sort of trip we'd need to charter a luxury yacht. Unfortunately we're not that rich! 😪🤣
  14. QLD should be well past the 80% vaccinated before any cruises depart from there. Anyway I was referring to the other requirements prior to 90% vaccinated ie fully vaccinated and a negative Covid test no more than 72 hours before arriving in QLD.
  15. February is best for NZ. Both times will be hot and humid in the northernmost section of the GBR.
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