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  1. Princess used to do them, Dawn Princess would go back and forth for a while, and those itineraries seem to always be full. We booked one in 2015, at the last minute, and had no choice of inside cabin except a guarantee. Luckily we got exactly what we booked, an IA, even though it was next to the laundrette.
  2. It was at the top end of our range until Celebrity bumped up their prices!! 😡
  3. Winter cruises around the Top End or to PNG or Vanuatu / New Caledonia are fantastic. It can be cool and a bit rough for a day if you're leaving from Sydney but then it's gorgeous.
  4. I just checked the fares. The Celebrity fare has increased. The one perk non-refundable deposit fare is now slightly dearer than the refundable deposit two perk fare was. The refundable deposit fare, currently with three perks, is $400+ per person dearer. Looks like we might be giving Norwegian a go!
  5. We did the repositioning cruise, from Sydney to Yokohama, on Diamond last year and loved it. They were still running the Aussie-based menus and the quality and variety were good although perhaps not as good as on our first Princess cruise few years ago. I liked the layout, especially the Wheelhouse Bar which was large but still had cosy sections. I'd love to do a Japan-based cruise on her. I consider Princess on a par with Celebrity. Some things Celebrity does better and some things Princess does better.
  6. If your Ezylink card expires just go to one of the manned booths at a station and they will issue a new one and transfer the balance if any. Ditto in Hong Kong. That was you get cheaper fares, I think. The Singapore MRT is excellent now, so easy to get around on.
  7. Featherdale, near Blacktown in Sydney, had a good write-up in today's Traveller section. Unfortunately the article isn't up online but here's the Featherdale website. https://www.featherdale.com.au/ The nearest station is Doonside, then it's a 1.6km walk from there which would take about 20 minutes.
  8. Yes, you can take as much wine as you like as well. The first two bottles incur no corkage but can only be drunk in your cabin. Other bottles incur a $15 corkage fee and can be taken to dining venues.
  9. Dunedin has an albatross sanctuary at Taiaroa Head which is worth a visit. Also on the Otago Peninsula is the Penguin Place where you can see yellow-eyed penguins and sometimes seals. Since Larnach Castle is also on the peninsula you should be able to get a tour which covers all three.
  10. I'd like to see Princess offering the same level of winter itineraries as they did in 2015/16. These days there is nothing. Sea is off dping long itineraries including the world cruise Sun gets shunted all over the place but mostly away from Australia and there is no longer a third ship wintering over.
  11. I've heard the Horizon Court referred to as the Horrorzone. 🤣
  12. Norovirus usually hangs around longer than 24 hours. It often takes 2-3 days to recover fully so it may very well have been food poisoning or some other type of reaction to what you ate.
  13. I didn't even like the Marketplace. I did like Harmony though. Yes, it's the August 29th embarkation on Sea. Good to hear the MDR was great. Did you have Anytime dining? Up until the Majestic cruise we've had late traditional dining but have decided to try Anytime for that and the Hawaii/Tahiti cruise. Hopefully it was a good decision. I'll be looking out for a good wait team and if we find one will try to get in their section as often as possible. I've seen a few comments that some of the world cruisers are grumbling about the food on Sea at the moment.
  14. I'm very careful which cabin I book. Cabin decks above and below, and midships. We did do a last minute guarantee booking on Dawn Princess a few years ago and ended up next to the laundrette, with a steward's stoeroom in between. It was fine although I did get woken up around 7:30am most mornings when the stewards got their trolleys out of the storeroom. We liked the location so much we booked the equivalent adjacent cabin on Sun on a subsequent cruise.
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