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  1. Or stop at a supermarket on the way to the ship and buy 24* 600ml packs for under $9. Stick luggage labels on them and hand them in with the rest of your luggage. We're using a water filter jug on our current cruise and it's saving us heaps. We took one slab of bottled water on for port days.
  2. BGozzy, when doing your calculations look at the alternatives for coffee and wine. Coffees work out at $2.40 each using the coffee card. Wine by the bottle works out much cheaper - the by-the-glass pours are 150ml so five glasses to a bottle. The waiters will store unfinished bottled wine for you for the next day. I'm still working on finding out the gin prices.
  3. It was lovely and we had perfect weather at Waimea Canyon. Stunning scenery. Five sea days now.
  4. Pay as we go is working very well for us, we're running at least $25 pp per day below the drinks package price even with having some expensive wines some nights. Plus there is a bigger selection of wines by the bottle tban by the glass. However we did enjoy the all inclusive drinks on Crystal. It was much easier and the wines offered were excellent.
  5. Also the Kerry Gre enwood Corinna Chapman series which is set in contemporary times - the Phryne Fisher series is set in the 1920s. Both are great.
  6. We did the helicopter excursion over the volcanic area. Absolutely brilliant, worth every exorbitant dollar. The helicopter was gorgeous, the volcanic area was fascinating, and we also got to see waterfalls than can only be seen from the air as they are in thick bush with no tracks in to them.
  7. We are, thanks Mic. In Kona today just pottering around, tomorrow is Nawiliwili where we're doing an excursion.
  8. I haven't found a gin list yet but these are the ones I've spotted so far: Hendricks Bombay Sapphire St George Terroir Tanqueray Bitter Truth Pink Beefeater The bars have been too busy at night to find out prices. I should be able to do that during the next lot of sea days and hopefully post them when we reach Tahiti. Ditto with the non-alcohol drinks packages, Gut.
  9. It looks like I missed the Crooners menu page with the Aperol Spritz on it. Here it is:
  10. Mic, that's the online bug. Each of those cruises probably has a different USD exchange rate associated which is why the prices are different. If you click on the T&Cs on each one you see the correct price.
  11. It was hot but just along from the tender wharf there was a park with a huge banyan tree so we sat there with a fresh lemonade until the queue dissipated.
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