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  1. We're having to severely restrict how many wineries we visit. 🤣
  2. Yes, you did but you also continued to blame the honey farm.
  3. But as pointed out earlier you can bring honey into Australia and, presumably, into the US. That was not the issue. You had containers of honey that were over 100ml so violated the carry-on liquids rule. You can't blame the honey retailer for that and you are being unfair in trying to do that.
  4. We've hardly used any cash over the past year while at home but at the moment in SA we find we are using it more for small purchases. Small businesses are really feeling the impact of everyone using credit cards as the fees are so high. They are having to pass the fees on to the customer.
  5. Sunset on Glenelg Beach. That's the first time I've seen a beach sign advising people to watch out for snakes! A very appropriate Monday morning epigram. Waterlilies. Large = Amazon, small = Nile Lotus
  6. Adelaide Saturday We slept in this morning. We put the last load of laundry on then made breakfast. The kitchen is reasonably well equipped except for bench space so it was a bit tricky but we got there in the end. I wish apartment hotels would have the sense to buy good quality heavy based frypans from a professional kitchenware shop, which don't buckle, last for ages and therefore work out cheaper in the long run, than buying cheap ones. After breakfast we went to the Central Markets. I was in food heaven. We spent hours there. I hadn't intended cooking any meal
  7. We don't stay in the laundrettes to supervise but do ensure we get back there just before the program ends so we can free up the relevant machine immediately it finishes. We've only done one short cruise since we reached Elite but we did get some laundry done on that just because we could. 😊
  8. Yes but the problem with guest laundries, just like those on cruise ships, is that you have to keep an eye on your laundry. With apartments with laundry facilities in each unit you can stick a load on then go out to dinner, then put it in the dryer overnight.
  9. The booking is on hold now. I just have to phone them to get the FCCs applied as the deposit. Last time I tried to contact my allocated anner, who I never requested, all I got was a message saying it was a public holiday in the US. Stuff that, if Princess wants me to use one of their planners they need to work in Aussie time!
  10. They are also good with macro photography. All I did was snap this one, the smartphone camera did the rest.
  11. I use my smartphone for so many things these days, especially when travelling. Because I use Dropbox I have access to all my documents, photos etc anywhere I am. I have a "secret wallet" app that stores all my passwords, maps, dictionary, currect exchange rates, calculator, spreadsheets, etc, etc, etc, plus the internet browser so I can post here. I use my smartphone more than my laptop these days.
  12. Princess website has crashed again, and phone queues are over an hour. Luckily I'm not trying to book a worldie, just a Hawaii/Tahiti run which I don't think books up quite as quickly on the Elite day.
  13. Be fair, BRANDEE, it's not the responsibility of the Bee Farm to advise their customers on airline security restrictions. If I went to a small maple syrup farm or outlet in, say, Vermont, would you expect them to tell me to pack it in my checked baggage?
  14. No, because there is no liquids rule on cruise ships and you can bring commercially packaged honey into Australia. It's a flight restriction.
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