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  1. I didn't start following rugby league until in the 80s.
  2. I was still working, as was many of our friends and family that came along. A long weekend cruise fitted well. Definitely not a South's fan, in fact they are actually one of the NRL clubs I like to see lose, along with Manly, Brisbane and Melbourne.
  3. https://www.sydneyswans.com.au/news/1555381/princess-cruises-sydney-swans-unveil-unique-fan-experience 25 January 2025.
  4. As yet they may not have changed but due to demand, as categories become scarcer, the prices will rise, just like on any popular cruise.
  5. Splendour left Sydney yesterday but had to return due to a medical emergency. A 50 year old male had a fall and had major head injuries. Hope he is okay.
  6. We had 4 day P&O cruise booked for my 50th birthday a few years ago, Moreton island return, many of my friends had booked to come along, many more planned to. Then P&O announced the sponsorship deal with South's NRL team, and the cruise would be a South's members cruise, with some Legends attending. Apart from lots of South's crap everywhere and a bit more of à NRL fan demographic, it was similar to any other cruise. The occasional bar was cordoned off for an event. The fares for all cabin categories almost doubled, some of my friends planning on booking decided not to. Still had a big crowd but not as big.
  7. One thing it will do is take some of the public spaces at various times for Swan centric events. Otherwise, it will just be a lot of the pax in Swans gear.
  8. Correct, the Palace of the Parliament building in Bucharest. Your go.
  9. The right city, but not the right building
  10. Britain didn't volunteer in every case, (US, SA, Ireland to name some) but again mostly via negotiation rather than war.
  11. Yes, they would like to keep some of them, at least the ones that make financial sense. However, most former colonies (dozens) didn't have to have a war for their independence, only a few. In any case, I hope there isn't any more trouble or deaths in New Caledonia.
  12. Yes, certainly not there or Haiti, but pretty much nearly every other former colony
  13. Do the French actually want them to have independence, if so they could just leave them to it as they have done elsewhere.
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