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  1. People are frightened, and rightly so. We are not trained like doctors who know the risk yet still go to work to save people.
  2. I am not criticising HAL and am a fan of the Captain of Amsterdam. I just thought if HAL had a fully trained Care Team, that would have taken the pressure off people at the local level. (I am a senior who has travelled the world my whole life independently - it is my passion. However, I've now realised how vulnerable I could be overseas, esp in countries where English is not widely spoken.)
  3. Does HAL have a fully trained "Care Team"? I have read of these teams flying in to assist in times of emergencies in the past. For many people who do WC, the attraction is they don't need to fly. These people are not going to be skilled on arranging flights - working the system. To compound matters, Perth is not a major international flight hub.
  4. Poor Tassie, being an island (often left off the map) hasn't helped her remain free of the virus. Same with Aust being an island - biggest numbers from cruise ships and people from abroad. I think more people are getting the message now how vital self guarantine is. I'm curious the low numbers for say Ovation and Voyager versus the high numbers for Ruby. This virus is so fast moving, it is hard to keep up.
  5. Congratulations on your new caravan. Just when you have an excess of accommodation, no visitors! You'll have time to get your old van in mint condition to sell. I could almost hear your noisy family celebrations on Zoom. Zoom ? I've never heard of that. Is it like Facebook? Enjoy dreaming about where you are going travel when this is all over. I assume this is an upgrade to toilet and shower - don't forget the toilet paper Stay home and keep safe
  6. For those passengers who use social media, Captain Jonathan, in his blog, said a few words of encouragement to the crew of Zaandam and Rotterdam, who is assisting her, would do a power of good you tag #HALstrong Captain Jonathan is the Captain of Amsterdam.
  7. Day 10 - Two dogs on bed with me. Me who said "No dog is getting on my bed!" I'm from country stock where dogs stayed outside. The dogs are whippets. (Fig from Figment of Imagination from WDW and Chase) Cooked Thai Chicken Noodle Soup - comfort food. Daughter made Vegetable and Soba Noodle Salad with honey ginger cashews. Today I'm going to make another chicken dish, because chicken doesn't keep. Am going to watch less TV today, except for Insiders. Beautiful bright blue skies and cool sea breezes at the Coast.
  8. Thanks for the explanations David and Big M. Would the risk be lessened if the take away cafe family is well known to you; your family member collects the meals/ they deliver meals and you reheat the meal, before eating same? I don't want this popular little family cafe to go out of business, if this virus drags on longer than expected.
  9. Oh no. Why? What if they deliver them to the house, put in yard and take the money from "secret spot"? I did notice NZ cancelled all take aways from inception, but thought that was to stop the movement of people BTW I had takeaway for dinner and breakfast from local cafe which we frequent.
  10. Agreed. Visual people need to see the message, not just hear it.
  11. Yes that is the one where a staff member left the ship and didn't return. He was interviewed on TV. I don't know how many others got off.
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