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  1. It is time the Government reinstates the fund, funded by travel agents, to protect consumers from TA's which go under!
  2. It is good that the insurer highlights their PDS general exclusions, prior to payment of their travel insurance. Many people don't read the PDS fine print.
  3. My understanding is TA's have blocks of cabins to sell. People don't go ahead with bookings for many reasons. In addition, people cancel all the time prior to departure because of illness, family reasons, etc.
  4. I'd be surprised if vacancies don't become available later for those who want to do the cruise.
  5. Lovely to see you back on line again. Sorry to hear your last cruises weren't good. Hope you rest up and feel well enough for your Easter cruise with your whole family. Take care!
  6. I was disappointed that Australian government organised flights back to Australia for Aussies/Kiwis on board, after the Americans organised flights for Americans Why couldn't Australia lead the way! I think it was a good idea to bring evacuees from Diamond Princess back to a central isolated facility in Darwin, with the arrangement that any evacuees who were tested positive later would be transferred by air ambulance to their home state.
  7. Plus a further two additional Australian evacuees from Diamond Princess have been tested positive to coronavirus in Darwin. They are from Victoria. All people tested positive are transferred direct from the facility to their home state. Currently, that is an extra four in all. Another three are being tested this morning, so they expect more people possibly requiring isolation. All are reasonably well. ABC News
  8. It was great to be able to see photos and video of Pitcairn Island. Most times the islanders come to the ship to sell their wares and receive supplies and passengers don't go ashore. I always enjoy Captain Jonathan's blogs, so he will be missed. He went ashore because this is his last cruise past Pitcairn Island.
  9. Are gratuities in US $? $11.50 US per day per person equals $17.35 Aust. per person. Aust $ at record low.
  10. An additional two evacuees from Diamond Princess have been tested positive with the virus in Darwin. They are women from Queensland.
  11. An additional two Australian evacuees from Diamond Princess have tested positive to coronavirus in Darwin. They are two women from Qld. ABC News
  12. Do you know now? Darwin was a clue! South Australia and West Australia.
  13. Evacuees from Hubei have left quarantine and gone home all free of the virus. All evacuees from Diamond Princess weren't tested positive in Japan before being flown to Darwin. Now two have tested positive. They are being kept isolated and are being sent to hospitals in their home states (SA & WA).
  14. It the tickets are bought in Australia, would the gratuities have to be added to the purchase price?
  15. I was wondering if QM2 might be in the vicinity. It was reported the possible cyclone was heading west, so may be overland by then.
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