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  1. WA Newspaper Front Page Headline - Berth Control.
  2. I was in the UK this time last year as Autumn arrived. People were already wearing warm coats as protection from the cold wind. So thinking of you and everyone in UK as you face winter with covid virus numbers currently increasing. I hope the new restrictions and lockdowns are successful. Looking forward to a time when I can revisit my favourite city, London.
  3. Who would have thought WA would have more infected cases than Victoria? Due to iron ore carrier crew off WA Coast.
  4. Not quite overseas. You don't need a passport. Still a beautiful place to visit.
  5. What great news - only five new cases in Melbourne today. I was afraid to believe it would only be a short time until Melbourne would turn the corner, because of its strict lowdown and restrictions. I'm so pleased for everyone in Melbourne.
  6. Yes. There were a couple of young girls in the square in front of us. One got up and danced like no-one was watching (like the old saying), whilst the other one was too embarrassed so danced sitting down, with her long legs flying across the square.
  7. The Entertainment industry was badly hit by the pandemic. Last weekend it was good to see organisers adapting to the restrictions. Saturday night, My girls went to a "blow up screen" drive in movie, on an empty block, which was popular. Sunday, we went to our first outdoors concert at HOTA. You were given a flag with a number on it, which you put in a square marked on the ground. All guests were to stay in their pod, all correctly separated. It was wonderful to see the pure joy when many people danced the twist in their pod, for the last song. It was a beautiful sunny GC afternoon.
  8. I think so. I just buy mine from the heated chickens at the supermarket. However, they don't taste as good as free range chickens bought from small producers at markets. The best I've tasted were from a market in Canberra. Of course all chooks used to be free range from a pen in the backyard, when I was young. Then you only ate cook on Sunday Dinner or on a special occasion.
  9. Your turkey noodle soup sounds delicious. I regularly eat turkey in the US, but I've never cooked turkey in Australia.
  10. Don't you have to heat pies in the oven? As long as they are Aussie product you should be right. Many of us aren't in the mood for cooking at night. I'm a morning person.
  11. I cruised on Superstar Leo in 2003 from Sydney to Darwin, when she returned from Australia after the SARS epidemic.
  12. I'm having free range chicken tonight in a salad. Any leftover will be on a toasted sandwich tomorrow. For lunch I had two Japanese wraps of black rice and portobello mushrooms.
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