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  1. Sound like you had the best deck on the ship for smoother seas! If you don't normally suffer from sea sickness, you might find your ship is sailing through conflicting currents (feels like a washing machine). When I researched Antarctica, I discovered there are often conflicting currents there (up and down, side to side). I was very surprised when I got seasick crossing the Bay of Biscay, as I knew I didn't get sea sick. The Bay of Biscay had conflicting currents, which I hadn't experienced before. Our roughest seas were from South Georgia to Antarctica, not the Drake. I agree the Crew Fund is a good idea for sharing your appreciation. Sounds like you had a wonderful cruise.
  2. Thank you for explaining what you meant by the class system. Like many Australians, I dislike any forms of obvious discrimination, which is possibly why I dislike tipping so much. We did a cruise to Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica on Hurtigruten's Fram and there were no signs of discrimination. Passengers, who wanted to do extra paid activities, put their names on a list, after boarding, on the understanding that not everyone would be able to partake in the activity. BTW Passengers who book the lower cabins centre are the experienced smart travellers (ready for anything the infamous Drake may offer).
  3. Correction - Single measles inoculations were given to My children, but not the combined MMR inoculations which came later. I just read an interesting article which said the UK had lost its measles free status.
  4. Thank you for sharing your travels and photos. Have a safe trip home. I hope Scenic has read your comments on their new ship and will have ironed out the bugs before your next cruise with them.
  5. The Samoan Government has declared a State of Emergency. 4200 confirmed cases of measles, 62 dead. The government aims to get national immunisation coverage of at least 90% by Friday.
  6. I hadn't heard that there were health warnings out for Fiji and Tonga as well. Measles inoculations weren't standard when my children got their inoculations. However, I did have measles several times when I was a child, despite people saying you could only get it once. I read NZ Media, which gives better coverage to the South Pacific islands than Australia.
  7. 55 people have died from measles in Samoa. RNZ One family lost three young children out of five children. I hope there aren't any cruise ships currently visiting Samoa. I followed a blog where passengers were unaware of measles epidemic in Samoa, when they visited. So sorry for the people of Samoa.
  8. My NY friend's sons couldn't understand why it took so long for my daughters to clear customs on a car trip from NY State to Canada. Not everyone gets special treatment from immigration!
  9. Seeing Emperor penguins up close is very special. What a memorable adventure you are having! Thank you for taking us along for the ride.
  10. I hope the cruise lines organise shuttle transport for passengers to the City and the Brisbane Airport. I imagine Senior Groups will have coach trips to BICT, similiar to the senior coach trips which visit the Grain Terminal now.
  11. Lesson for future purchasers of watches on ships, ask whether the watch has an international guarantee. Do you know anyone in the US who could register the watch in the US for you? If not my Citizen Watch bought in Fiji lasted longer than 6 years, despite the shop owner trying to charge us extra for the watch case. (We told him he could keep the case.)
  12. BICT Facts - There is no public transport planned. Port of Brisbane Hard to believe, public transport wasn't factored in, as part of the development.
  13. Pleased to see you are south of Batemans Bay, out of the current fire zone. I hope firefighters can get on top of the fire, as that is such a beautiful Coastal Region. Try to keep out of the smoke.
  14. Thank you for sharing beautiful photos of penguins and ice. Favourite photo is of penguin mid step. Brought back wonderful memories of cute penguins, wildlife and spectacular Antartica scenery on our cruise five years ago.
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