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  1. Singapore 4 week lockdown from 16/5 to 13/6 after a spate of mystery cases of the virus. News
  2. Hope you enjoy your latest trip to Merimbula and Eden. What a good idea to have a visitor information centre and art gallery in new cruise terminal. Good that Eden is ready for when cruising recommences. We have just returned refreshed from our latest holiday to Caloundra. Like you, we enjoy our short trips and plan to return later in the year. It is always nice to have something special to look forward to.
  3. I had my best shopping in NZ in Tauranga. Caught local bus from the port.
  4. The majority of cafes here have inside and outside eating areas. Where there is a choice, people choose outside. We are lucky to live in a tropical climate. In winter At night, they put heaters outside.
  5. I assume the tent would be more drafty than the inside dining room. I only eat outside because there is less risk. Glad you and Lynn had a great meal at Spitfire Grill. Will be nice to watch the airplanes from the new outdoor patio.
  6. That would be nice. Your Mackay friends would be able to get local discounts for the islands which would make them more affordable.
  7. The only all inclusive Queensland places I have stayed are O'Reillys in the Gold Coast hinterland and the Great Barrier Reef islands, with Lady Eliot Island being the last one.
  8. You might like to consider Henzells Agency of Caloundra for holiday units or holiday houses in Caloundra. Even though you have cooking facilities, there are a wide selection of cafes and restaurants from which to choose. Off peak from less than $100 per night.
  9. It is risky to fly interstate from Qld. Car trips are the way to go, so you can adapt your travel plans at short notice.
  10. I like making my own stock during winter, so will have to try your turkey recipe which sounds delicious. . I read a library book by a diabetic man, who had a unique vegetable soup recipe. He cooked his soup in two saucepans. One for the soup and one for the vegetable peelings, which he cooked. He blitzed the peelings and added them to the soup. I tried it and it was delicious.
  11. Sounds good. I had no spice with me, so bought Sri Lankin spice mix which is roasted coriander, cumin, mustard, fennel, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, pepper, chilli and turmeric. just delish!
  12. I don't think there are enough people (voters) in Australia interesting in cruising. Even though I love small ship cruising and gifted my daughters a cruise each, neither are interested in cruising, although both are travellers.
  13. Yes, electronic on line petitions can work, if they can get a huge number of signatures.
  14. I just saved my bland butternut pumpkin soup with Sri Lankin spice - yummy! Sweet pumpkin doesn't appeal to me, maybe because I don't like cinnamon. Whilst researching I did come across pumpkin fritters which looked interesting.
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