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  1. Suggest you don't book any Alaska cruises for 2021 in advance. Once ships are cruising to Alaska, you should be able to book then, without worry. Note whilst my friend got her deposit refunded for cruise to Alaska this year, she is still waiting for refund from Air Canada.
  2. The medical experts are still learning about the after effects of the corona virus. Prince Charles, who had a minor case of the virus, recently mentioned at a NHS visit that he still has no sense of smell or taste. After effects range from minor, such as this, to major, where patients are taking a long time to fully recover.
  3. That is as good a trip as anywhere, with stopovers, via coastal and inland routes.
  4. Have an enjoyable holiday on the Gold Coast with your brother and sister. Weather is glorious at present, so expect a lot of visitors to the Gold Coast.
  5. TA is West Coast, so suspect the cruise will be from West Coast - Seattle or Vancouver to Australia. Wait list of 400 was with TA for the same price the first 1,000 passengers got. So sounds like a large ship. Usually I would know name of ship and itinerary, but allocation had been filled before email.
  6. Agree not Pacific Princess. Princess price was going to be extra for next 400 on wait list, than original charge for first 1,000 passengers.
  7. No, they have been busy booking in last two weeks, so guess they have an itinerary for 2021.
  8. An American TA has 1,000 passengers booked on a Princess Cruise to South Pacific, NZ and Australia next year. Plus they had 400 on waiting list.
  9. I am pleased you received your refund, although it took a long time. I can't see most people cruising or doing long haul flights to do so, until it is safe. I reluctantly threw out a lot of cruise brochures today, as it is not even fun dreaming of a cruise at present.
  10. I am pleased for you, although it took a long time.
  11. I think it would be viable. Many Australians currently furloughed from airlines are working for low wages at any job they can get. I think the true unemployment rate is going to be high for a number of years. People may be happy to work on a cruise ship to travel and see Australia, on a lower wage, with full board. No tips please on an Australian/Kiwi cruise ships. (When I travel I always ask people doing basic jobs where they came from. It is amazing how many people had high paying but stressful jobs, who decided there was more to life.)
  12. I suspect cruise lines would be happy to return to Australia for Aussie and Kiwi passengers, if the Government would allow them to. You only have to look at the mainstream ships transferred to Germany to see how successful a local industry can be.
  13. He probably wouldn't have gone to Melbourne for the day if that was the case, as he has a young family.
  14. People coming to Queensland have to fill out a form certifying they haven't been in Victoria for the last 14 days. Anyone who has been in Victoria has to be quarantined in a hotel for 14 days at their own expense, including Queenslanders. $4000 fine for people who provide false information. I know someone who went to Melbourne on business just when the news broke re the outbreaks. He decided to self isolate at home for 14 days as a precautionary measure.
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