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  1. A representative from the Travel Club meets their cruisers before and after every cruise to make sure everything goes smoothly. When the Princess Majestic was late coming into port, he had to rework all the arrangements - change buses, change the guides, store the luggage etc. The 740 passengers in Sydney were fortunate to be well looked after during the delay.
  2. Hope you are enjoying your new residence at Moruya. Does Moruya have local flooding? How does the weather compare with Batemans Bay, with all the rain?
  3. Your friends are lucky they decided to take the train like you were. Pity you weren't able to join them.
  4. 92 flights delayed in and out of Sydney. An example of reason not to fly into port on day of cruise departure.
  5. Warnings are currently being made about a major rain event which is unfolding across Eastern Australia. I hope everyone is safe from torrential rain and local flooding. Not a good time for camping and cruising.
  6. Is anyone cruising from Sydney to Seattle on Princess Majestic for 32 days from 10th April? 740 members of an American Travel Club will be joining this cruise after spending several days in Sydney. Bon Voyage to all on this interesting cruise via the South Pacific.
  7. I love most pasties. However, my daughter brought me a crimped edge Cornish pastie yesterday, which had swede in it. Yum the best, like Cornwall. She also brought a handmade musk lolly Easter Egg. Both are not easy to find.
  8. The flowers are beautiful, Lyle. Hard to believe they are made of wood.
  9. That is a beautiful box, Lyle. Did you make the flowers?
  10. Thanks. I was about to ask you what foil sailing was. Then I realised I often watch these on the Broadwater at the Gold Coast.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your Covid is mild and you make a quick recovery.
  12. Sincere condolences at the passing of Lynn's mother. May you be comforted at this sad time, by memories of happy times spent together. It is a relief that Lynn's mother didn't pass during your big trip Down Under.
  13. I thought you could only make one initial reservation per restaurant and show prior to departure.
  14. We flew Qantas/Latam ticket to BA via Santiago. Arriving in Santiago on a Latam flight we were able to use the Business Class Lounge. On the return flight, we departed Santiago on Qantas after a five hour stopover. We had difficulty using the Business Class Lounge because we would be flying Qantas. I eventually talked my way in because they weren't busy being Christmas Day.
  15. Could you please explain how these cards work? Are they debit cards? Do you put money on them before your overseas travels?
  16. We recently booked Quest Auckland Serviced Apartments in Queen Street, through Booking Co. The studio apartment, which overlooked a beautiful quiet park, had a balcony. It was self contained with a kitchen and laundry facilities. There was a wide selection of restaurants in the street, as well as a regular bus which travelled down town to the wharf area.
  17. I had a hold booked on a cruise on Resilient Lady from Singapore. I didn't continue with the booking before payment was due, due to instinct. I joined Virgin membership on board. Will I now be eligible for a refund seeing I will no longer be able to cruise on Virgin Voyages? Virgin Voyages lost a lot of good will by keeping Australians waiting for news of their plans on future cruising in Australian/NZ waters.
  18. We have just had visitors from NY visiting. Are you visiting the Sunshine Coast in Queensland? We have just stayed at Mirra Chana on the boardwalk, beachfront, in Mooloolaba Spit. It was a heavenly peaceful place, walking distance to everywhere. We look forward to visiting again. They are now staying at Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay, This afternoon they have walked along the harbour waterfront, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to the Sydney Theatre Company to see a play at the Wharf 1 Theatre located on pier 4/5. The Marriott is a great location for catching ferries at Circular Quay or catching light rail along George Street. I will let you know what they think of the Marriott, which is popular with Americans.
  19. I didn't see the Arcade either. It is that kind of ship, full of surprises.
  20. I did read two singles would be in a L shape, but I couldn't work out how the side unit on the bed worked. I put the big wooden tray on it!
  21. When we go camping at festivals, we take a hammock to hang between two trees. It is relaxing to return to the campsite in the middle of the day with a good book and a cold drink. I hope your wife finds one on your travels down under.
  22. That is a shame as the ice cream was delicious. I only discovered it with help near the end.
  23. 20 places to eat. You will never be wanting for somewhere to eat. On the last day of a eleven day cruise, I found the pizza place and Italian Restaurant so I had pizza for lunch and was able to book a place for dinner at the Italian Restaurant.
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