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  1. I got a very nasty ear infection from swimming in a lovely pool at a resort in the Hunter Valley. Took 2 lots of antibiotics to clear. Since then, I keep my head out of the water when using cruise ship pools or elsewhere.
  2. Cruise Critic article received today via email was an interesting read. European Union released *suggested guidelines* for cruise lines. Apart from the things expected like masks and screening, they also recommend: No indoor pools including pools that have an electronic cover like Holland America Family members only to use spas at one time Onboard Activites to be separated by age (think this suggestion has already been discussed here).
  3. I had the Ovation booked for Tassie Jan 2021. I had a small non refundable deposit. Booked direct. When I called to cancel, they surprisingly offered me to transfer the booking & deposit to a new date. This was back in Feb just before it all hit the fan. Things might be different now but If you have booked direct, call them and see what they can offer you.
  4. We had 3days booked in Vancouver and were looking forward to it. Understand where Alaska is located and I believe it hasn't been impacted much by covid -(correct me if I am wrong) My main concern is travel insurance as well as what cruising will look like once this is over. Love Canada.
  5. We cancelled our Alaska cruise this August. First time to Alaska for son's 21st. Very disappointed. Not going to consider booking a cruise or traveling to the US for at least two years. We were to cruise out of Vancouver.
  6. We are back to empty shelves in the toilet paper aisle and buying limit on toilet paper and kitchen paper at Coles, here in Sydney. Panic stations again because of the Victorian situation....
  7. I wonder how the cruise companies that operate on Sydney Harbour are doing? They rely heavily on international tourism for their sightseeing and midweek dinner cruise. Convention, Corporate functions and Christmas parties are likely off the agenda this year as well Even their heavily priced New Year's Cruises must be in doubt at this point.
  8. I wonder if the New Years Eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour will go ahead this year?
  9. Have just received our $1k+ deposit refund from Princess for our August Alaska cruise which I booked direct with Princess and was cancelled in March. Took 90 days. Have now un-subscribed from all online cruise TA emails and left the many cruise fan forums I was a member of. As much as I love cruising, I can't see myself cruising again for several years.
  10. Refund update Booked direct with Princess Alaska August 2020 Cancelled 20 March Deposit cc expired May Princess advised I couldn't update my cc details. Was told I would receive a cheque in the mail. Hubby just checked our new cc balance. Full deposit refund of over $1k has been refunded to new cc. Thank you Princess. Good luck to those of you still waiting.
  11. Deposit refunds definitely not faster. Cancelled our August cruise on March 20 and still waiting for the deposit to be refunded for the 3 of us.... 90 days so far.
  12. I buy most of my clothes especially work clothes from Target. Surprisingly, our local store is not in the first round of store closures. This surprises me because whenever I go, the store is pretty much empty of customers and the items I have purchased have been marked down when I scan them at the register. The last couple of shops I have done, I have paid just $5 per item of clothing.
  13. I haven't seen it mentioned much in the media that cafes need to record the telephone numbers of seated patrons (for virus tracing purposes I assume). Have seen it done in small and medium cafes locally but in the large beachside cafe we lunched at on Sunday, they weren't doing it nor did they have a limit on the length of time you dined. They did have the correct spacing between tables though.
  14. Cancellation fee for our Qantas return flights to Vancouver/LAX was $400 each. Steep but in t & c's and we preferred a refund of the balance of our monies than a travel credit. Refund to cc was prompt.
  15. We have been given a credit by Alaskan Air - valid to Feb 2021 which is useless since Alaskan cruise season doesn't start til May and won't be rebooking for 2021 anyway. Still waiting for deposit refund from Princess booked direct and cancelled 20 March for August cruise.
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