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  1. After walking Max, I caught up with a girlfriend who had just returned from a 3 week roadtrip of Tasmania. Before she left I asked since they were going past Burnie, if she would mind popping into the Distillery there and buying me a bottle of the coffee liqueur that I bought there for Dad during my cruise stop back in February (he had just finished the bottle that week and loved it). Whilst she was buying the coffee liqueur for me, her husband bought himself a bottle of $170 AUD whiskey. Later, in the trip they saw this beautiful box of mixed mushrooms for sale $35 AUD.
  2. Sydney was the coldest capital city in Australia yesterday and we are apparently on our sixth wet weekend in a row, so our planned Blue Mountains hike is on hold for a while yet. Instead, Max is getting 4km hikes in the rain with me (which he loves) and I am following a young Australian currently hiking The Pacific Crest Trail and we are planning to watch a new Australian movie about an a guy walking Camino de Santiago. Max relaxing after our walk in the rain yesterday.
  3. @TravelGirlinDallas how dare they dump stuff like that. Too many selfish people around unfortunately. @Keksie sorry you have a kidney stone & had the run around for the meds. Feel better soon. @DaniDanielle & @MancGirl21 Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‚
  4. Now, that looks delicious. All I can think though is how quickly it would melt out here. A sundae with whipped cream and cherries on top - havenโ€™t had that in decades either.
  5. Now thatโ€™s a blast from the past. Havenโ€™t had a banana split for decades. Mum used to serve them up when we were kids. Looks yum.
  6. @jagsfan How are you going with your rehab after your nasty fall? I am hoping you are a bit more mobile & experiencing less pain. Not sure if you are still checking in on cc but I think of you every time I take a photo of our birdlife.
  7. @firefly333 you are going to be so relieved when you finally settle into your place and are able to put the stress and frustrations of this shoddy move behind you
  8. @DaniDanielle Congratulations to your grandson on his excellent academic achievements. @mo&fran my sincere condolences on the sudden unexpected passing of your wife.
  9. @Sea Dog Hi Greg, I have used the cream on my face (twice). The cream is worth doing. Your skin will turn an ugly red, it will be sun sensitive whilst you use the cream. My GP told me to start using it in the cooler months & stay in the shade/indoors as as as possible. My top tip is to apply it in the bathroom and wash your hands immediately afterwards (you donโ€™t want to rub it in your eyes). If I were you, I would be stopping the pups from licking your head immediately so they get the message before you start using the cream. You donโ€™t want them licking it off - for their health and yours - you want the cream to be undisturbed to be effective.
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