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  1. Cruise Critic has disabled count down clocks, but you can download stand alone ones. When do you board.
  2. November 2020. I will try and find the precise dates
  3. Such great news. Also they just announced another International Rules tournament, a hybrid game of Aussie Rules and Gaelic Football, keep an eye out for it on TV, a great game.
  4. Bass Strait is the most likely rough spot. Though we have never missed a Tas port, (and if I am counting correctly this year is out 14th trip) had a few re arranged but never missed. The Tasman Sea can also be rough and the Sounds are sometimes missed as it can be to rough to get in the narrowish entries, we have also missed Akaroa?? (I think that wasthe one) in NZ as conditions were worsening and the Captain decided that while it was safe to anchor, predicted conditions could necessitate a quick departure with no notice to get everyone back onboard
  5. What, teachers don’t get paid during vacation? I assume you are talking about in the USA? wow wonder why anyone goes into teaching over there.
  6. You will have sea days on most cruises down under, due to the distances involved. The image may give you some concept of distances you are looking at, also some concept of weather as it lines up degrees south with those North in your area.
  7. And not sure how published in Nat Geo relates to portrait photography, not many truly excel at both, not that the ships photographers excel at anything normally.
  8. Wow, I’ve been published numerous times, but just say no thanks, never had an issue.
  9. Sometimes the food in the buffet suits me better, (but food is so subjective) sometimes I just want to keep it quick, if I have fixed seating that Cruise I may want a different time slot, if I have flexible the time I want that night may be busy, so there are tons of reasons.
  10. Wow, my last post ended up a mess. I was saying not a lot of value there for us. But for active families probably a great deal. I always get a soft drink package and currently it’s only about $10 a day extra for internet, so that may well be the go for us.
  11. Thank you, not a t f vale there for me. I Don’t think, but I can see it would be atractive to many
  12. I’ve had them as late as at check in.
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