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  1. If they’d started a new thread someone would have posted “Use the search function”. cant win can you
  2. I have heard she is back underway again and limping to port
  3. And you have to book at release when prices are generally at their highest
  4. Can you book a guarantee accessible? are ther accessible cabins in each and every category no you have to pay the premium for the location they put them in.
  5. Elephants ear is better, on a large roll.😛
  6. The book of faces reports all engines back in operation and she is heading to port.
  7. Never had a move over offer, nit sure how I’d feel, a move down I’d be all over.
  8. In my experience a walker and sand aren’t a good mix, I have never seen a walker with wide enough tyres.
  9. So hard to nab one and then when you do you pay premium prices
  10. The price sounds OK for a solo. but agree about the language barrier, but I’ve found I can converse pretty well with most Europeans, their English is way better than my European languages, but then I’m a hermit.
  11. You make a good point that there are some people’s opinions that weigh more with me than those of total strangers, because i know the areas where our tastes intersect.
  12. Agree to much for me, even when I was healthy (once upon a time long loooong ago)
  13. You get a pretty good view of Luna Oark from your ship, even better if leaving from White Bay when you sail right past.
  14. I never believe a single review, I take them as a bundle.
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