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  1. When I did that trip a few years ago we had a total of 9 time changes (if memory serves), into Qld, on the Way to Darwin, West Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, NZ in two steps, then back to Sydney again in two steps, each time moving to next ports time, when we did NZ last year on Royal Caribbean we were on Port time every day, I think we had four changes two over and two back.
  2. I guess Cunard will make a call sooner or later, what is the issue, waiting on a refund or are they still selling it? Carnival cancelled our cruise next week, they say up to 8 weeks for our refund, guess our money, that they had had for a few months already, is in the short term money market keeping them afloat.
  3. A bit like me, no inside dogs, no dogs that need grooming, no little dogs, My Max is the light of my life.
  4. Up to last week it has always been “even painkillers don’t work anymore” I am hoping that this new doctor may be onto something. But not holding my breath.
  5. Hmmm I made mushroom soup from mushrooms I got from a local park it was nice but the after dinner show of 100 purple elephants dancing swan lake whilst singing meatloafs bat out of hell and the accompanying light show was even better.
  6. Interesting things, my GP sent me for a CT, he rang me with the results “ It sure is a complicated mess”.
  7. Ben cutting my hair at home for about 25 years, what little there is left.
  8. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that I can’t count how many lifts I had to see stop, but couldn’t fit in in my chair, then had to go through the whole press button and wait procedure, some trips half a dozen times or more. And on some ships the lifts are tiny, wheelchair and maybe three or four people.
  9. I hadn’t either Docker. But it is in MRIs going back years as a distension in the central canal and no one ever mentioned it and if I hadn’t raised the TIA like symptoms he may have overlooked it to, the theory is that when I sneeze the fluid in the Syrinx bounces back up to the brain, the new MRI is to ensure it hasn’t changed or grown and if not again he really doesn’t want to operate. So I guess I just have to wait and see. But knowing is a positive in my mind, and when I read up on it and Syringomyelia (caused by a Syrinx) my symptoms are pretty much text book. On a positive note my last camera was a gift from Mrs and Miss Gut for our son’s wedding 10 years ago, so they decided that I deserve a new one for Miss Gut;s wedding, even if I don’t get to use it for such, now they knocked me back on the ‘Blad that was on special for tad over $8k and $4k for the lens, which I thought was a bit nasty, but waiting impatiently for my Canon RP to arrive.
  10. As for how things are going, Kenny Rogers (R.I.P.) summed it up perfectly “His big heart was breaking” they have totally stuffed my baby’s wedding and seeing her cry kills me, you are only allowed five people at a wedding including the bride groom and celebrant, so both sets of parents and his kids can’t all be there, but 10 (with an exemption granted to some) at a funeral and 10nat boot camp where they are puffing and panting all over each other and sharing equipment. meanwhile it is somehow safe for Mrs Gut to trot off each day and come into contact with hundreds of grotty little brats, then my dear daughter in law had won a scholarship to UK to visit the palaces and castles and see how they archive stuff, she is an archivist they not only cancelled that, but are only refunding about 60% of the cost. if this beer bug was a human I’d be giving it a good beating. END OF RANT
  11. Ou very much have my sympathy John, I hate Lyrica and Palexia does nothing for me, I can’t have morphine and hospitals are using pethadien anymore. When the ambulance comes they pump fentanyl up my nose which does help but as you say then it is off to hospital for a few hours in the most uncomfortable beds, known to man. jus saw a new NeuroSurgeon, who went through my lumbar MRI and said “Surgery is the usual answer to this issue, nowI am not saying I would refuse to operate but with the state of your vertebrae it would be less than 50% chance of success and over 20% of catastrophic failure, so I would strongly advise against it”. I then explained the stroke like symptoms I suffer. He said hang on a sec, and pulled up some other reports and said “Has anyone ever spoken about your Syrinx” I said “what?” “You have a Syrinx it could explain all your symptoms” s off on Sunday for more MRIs.
  12. Oh and I wait, impatiently to see if my trip to hospital tomorrow goes ahead.
  13. Well I am in lockdown, but I am most of the time anyway, Mrs Gut still has to go and deal with 1200 little brats that seem to have no idea what soap and water or personal space are. The Courts are closed so money is in short supply. They cancelled my Easter Cruise, they shut down the footy, and worst of all “Beer Bug” saw my baby’s wedding cancelled.
  14. Someone notified me about this thread, thank you all for your kind comments. unfortunately my last two cruises were a living hell, every time the ship gave even the slightest movement my spine was rubbing bone on bone and I was in total agony in fact in our NZ cruise I only got off the ship once in 12 days, the rest of the time basically restricted to bed. I have cancelled our circumnavigation cruise in 2021, I still have a cruise booked for Easter this year with the whole family, but it is up in the air if I will be going on only Mrs G and the kids. Once again thank you all for you kind comments.
  15. Maybe move the airport to Canberra, then the planes won’t spill their toxic sludge all over Botany Bay, people can stop complaining about flight noise and after all it would only cause some inconvenience.
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