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  1. We spend about 10 days last time we did a road trip to Tas, think we could have had a moth easily
  2. Not a big wine fan, but live in the Hunter Valley which is a wine making have, have friends and family in the business and your right price isn’t the determinative factor.
  3. Im an Aussie, and can’t imagine living anywhere else, but if I had too it would also be Kiwiland.
  4. Only if the crew member wants to be dismissed.
  5. $136 seems low, years ago Mrs Gut had a fall when a tender sprang a leak and needed some butterfly strips on a small cut, $250 on our bill, but they reversed it as acknowledged it was their fault (in all honesty I didn’t think it was really anyone’s fault). That must have been about 2007 I think.
  6. It’s per cruise not per 7 nights, so if booked as a 14 night cruise 1 if it’s sold as two 7 nighters 2.
  7. Maybe book a group cruise for the Aussie CCers.
  8. Air BnB is always an alternative and may work for Bondi, but I still think you’ll sped a lot of travel time. Mrs G and I ave stayed in a few Quest properties, serviced appartments, and can only say positives about them Meriton also have some nice properties.
  9. Totally agree, I had to give up drinking years back but don’t for a minute derstand how anyone thins 6 or 7 a day, while on holidays is big drinking, one or two before dinner, a couple with your meal and a couple during th3 show, your done, then on sea days a couple with lunch and an afternoon tipple and ou are streets ahead.
  10. Tasmania is probably my favourite spot on Earth, really must do another road trip, but I keep booking cruises, at least you can get to most of the good spots on a cruise, unlike many other parts of Australia.
  11. I’m sure Celebrity and Princess still do it.
  12. I frequently say it’s not companies not having things go wrong, but how they deal with the fall out when things do go wrong, that really matters
  13. A friend seriously looked into buying Ocean Princess, when it was for sale, the plan was to turn half a dozen cabins into an apartment and then joining with a Major line who would basically run it and keep the income, my friend would then have free use if his apartment at sea (if you don’t count the 50 million he would have paid for the ship).
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