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  1. I seldom drink tea or coffee. Maybe 3-6 coffee a year, less tea, tea I take black with honey, coffee I like a nice quality not too strong, maybe a cappuccino or latte.
  2. Always wanted to do a WC with a few weeks on land in different places, short of a miracle ain;t going to happen now.
  3. Galapogus Duck, now that brings back some memories. I knew of another Push bar once, though trying to think where it was, that was named after the :Push Bar” for emergency exits.
  4. For me a true family tree trip means Europe and for health reasons that ain’t going to happen. The only family tree part of Aus that I have yet to get to is Cooktown.
  5. I doubt I will leave Australia in future. So I have to say Tasmania, as it was for a long while an annual event. and Circumnavigation of Aus.
  6. Not perfect, but have enjoyed them all, even the ones that things went wrong, or I ended up I so much pain I thought I was going to die.
  7. Actually just had a look can get in either of those under $300 in July, wonder if that’ll change once the vouchers roll out?
  8. Nowhere, but normally stay at Holiday inn (Now Rydges) or The Grace, normally over $300
  9. I cruise Pacific Princess (another R class) with wheelchair with no major worries, but Riviera and Marina look great too.
  10. I really dislike the mega floating theme parks, so that limits me. Mrs Gut isn’t allowed fly, so that puts further restrictions on us. But Princess has been our “go to” fleet Celebrity are pretty much equal to them. NCL was alright, would sail again if itinerary and price were right Same for RCCL Our Cunard cruise probably wan’t a fair comparison as it was just a small part of a World Cruise and many of those on the whole trip, or longer legs, seemed to dislike us “blow ins” P&O Aus, and Carnival, aren’t a never, but gee there would
  11. Be lucky if it is only $200 out of yea olde pocket.
  12. Mrs G forced me, at gunpoint mind, to ear some pies from Aldi, chunky, 2 for about $4.75, not bad actually, chunky meat, no gristle, nice firm bottom. Could have done with a bit of pepper or such in the gravy, and probably a tad more gravy, but all up I’ll have it again.
  13. Yeah, I’m a notorious tightwad, but for heavens sake if I’m on holidays I’ll but it if I want it. Even at the show it wasn’t the price stopped me buying a coke, it was that they only had the No Sugar, which I hate.
  14. I normally buy 1.25 Lt Max for under $1.30 or 2lt around $2.10 for home
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