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  1. Will you be allowed in by Oct 22 is one thing, so make sure everything is refunadable if our borders are still shut by then. But as to Fly or Drive Sydney to Melbourne it is about 12 hours solid driving time. And that is via the non-scenic route. So in reality you will use two of your seven days by the time you disembark, collect your car and get on the way. my advice and I have driven that trip many times, is fly.
  2. Yeah they seem to have gone into a few old Darby shops, as have I think it’s Barringtons
  3. No that the former Miss G not coeliac but glut intolerant. Mrs G is largely (though not totally) vegan. More than a little meat, it fried food sends her into full blown pancreatic attack, and that is scary.
  4. About 14 here, had a pie last night Balfour potato pie frozen from Woolies, not bad, Mrs G had a tomato and onion, and mushroom from Dungog bakery, local Foodworks sells them so she grabbed a couple cold and heated them up, quick and easy after a day of Dr visits
  5. What is an ECV. I use anything from nothing, a stick or two, a Walker or an electric wheelchair, for me standing is a bigger issue than walking, so the Walker with seat or the wheelchair are most used on a ship. There can be a lot of standing in line at times.
  6. Seems there is Dylan, then some other blokes playing for 2nd at the moment,
  7. Hey beautiful boys/girls, OK so has the pepper and salt got a docked tail. And has the black got cropped ears or just very upright?
  8. We did a circumnav of Aus in an extended balcony, it was wonderful after 3% days MrsG was ready to come home, me I’d have backed up then and there and done it again. Best part was probably being able to really get to know some passengers and crew. But the itinerary was spectacular, a longer one with a few added ports and some overnight stops would be heavenly.
  9. My dream is a world cruise in segments with land time in various places that interest me. Not going to happen. Road trip around Aus, highly unlikely too. So perhaps a visit yo mum and dad at the lake.
  10. Don’t think I know the Venza, will have a look. The RAV4 is our first Toyota, but of course the Lexus are just fancy Toyotas,
  11. https://lawyersweekly.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b5150547bc871ea4865df93c3&id=9bd0a9e0e0&e=6af53dd400 International passengers allowed to join class action.
  12. I knew Su pretty well, she was very good friends with a lady who worked in the Courts I did a lot of work in.
  13. Many of them were junk when I bought them, but all the budget would stretch to. Forgot our Honda CRV, silver and Jazz, Blue. As for cruising I always thought it was only for the rich, first people I knew who went on a cruise were A multi millionaire Bloke who won the million dollar lottery, well half of it Retired QC who had been with DPP so old system pension and then 20+ years private practice. Never thought it would be for battlers like us
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