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  1. Who cares about rules.......I like them on top so what I do is...(but don't tell them though) is when they give me the sanga with onions on the bottom.....I turn it over🙂🙃...........I know its wrong, but sometimes rules must be broken🤣🤣
  2. Onions on top or the bottom ? 😁😁
  3. Cheese.....what are you wining about now ? 😁
  4. I bet you felt a bit “sheepish” about telling a Mic joke about a lame lamb pie. I thought it was “ shear” genius.😁
  5. After all this Carona stuff I think the "RED" carpet may be a bad choice .🤣
  6. I think you are in the wrong place my friend ...Re meat pies is where you should be posting this.
  7. Not to me 😁. How about ......The Convenient Cruise Terminal .......seeing it is all about our convenience apparently.🤔
  8. Do you mean his disease ridden Petri dish. Only thing on his menu would be words and humble pie
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