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  1. RUBBISH. Apart from a temperature check ( maybe 20 seconds) and an extended written health questionnaire ( please complete it BEFORE you get to the check in desk....saves a lot of time) check in time is much the same. Your cruise is a domestic so there is no ABF so even quicker. Debark times have not changed.
  2. Mic I believe the ferry service to White Bay from Darling Harbour no longer operates (at least not for all ships) support from the cruise lines was not there, I guess they preferred to gouge the pax with their own overpriced coaches.
  3. It is actually one metre shorter than the Ovation and about the same amount of pax.
  4. She moved to Athol Buoy 5am this morningand now Solstice is at OPT for port call ( no debark/ embark)
  5. Everyone is spethial 🀣 I will not be there on the 30th, we are off PNG on the Sun, if they let us go.
  6. Don't think they were ever going to Brisbane.
  7. Nothing outside,the health questions are asked at the check in desk inside the terminal,and if anyone answers yes to the visit/transit/ been in contact with someone who has etc , then they are sent for a secondary screening by a nurse and it would appear that people have been fairly honest in their answers. All fair comment, you are entitled to do whatever you want for your own peace of mind. You must however, travel with fairly small luggage, as anything larger than a cabin size case is not permitted to be taken inside the terminal as they will not fit through the security scanning machines.
  8. What a great question..I have no idea.. we follow all the prescribed protocols and I suppose we can take some comfort in the knowledge that of all the people we have denied no one has subsequently proven positive , but how far do you take it. You could run the same risk if you were to say catch a train to the terminal or if maybe a taxi/ Uber driver who’s cab you took. Your work ( if your not retired 😁) the day before you cruise, may put you in the same circumstance .Should we have everybody guest in the terminal wear a mask? How long is a piece of string.
  9. Like I have said ..no real need for priority lines.
  10. The check in system Voyager uses ( same as Ovation)is a lot faster than the older systems so there is rarely a need for priority lines. We do however have a priority line for Suites & Pinnacle and another for Diamond Plus, Diamond etc with Gold and general having another line. There are so many Crown & Anchor members these days it is almost pointless having priority lines.
  11. So what!.......the way I see it it’s ......winner winner..and if Royal can do a good deed and at the same time not lose financially .....good for them.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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