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  1. Hard to pick...they both have the same merit. 🤔
  2. You can get all the OBC in the world but if the cruise lines cannot change their plans to adapt to what is happening in the fear that they may upset a few selfish people then there may not be any cruise lines to whinge to.
  3. I would be interested in seeing their reply.
  4. If it was on Chanel Seven news it would not be pro cruising 😡😡😡
  5. And neither of them will fit under the Harbour Bridge 😁😁😁
  6. So where’s the point emailing Royal to complain?
  7. Did you ever think that maybe if they don’t make some of these changes ie:itinerary / price etc that there may be no cruise industry to complain about. They know without passengers they have no future so would not take these steps if not necessary. These are unprecedented times.
  8. WOW.........I understand some people being upset because their cruise has been cancelled, moved or changed but surely it is understandable that Royal and other cruise lines, considering a circumstance which was no fault of theirs, would be in a world of pain and uncertainty not knowing when where and how theIr reason for existence ,the cruise industry, will restart. The fact that they have to move ships dates or ports as circumstance dictate is not surprising and I am sure they would not just make these changes on a whim and after a year or more of no income, I cannot blame them for trying to take the best financial option, if that is the case. We on the outside are not aware of what restrictions, rules or requirements will be enforced and what those implications will mean to the cruise lines so maybe a bit of slack could be cut for them until they can sort all this out.
  9. But only two ships instead of three so the number of turns will probably be much the same.
  10. The Cruise Weekly article I read said Radiance for Sydney but looking at the Royal post on Facebook it said Serenade ...I assume Royal would know. 😁 I have heard nothing from my “employer” as yet so have no “inside info” but I would guess Sydney: Ovation Serenade .....Brisbane : Quantum so you might be flying to Brisbane to try her out.
  11. According to Cruise Weekly ( travel agents edition) Quantum goes to Brisbane and Ovation and Radiance will operate out of Sydney............( unless it was a typo ). It did not say when exactly., just 2021 season.
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