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  1. He would be just doing what he is told mr Walker. He will be pensioned off and problems solved.
  2. I think in a evolving situation they would like to stay near good health care. If the ships were to leave for a long journey,in a week or two .infections could arise. We aren’t talking about boat people or illegal fishing boats.These are multinational companies with good advice.
  3. I agree,I want a cruise again. And we should stick by the lovely crew on these ships. They do a fabulous job usually with a smile and we are just going #hit on them. I think in hindsight the police minister will be a unpopular man
  4. Well I sure the cruise lines have better legal advisors than you. I should listen to my own advice and ignore you.
  5. So if it was in the international maritime court ,they wouldn’t care about the crews welfare?
  6. I believe carnival is trying to comply with it ,but apparently it hard.
  7. Wouldn’t it be a legal nightmare. I remember at the captains corner,someone asked the captain what law prevails on this ship. He said, it’s a American ship,registered in the Bahamas,based in Australia and currently in international waters. No one really knows.
  8. I’m sure the courts would support the master of the ship for looking after his crews welfare.
  9. Give me the virus any day. Apparently in America the ship has to be built in America and crewed to get the full benefits
  10. I believe the captains have refused because of safety reasons. They have been threatened with prison
  11. I think the captains want to be near a good medical system as there are scarce in this part of the world. And the government wants them gone
  12. The US coastguard For Miami has just done a similar thing and refuse to offer assistance . how about a Hamilton Island,send them there and make the resort into a quarantine.
  13. the Russians say a bottle of vodka in the Sauna heat and alcohol and lots of it.
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