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  1. Chiliburn

    Balcony doors open all night?

    You could have the whole food chain in your cabin ,then take the birds to chef
  2. Chiliburn

    Balcony doors open all night?

    No , I thought there was something moving and chirping in the cabin.when I turned the light on it went out onto the balcony. They were only small birds,don’t know what the were?They weren’t emus or ostriches.
  3. Chiliburn

    Balcony doors open all night?

    We were told by a number of cabin attendants that the air conditioning shuts down on the newer ship. There’s a switch on the top of the door. We love to have the door open especially if you are on the lower deck,wake up in the middle of the night and hear the ocean. our last cruise on the ovation to New Zealand, I woke up and there were birds on the balcony and one in our cabin. Next day at the captains corner,someone reported the same thing. The captain said that was common thing. Migrating birds see the ship and have a rest. He said one time they estimated 50,000 birds were on the ship for a day.
  4. Chiliburn

    Places to stay in Sydney

    They do but I believe there’s surcharge, ask before you get in. There’s ATMs in the arrival area at the airport.
  5. Chiliburn

    Ovation Of The Seas

    The overcrowding is there but you can manage it
  6. Chiliburn

    Ovation Of The Seas

    Yes the ship is the destination and the ports are a extra bonus. I was talking to some people who were doing long all day shore excursions and each night they were to tired to go to the shows ,didn't make sense to me. we usually get of for a few hours and back to the ship or even stay on the ship.
  7. You have to be pretty cunning to out smart cruise lines sales department. christmas 2017 we sailed ovation around NZ ,I thought I would book well in advance and get a bargain.we paid $3100 a head for a balcony.Just before the cruise the price crashed.we got burnt but we had a good time anyway. This year we weren't planning on doing the cruise again but we saw for mid January the same cruise for $2000 a head .so a quick call to my boss to get time off and we did it. so if you're flexible wait till the last couple of months.But keep in mind it may not happen and the cabins may not be as desirable.
  8. Chiliburn

    Places to stay in Sydney

    Might be a bit far out,that’s over a year away. One thing there’s two cruise ports in Sydney,I’m assuming it’s circular quay? A year away you should be able to get a good deal. You are only staying for one night,I would make the best of it a stay in the rocks. Theres a holiday inn at the rocks called old town Sydney holiday inn. That should suite you. Taxi will cost about $50 ,don’t bother with a shuttle they have a bad reputation in Sydney. Have a look at that hotel ,it is popular with cruisers.a short walk to your ship and in the heart of the tourist area.
  9. Chiliburn

    Ovation Of The Seas

    Great post John. Ive been on ovation a few times and as you said the number of people can be a problem at choke points. From being a new ship till our last cruise a few weeks ago it has improved. what was the highlight of your cruise?
  10. Chiliburn

    Places to stay in Sydney

    We here would love to suggest a hotel. Sydney like all cities are very expensive. If you can tell us your budget and style or a favourite brand of hotel ? The closer to the harbour the more expensive.
  11. Good review,what about New Guinea as a destination?
  12. Family cabins aren’t advertised,you need to call a agent or the cruise line. I would suggest a specialist cruise agent. on Royal Caribbean voyager an radiance class has family cabins at the front of the ships. Ovation has a family connecting at the front of the bump mid ship.Its 3 cabins that’s set up like a house,with a junior suite as the main area.The other two are another balcony and a interior cabin.Also there’s a grand suite that can be added to that.
  13. Yes near sky high,where izumi was or is now. Sky high is going to be extended to the rear of the ship. we have about 4 weeks and the next season2020-2021 will be released,so book those suites.
  14. Chiliburn

    Travel kettle

    We have kettle in our cabin for Australian sailings . I take a coffee plunger and our favourite coffee. why don’t Americans have them??? someone told me in the diamond lounge once but I forgot. It was something about port inspections and safety?? can someone fill me in.
  15. We were on the explorer,out of Sydney and the gold card gives you access to the diamond lounge even if you are not a crown and anchor member. voyager is coming back to Australia in late November after a refit and the the concierge lounge on deck 9 is is gone and it will be replaced by a suite lounge where izumi used to be near the Viking crown lounge