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  1. Ovation was a blast,we were on one of the first cruises out of sydney. Wonder should be finished and handed over next December-January. With all going on between China and the USA, I sometimes think if it will go to China? But it was financed by the Chinese . If things escalate it may spend their season in Singapore and come down here for our season. Keep you’re fingers crossed.
  2. At the time the original Hume highway didn’t exist. The route from Melbourne to Sydney was through farmers back yards,no real road. During the war the government told the farmers to take down the signs so the invading Japanese couldn’t find the way.
  3. It’s got nothing do with ships but I thought I would post a video on Norway’s new highway. With a population of only 4.5 million people. We can only dream. note the escape elevators for the floating tunnel.
  4. They just announced the NBN ,now isn’t that a good thing. NOT wireless is so much better.
  5. I remember my dad telling me the Americans wanted to keep 100,000 troops in Australia at the end of WW2 and in the deal they were going to crisscross the country with interstates. But apparently our government at the time said that we will do it.
  6. There’s a couple of other videos getting around. The thing that gets me ,is we can’t even build a decent cruise terminal let alone a decent road over the blue mountains.
  7. Norway is going to build a tunnel for ships including small cruise ships.
  8. I’m looking at the repositioning in 2022 to the pacific. COMING??
  9. We should expect a revised cruise season for 2021 soon. Hopefully we will see a start in Australia with short cruises.
  10. Ovation spends the whole day going along and through the fiords. It goes into Milford sound and turns around and sails through dusky and doubtful. Its quite impressive a big ship like that. they take on a pilot and a ex ranger that does a talk.
  11. Yarra bay sailing club would be a ideal campus.if we put on a free lunch maybe @gbenjo would be the dean of RC propaganda . Playing nonstop those Royal videos until they break. They would walk out of there loyal members of crown and anchor society.
  12. I was thinking James Packer could have a waterslide from his penthouse to that big icebreaker hatch yacht he has .
  13. Maybe we could send Rod and his mates off to a Royal Caribbean re-education camp ? The Chinese could give us a few pointers.
  14. I m not talking about departures just over nights.
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