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  1. There looks like things are happening. https://cruisepassenger.com.au/cruise-return-a-race-against-time-as-nsw-agrees-to-talks-and-canberra-debates-new-cruise-ship-reporting-measures/
  2. I think if the sales are good it maybe a regular thing. I’m interested in the Middle East segment but the segments aren’t for sale at the moment. Im thinking it’s to replace Azamara. All inclusive expedition cruises ,they can get rid of the smaller ships and concentrate on the mega ships.
  3. It looks like there’s work be done to start cruises. https://cruisepassenger.com.au/cruise-return-a-race-against-time-as-nsw-agrees-to-talks-and-canberra-debates-new-cruise-ship-reporting-measures/
  4. There’s 4 segments but I believe they are trying to sell the whole cruise first. The segments will be on offer later and I think the price may come down.
  5. Does anyone think the world cruise could eventually be a replacement for Azamara ? A new brand RC world.
  6. To much for me uncle Les, both money and time. Not every cruise is the same,some aren’t as good as others. So 174 days and what if you didn’t like it? A bad cabin ,you had a illness,some of the people didn’t agree with you. Not to mention the Royal Caribbean cougars, they can get a bit rowdy. We would be both skin and bones. A month or so would be enough.
  7. So that’s about $300 a night still not bad. I think the price I quoted was for 3 who lived in Florida. I would be interested in one leg from Dubai to Barcelona,the rest would be to much.
  8. Someone said the whole cruise ,274 nights from $US40,000.PP So Whats that work out ? About $AU 200 a night and all inclusive.
  9. From what I’ve worked out. 4 segments , which can be done individually . All inclusive ,tours,washing,Internet,booze,hotel accommodation and business class flights. You have to be platinum or above. Looks like good value.
  10. C&A FB has a clip with Petra ,Egypt,The colosseum and the Aztec pyramids. ‘BIG BIG news Apparently the big news should be in the morning our time. I think it’s another sale , a WOW sale! Could be the thanksgiving sales? Don't you just love the American hype ?
  11. Alaska for edge. Hey Whats the big news Royal is going to hit us with? Lelepa?
  12. Maybe Celebrity but Royal seems to market the work holidays, a week or so.
  13. Pinnacle’s can’t sit next to the window
  14. They seem to keep finding the money and aren’t they funding a new cruise terminal at Ravenna Italy.
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