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  1. I can see where your coming from mic. They would be worthy of the unlimited drinks package then. Drink 6 drinks with out having to take breath. A absolute genius.
  2. A water slide in a tunnel under the water? Wouldn’t you need scuba gear?
  3. Wasn’t my idea. I’m stupid but not that stupid.
  4. Beds are great,if there’s a problem the attendant has toppers
  5. Walk out of the cruise terminal along the water towards the high rise buildings. About 100 meters is a large building which has the train station. Register your opal card walk inside. Theres 2 escalators,platform 1&2 one goes directly to the airport the other you have to charge trains a central. Either way it’s6stops domestic, 7 stop to international . just ask people are friendly.
  6. There was a proposal for a flouting dock at athol bouy.
  7. My onboard activities are being a lounge lizard by the pool bar. Suites get most of those perks. I suppose if you have a active family it would be good value without the expense of a suite.
  8. It’s the only place,Garden Island. Transport would be congested
  9. Could be some kind of reverse phychology to get voters on side.
  10. So a report by Peter Colins on the cruise industry was leaked . The preferred opinion is still Garden island. Theres even talk of developing the eastern side of the peninsula of the navy base and use the container terminal as a temporary . 18 opinions were presented But the most prevailing is Garden Island.
  11. I don’t think you get the soda package but you get the internet. You have to pay for it for the whole voyage and I believe everyone in the cabin has to get it. It starts with priority boarding They take your carry on bags and they are delivered to your cabin. A private lunch on embarkation day,usually at chops. Private sessions on the flow rider ( which can add up to hundreds of dollars if not more) and rock climbing.Also more activities depends on the ship. VIP seating at functions and entertainment. Priority tender and disembarkation. I think if you’re into the activities it would definitely be worth it . on the cruise planner a 1hour private season for your Group on the wave surfer was about $800.
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