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  1. Seems a bit deceiving. I have booked a few cruises with that agent and would book more but I’m a bit disappointed. My friends asked if the should book some cruises but I told them to wait a bit .
  2. Someone forward a email from that agent in Canberra. It seem to suggest cruises will start in September???
  3. There’s another booking back to Penang. A fair bit of activity,they aren’t Cruise’s with passengers,I don’t know what to make of it. Could they be picking up crew??? Maybe taking them to Singapore for a quarantine period??? Any thoughts?
  4. 26th September in Hong Kong then Singapore the 30th ,Malaysia ,Singapore then ??https://mbccs.com.sg/search-ship-result/
  5. It is disappointing. But they are still advertising? Radiance of the seas looks like it maybe putting a itinerary together for a repo to Sydney. Stopping at Singapore and other Asian countries. Probably pick up crew a supplies.
  6. Sorry ,I have no knowledge of a cruise terminal at Townsville. They dredged cairns and larger ships can dock .Brisbane will have a big new one soon.
  7. March next year you won’t be coming to Australia,I m very confident in my thoughts.
  8. If there’s a possibility of a season .Royal would have to have a process in place and to show the Australian authorities how they would manage testing and how they would manage the virus. Singapore has a world Standard in health Australian authorities will recognise. Maybe pick up philpino crew ,go to Singapore and get some test kits ,a couple of doctors and then some more crew in different places?????? We have all lost hope of a season here but who knows.
  9. Would they be preparing to come to Australia??? Maybe picking up supplies (c19 test kits) and then off to pick up crew for our season?? I was in a small fishing port Eden a few days ago and was talking to the harbour master. I asked if there’s word about our cruise season.He said it’s definitely NOT going to happen . But cruise lines are still advertising and selling.
  10. Just living in hope. I was told by the officer’s at a suite party last season it would be coming to Brisbane when the private island was to open.But that was another world away.
  11. I don’t think serenade has been to Alaska but radiance has.
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