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  1. Agents wouldn’t care,they give the standard answer of . I hope you are well today,sorry you feel that way ,blah ,blah ,blah. I’ve been there many times.
  2. I find country a little depressing,songs about - Crops have failed Daddies in jail Pick up truck won’t start Dog dies Someone stole my cowboy boots Wifes a alcoholic and run off with big John stud down the road. Mr walker. you have 536 days till your cruise. You could grow your hair long ,stock up on Metallica T-shirts.A bit of body piercing,a few tattoos and one of those big BOOM BOXES. With a few dance parties on your balcony you would be the talk of the serenade of the seas.
  3. Best option is to take some of those plastic containers and put something in your fridge.
  4. Hey Harvey Norman you got me, is that the song in that haunts you.
  5. I don’t think so but I think he wrote the advertising jingle for Harvey Norman
  6. Over 50 artists. Sounds good but not much into country but have seen Adam Harvey quite a few times,my boss always has him at the Christmas party.
  7. Mister walker. What are the bands if I may ask? Country,classic,popular rock or are you in to yah yah head banging. LoL
  8. The gas turbines are very smooth and quiet. Radiance class is a friendly smaller ship.Theres a lower ratio of balcony cabins serenade has a tropical theme So we are booked in a grand suite to Tasmania on the 12 of December 2020.which was very good value.
  9. It’s newer than radiance by a couple of years There’s something a little different can’t quite remember it was fitted with a LED lighting and from memory last dry dock was 2017 . I believe it may be going to Singapore after its Alaska season in 2021 like radiance is doing this season. oh this the information you were waiting for Woopi Goldberg is the godmother.
  10. Thanks. last season Ovation was in Australia,everyone I talked to thought the entertainment was lacking.Rock the boat was always a good night out two seasons back. If you said they are having a break,they maybe doing Alaska season on ovation?
  11. Beer and pizza,now that is a balanced meal. Do they play football on a screen?
  12. Sounds better than the main dining room,all they need is draft beer.
  13. Yeh ovation they had a small salad bar. The pizza was 200 times better than last season.
  14. If anyone what’s to splurge? we booked 3 grand suites between friends on serenade of the seas to Tasmania 12 of December 2020 $1600 each for 5 nights. That’s a bit over $300 a day each,Grand suites are up about $400-$550 a day. First class,free booze,concierge,free ship tours,lunch with the captain—-big cabin.
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