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  1. On the subject of tax deductions. A friend of mine who is financially as cunning as a rat makes drive shafts for cars. When work is quite he makes drive shafts and donates them to the local trades college (TAFE) for apprentice mechanics to work on. He gives the TAFE a ridiculous bill which they don’t pay. Tax time that ridiculous bill becomes a tax deduction. So I’m thinking somehow this will be similar.
  2. I agree the bloke at next cruise said it’s a fluid situation,nothing is rock solid. He said the problem with spectrum is it’s not geared for the Australian market. Not enough drinking holes is one problem.He said it may seem like a trivial thing but it is. But let’s see.
  3. I don’t know what the tax situation is for Royal Carribean is in Australia but they won’t be paying any tax in Australia for a while.
  4. Just got back from next cruise. They said there’s no paid cruises on spectrum from Australia. They said spectrum has been donated to the Australian government and will return to China after. They said Royal Caribbean doesn’t have any say who goes on the ship and the ship is for the use of the government.
  5. Currently on Ovation , I don’t believe they have any paid cruises on offer at this time . They said things are unpredictable. I’ll ask At next cruise if I’m sober.
  6. Have you seen any paid cruises for sale?
  7. Am I going to meet you on serenade 12 December to tassie?
  8. Marine traffic put spectrum around West Papuan coast heading for Thursday Island
  9. Graham is the grand poobar , the supreme being of Sydney cruises
  10. Probably because they don’t gamble as much as Chinese and their no piss pots
  11. I can’t understand that Royal Caribbean has gone into China big time but not into India. Voyeger would be suited to testing the market.
  12. Indonesia has some weird rules and a lot of inconsistencies. A lot of Chinese visit Bali and unusually they have no sign of the virus. So people are very suspicious about their standards of health and reporting. Theres a saying the only thing consistent about Indonesia is the inconsistency
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