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  1. Pretty sure we are thinking of the same agent.Their the biggest cruise agent in the world. I have had successfully used them and I know many that swear by them.They have a 24 hour service ,sometimes you will be dealing with a different person each time but are as good as any. BUT a few things must be considered. You may get some hidden costs that won’t be in the price. So ask for a All up price in $AU and gratuity may not be included. oh also international transaction fees
  2. They will be separate functions. The m&m website is a bit of a disaster,there’s a article on it on the right of this page which will show you how to find your roll call. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of attendance,I presume because people can’t find their roll call.
  3. Nasty piece of work. He probably had a South African accent.
  4. What a beauty. You don’t have that in the back of your mind now. I love happy endings.
  5. Well you saw it on the internet,so it must be true. Australian Geographic has a interesting article. Apparently you’re accent is a big factor . Locals have a low chance of being savaged but people with very annoying accents are in extreme danger. So I’m thinking English or a Texan would be living very dangerously.
  6. That’s $2000 for the key ,to much. What about travel insurance just in case?
  7. The key gives you a early breakfast and priority disembarking,But you have to buy it for the whole cruise. its in cruise planner under internet and more.
  8. We wanted to get of as soon os possible my daughter had something to go to. so we were planning 730 but the line was woeful. I’m thinking it was 8:30-8:45 Theres the key if that would help, I think that gives priority.I don’t know if it’s available?
  9. Last season we were on Ovation the line was pretty bad but we were off by 9:00. we just carried our bags off
  10. The cabins near 270 can get a lot of noise if there’s a function on . The cabins on deck 13 between the humps do have a overhang and there’s large struts that obscure the views.They should be classed as partially obstructed. Avoid the smoking area on deck 5. been on Ovation 5 times and one of the best was a obstructed cabin on deck 6 on the hump. Deck 6 is one up from the promenade and has a door into 270.Also the sound of the ocean. Next cruise in February is a Grand suite on 13 ,on the hump.
  11. Yeah Theirs a small colony that’s at Sydney airport for the tourists. They do keep them sedated because they have to catch them and wash the blood off all the time.
  12. Koalas is the wild are hard to find and are a bit of a letdown. They have a cousin,the drop bear ,a bit more exciting.
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